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  • Take a Bite Cafe
    588 128 66

    [COMPLETE] Megan thinks she's found her dream job at Take a Bite Cafe but things are getting rocky. She and Jimmy have become the patron's favourite will-they-won't-they drama and Megan's Nan is determined Jimmy's The One. But the road to true love doesn't run smooth, her mother keeps trying to pair her off to a John...

    Completed   Mature
  • Before Noon (progress updates)
    272K 79 2

    Once a paid story about looping the apocalypse from Australia. Follow me on my journey to put this book on your shelf! Watty's 2018 Longlisted 1st Place, the Cryptic Awards 1st Place, the Chosen One of @FANTASCI 1st Place, Scratchnem Awards 1st Place, Royally Yours Awards 1st Place, Sarang Awards 1st Place, Summer Awa...

  • Darkness Rising (Excerpt)
    25 0 1

    Told from multiple points of view, DARKNESS RISING centers around three young heiresses of different cultures who, as the last healthy women alive, must choose between repopulating their world according to their gender-or saving it, because no one else will. Long ago, the world of Naraka found peace by imprisoning the...

  • The Distollovph
    67 17 3

    A stranger comes to visit an enchanted librarian, with unintended consequences.