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  • Danny Flash and the Alien Crash
    8K 72 34

    Hi! My name is Danny Flash. I found an alien in my backyard. Have any idea what that's like? Well, it's not easy, that's for sure. Want to know all the tiny details? I've written them in this book. Oh, and also, I love magic! Do you? There's magic in this book also. Magic, and aliens. What's not to love?

  • Good vs. Evil
    287 29 1

    short story looking into what it means to be good or evil

  • Kings and Thieves
    39.6K 4.8K 48

    The beautiful island kingdoms of the Detache Ocean have been flourishing for eight hundred and seventy years. Ari and Aveline, two lawless pirates, have been happily robbing every one of them for about five. But Lyla Quincy, the daughter of the Grand Duchess of Apreuna, has been stuck in her own kingdom for almost two...

  • Everything
    789 50 17

    All the poems I've written since 2016

  • The Cracks in the Labyrinth
    15.1K 870 50

    Evoking the paranoid tension of Rosemary's Baby and the unnerving atmosphere of the cult horror film Jacob's Ladder, The Cracks in the Labyrinth is a disturbing psychological thriller set in present-day Caracas, where the government has devolved into a "democratic dictatorship"-a creepy suspense novel meant to challen...

  • Nanny Kidnapper
    4K 211 32

    Two parents looking to hire a nanny due to them not able to be there for their child, because of their jobs. Once they hire the wrong nanny...things get twisted, and they may or may not live to see another day and their child.

  • That Beautiful Mocking Smile {Wattys2017}
    5K 760 11

    Highest Rank #42 in horror 2/10/17 "They made me into who I am, now I'm going to show them their creation. I'll kill them and I will love every second of it" You destroyed him. You defiled him. You degraded him. He's coming to school, he's coming to slay, he's going to let the monsters out to play. He will torture...

  • Playing God- ORIGINAL
    9.1K 1.5K 45

    In 2017, on a mission with a good friend named Thomas Kelly, we began writing this story, which is known as 'Playing God'. In early 2018, we began re-writing the early chapters of the story, and 8 months after that, with only 5 or 6 chapters rewritten, we hit 8500 reads! That is outstanding! This is the original Playi...

  • Run
    21.9K 2.7K 40

    Highest Ranks - #76 SF | 31/8/17 #146 ADV | 1/1/18 10K Reads | June 19th, 2018 *BOOK ONE OF THE OPERATION EVOLUTIANS TRILOGY* She woke up knowing nothing. Not where she was or why she was there. She didn't know the reason behind the injuries and sca...

  • Wanna play with me?
    1.3K 179 33

    Sarah's back to play again. ------------------------------------------- I only wanna play friend. If you don't you'll die.

    Completed   Mature
  • Suicidal
    485 33 5

    This is actually a sad story about a girl who was brokenhearted by her one true love. just imagine how much she suffered. I'm sure you'll definitely cry reading this story. oh and it also includes a suicidal so if you're uncomfortable with it then don't read. Please don't be angry with my grammar and English if it's...

  • You Only Die Once
    672 187 8

    It's 1918. Chris has just received a draft letter, and he knows that he has to go. What he doesn't know however, is that where there's war, there's love. Picture is not mine Cover by @Lefangirl357 Trailer by @luellasaphroncuevas

  • The Doll Collector
    308K 14.6K 25

    Bloody mannequins have been found in various parts of the city of Los Angeles; all dressed in the clothes of missing women, and wearing flower crowns. No bodies have been found, but Homicide Detective, Adrian DeWitt, is the lead investigator on the case. The Doll Collector, is a lonely man, who stalks his victims befo...

  • The Unwanted Prophecy
    16 2 2

    Magic. It's a strange thing to think about. But it's even stranger to live through it. Lucia Hatter is a 20 year old female witch living out her dream in Waerlot Magics Academy. Learning things most would never know. Her first year should have been a dreadful nightmare but thanks to Shade, ( her BffIWON best friend in...