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  • One Direction Pregnancy Series
    217K 2.8K 31

    **COMPLETED** Pregnancy Series for the four boys!! Enjoy:)

  • The Game Plan (Christian Yelich)
    117K 1.1K 35

    Lilly James is an average girl with hurt/ happy past. The one person that always brought a smile to her face turned against her and left her for the popular people. His name was Christian Yelich. She loved Christian more than anything not only as her best friend but more than that. What happens when they run into each...

  • Liam Payne Sickfics
    77.9K 1.1K 63

    different one shots of either Liam, or his girlfriend getting sick

  • I know Harry Styles || h.s.
    4.7K 154 19

    When Olivia bumps into Harry Styles at a gas station, she begins to think of her childhood and all the memories they shared in elementary school. She goes to his flat not knowing if he remembered her, and things in her everyday life seem to change drastically. She has been hurt once before and doesn't know if she can...

  • Law And Order Svu One Shots
    52.3K 603 28

    Taking Requests just inbox me Your man/women Your name Age What you want to happen

  • L&O: SVU One Shots
    161K 2.7K 70

    Have you ever imagined dating a badass like Elliot Stabler? Or maybe you prefer a smartass like Barba? Only suggestions will let your imagination flow! Request now!

  • Arranged Marriage To Louis Tomlinson (Louis Tomlinson Love Story)
    61.7K 1K 22

    What will happen to Sophia when she finds out she has to marry Louis? What will happen to Louis and Eleanor when they find out Louis has to marry Sophia? Will Louis secretly be with Eleanor while he's married to Sophia? Or will Louis and Sophia take Eleanor out of there lives and fall in love?

  • (I'm Mrs Styles?) Walls Of Hearts
    331K 7.6K 113

    ~.~.~.~ Unknown: This is going to be a hell of a ride. So strap in and ENJOY. ~.~.~.~ Jasmine and Harry live polar opposite lifestyles, yet their heart yearns for the same thing. What happens when their parents decide their fate for them? It can either go bad or really bad. Previously known as 'I'm Mrs Styles' MATURE:...

  • That Special Girl (One Direction Adoption)[COMPLETED]
    216K 4.7K 52

    "No! Please don't hurt me. I will be good and won't try to run away again." I yelled backing against the wall then curled in a ball. He kicked my side with his foot hard. It doesn't hurt anymore. He has hit me alot. I don't feel it anymore. I say it hurts so he won't rape me ever again. "Please god help." I begged...

  • One Direction adopted me?
    451K 7.2K 33

    Juliet Simms is a 13 year old girl whose lived in a foster home ever since she was 6. She's been abused and lied to more times than she can count. Trust really isn't in her dictionary at the time but will 5 boys change that? Read to find out.

  • Adopted by One Direction || 1D
    53.9K 870 23

    Christine is a 12 year old girl who lost her parents at age 10. Her life at the orphanage has not been so great. It seemed that no one wanted to adopt her. Until one group of boys show up. They fall in love with the little girl, and know that she would fit in perfectly. Christine's life will never be the same. People...

  • One direction adopted me. (Zayn malik)
    8.3K 208 20

    Jade is a 17 year old girl her mother did drugs and was a prostutot and her father is a rapest and when jade was a baby when her mother was out her moms boyfriends would beat her to death so when the cops got them she went in to foster care never got adopted Because she had anger proplems and had an attitude but wi...

  • The Outsiders Preferences and Imagines
    10.4K 172 15

    preferences and Imagines of the gang. including: Darry, Sodapop, Ponyboy, Johnny, Dallas, Two-Bit, and Steve. I DON'T DO SMUTS! sorry I don't roll that way

  • Adopted by Louis Tomlinson
    69.9K 1.5K 169

    Second one direction rescue story. Louis is pretty broken up about his break up, so to make him happy he adopts little Anastasia who is only a year old from the local orphanage that is in town. Anastasia has quite a back story with her when Louis adopts her from the orphanage

  • Adopted
    8.7K 329 68

    I live with me parents. I knew they didn't like me,like my other siblings. Only one problem, I didn't know they HATED me. I found out when some guy showed up at my front door looking to adopt me. I was adopted by someone that I've seen before. I still go to my same school. I represent battle strategies with the camo d...

  • More Than Friends
    134K 3.2K 81

    After the death of her parents Emily moves to London to live with her grandparents. She meets Liam in the park walking her dog and they become friends. Emily helps Liam through his break-up with Daniel and Liam helps Emily through her rough time. Adventually love kicks in. (My 3rd fanfic)

  • Lou Teasdale's Assistant
    29.3K 521 30

    Okay this is the story of me being Lou Teasdale's assistant. And if you're wondering shouldn't I be so excited cause I'm gonna met the One Direction boys, well let's just say I'm not a fan of them. Like I think they have good music and all that jazz but I'm not crazy about them. But anyways this isn't a story of some...

  • All-American Girl
    4.6K 233 9

    What happens when Carrie Underwood meets a runaway by a little accident?

  • Hunter Hayes Imagines
    417K 3.1K 96

    Imagines about the one and only Hunter Easton Hayes. Aside from the details you give me, I think of all of these imagines on my own. If I use somebody's else imagine then I do give them credit. Love y'all to Pluto and back. - Ash xx

  • One Direction Imagines And Preferences
    1.8M 17.8K 135

    Most of Them Will Be From Tumblr, So Credit Goes To Them

  • Pregnancy Series
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  • You Make Me Strong (Niall Horan fanfic)
    160 8 23

    Leona has had a hard time being raised by a single mother with a half brother who hates her so much. Lizzie her half sister seems to be the only one who loves her like a sister. She and her friends enter the X-Factor competition meeting one direction. Can she and Niall be together or will her past come and destroy her...

  • Zayn Malik Wedding Series (BOOK 3)
    3.6K 89 31

    This will include the same chapter titles as the previous two.

    Completed   Mature
  • Liam Payne Wedding Series (BOOK 2)
    4.2K 129 31

    Book two for the wedding series. I'll be doing wedding series, pregnancy series and baby series for each boy. Hope you enjoy it. -Laila XXX

    Completed   Mature
  • Louis Tomlinson Wedding Series (BOOK 1)
    10K 284 31

    Wedding Series: will contain a lot of chapters I will try to keep them short

    Completed   Mature