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  • The Lost Redeemer (Aeonica #1)
    2.4M 146K 68

    Aeons once ruled the world with a power called Ethermancy. They reigned for centuries until a faction of humans called the Templars overthrew them. Now, their empire lays in ruins and the surviving Aeons hide in every corner of the world. Nahlia is a librarian's apprentice who's obsessed with Aeon lore. She'd read abo...

  • The Rebellion's Ashes | Book One | End of an Empire
    9.4K 1.3K 65

    Born into a civil war that has torn her country apart for twenty years, Rowan Emerson fights to maintain the fragile peace that's kept the North American Empire from ruin. As the youngest Imperial General in history and the daughter of the Emperor, Rowan is hard pressed to stifle an unexpected rebel invasion before t...

  • Inside the Beast's Castle
    2M 116K 50

    "As soon as you believe you are a monster is when you become one." After many years of war, the kingdom of Edria is finally in an era of peace--peace obtained by one thing and one thing only. A deal. King Regol has made a deal with the devil, or rather, a beast. A monster. Or so he claims. When he uses the deal fo...

  • The Time of Growing (Not Abandoned - Under Editing/Revision)
    3.8K 400 18

    Not all that grows is green and good. A shadow grows over Mirkwood, its darkness bleeding into the heart of the Elvenking. Elsewhere an ancient power has awakened, a power who will bring a reckoning to all who walk upon Middle-earth, One who seeks to end the dominion of Man and begin a new era - a time of growing, a t...

  • Flare in the Darkness: Holwena Talnrë of Rothalon
    2.6K 381 23

    Holwena has been raised for the burden of royalty, and unlike her sunny-spirited sister, is content with it. She can preside over a council, manage state affairs, and pass judgment on matters that would confound many a man twice her age. But can she unite and revive a country devastated by thirteen years of war? The v...

  • Boromir's Return -II- Book Four of the Tales of the Fourth Age Series
    3.7K 453 23

    *** Highest Ranked #1 in #Boromir 05/09/18 to 05/24/18 *** Sneak peak... It was his fault; he let himself be tricked by the ring, had tried to claim it for Gondor. No, for himself. Boromir shuddered as he ran, unsure of where he was running to; all he knew was that he no longer trusted himself to do what was right for...

  • Rising from Darkness
    4.8K 926 130

    Highest rank: #24 in Poetry on July 3-4, 2018 breaking the stigma one stanza at a time. poetry (written and spoken word) on my life pertaining especially to my fight with suicide and mental illness. fortunately i am no longer suicidal, but it needs to be discussed. topics addressed include: suicide, self injury, depr...

  • Eclipsed | A Silmarillion Story | Hiatus
    2K 229 14

    Shipwrecked on the coast of Falas, Teler maiden, Tindalma finds herself in a different world than her quiet life in Alqualondë. The war torn expanses of Beleriand are not her first choice of homeland, but, barred out of Valinor by the Kin-slayers' doom, she is forced to stay. Haunted by strange dreams of a white cit...

  • The Other Ranger
    27.7K 2.5K 108

    #1 in Tolkien May 18-25, 2018 #1 in Silmarillion September 28 - October 15 First in LotR series, Fëanoriel Chronicles. *** Miril has been raised by Halbarad of the dúnedain after her forebearers came from Arnor, and before that Numenor, and even before that from Beleriand. She and her family are destined for things sh...

  • Throne of Stone -II- Book Three of the Tales of the Fourth Age Series
    1.6K 254 11

    Aragorn clasped his hands behind his back and began to slowly pace around the table. "Four years I have been king, Faramir, and every step of the way I've had to fight for my kingdom. "I thought the fighting would be done after the War, that there would be such peace between the peoples of Middle-Earth to be worthy of...

  • Unspoken ( A Legolas Love Story )
    144K 7.9K 54

    AFTER the Battle of Five Armies, an elf prince journeys to the north of Middle Earth in search of the mysterious Strider. But to also escape the grief of a 'love unspoken' as well as the oppressive regime of his father, King Thranduil. There among the Dúnedain, Legolas finds friendship, adventure, a sense of humor and...

  • Mirror ∞ Hawkeye / Marvel ∞ bk. 1
    4.9K 343 25

    ❝ In a mirror, darkly. ❞ • • • Clint Barton. Spy, assassin, master archer. Caffeine addict. Hot mess. After the Battle of New York, Clint is forced to come to terms with the mind control Loki forced him into. The longer he's recovering, the clearer the memories get. With his emotional support dog Lucky, he lives in...

  • Daphne
    653 80 4

    Every myth is told in different ways. Some say the dryad Daphne ran as Apollo chased her, falling into her father's arms and begging him to save her, to turn her into something that could not be caught. Others say Eros's arrows were to blame, one of love and one of hate, shot into Apollo's heart and then hers as the b...

  • Shadow Witch
    14.8K 1.6K 29

    In the kingdom-continent of Karvoth, the Touched -- those who wield mysterious supernatural abilities -- have endured centuries of discrimination. Marithyda Skyelorn, Karvoth's most notorious witch, has hidden from the vile King for years after narrowly escaping her blood-stained past and the Royal Exhibition, a corru...

  • As the Crow Flies (Book One)
    117K 9.3K 54

    *Winner of 2019 Watty in Historical Fiction* In New York City, in the enigmatic year of 1903, lived two very different boys. Abner was satisfied with his life, deep in the libraries of the university. Crow was content with translating languages in his spare time. They were fine with admiring each other from afar. The...

  • An Inking of Thieves
    931 203 12

    In a London where art holds power and the magic-addicted hide behind suits and briefcases, an unlucky con artist and an unstable magician join a heist to steal from the Inkfingers. But with Seelie vanishing all around them, the two must rely on each other to pull it off - and survive. Ciaran Day has had enough. His mo...

  • Random Book of Randomness
    475 32 12

    I don't even know. Tags maybe. Whatever I put on here.

  • Poltergeist ▹ An Avengers Fanfiction
    2.2K 138 16

    Poltergeist: n. a supernatural being that manifests its presence through physical disturbances A year after the Civil War, Bucky's mind is finally free from the trigger words. And so the Captain's team returns to the others, signing the accords and seeking to repair what had been broken. But things like that don't he...

  • Athena Project [ M*A*S*H ]
    9.7K 576 34

    A M*A*S*H FANFIC | Korean War Historical Fiction When Major Nellie O'Hara landed in the Republic of Korea, she didn't know exactly what to expect. Being one of five surgeons in a classified military experiment called the Athena Project, she only knew she'd face the discrimination of her gender. After all, in the State...

  • Song of Silence | League Of Supers
    284 50 4

    Albie has lived her whole life without speaking a word. Born mute, she hasn't been able to. Nor has she needed to. In a world full of time travelers, laser eyes, mighty heroes and diabolical villains, the young telepath has always found it easier to keep her powers a secret. Speak with her hands. Stay out of the...

  • Quirky's Fandom Gallery
    1.7K 426 65

    A record of my WIPs and tales yet to come. Will also contain original art for my works

  • Forever May She Reign // aeternum chronicles
    182 52 6

    NANOWRIMO PROJECT 2019 announced: september 17, 2019 first chapter: september 22, 2019 Gloaming. She'd heard the insult slung around so many times that it hardly phased her anymore. And with Gloaming, came other words. Riff-raff, the rich screamed. Vermin, cried the priests and priestesses. Thieves, rascals, villains...