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  • Drunk, Loner, Clumsy Girl | Cupid's Match Contest
    318 12 2

    People try to give Cal a match, but Cal has the situation under control! Little do we know about what our beloved matchmaking agent has been up to lately... _________ This book is my entry to the Cupid's Match one-shot contest.

  • Valentine's Prey (A CUPID'S MATCH ONE-SHOT)
    908 45 1

    Cupid's Match: Valentine's Day one-shot fanfiction, original story written by (and all credit to) the immensely talented @LEPalphreyman. Iris Madden was on the prowl but apparently so was he. The man with the alarmingly blue eyes clearly had the same intentions. Valentine, the sinister brother of Cupid and Cal, had hi...

  • Cupids Can Cosplay Too
    1.1K 81 2

    A Cupid's Match one-shot for LEPalphreyman's contest!! (One of three winners!) Crystal finds herself at a cosplay convention hearing news that a certain someone would be attending. What could possibly go wrong?

  • The New Arrow
    230 2 8

    For her it's just a normal day.A 'walk' with her sister.But after all.It ented to be more thatn that..Read more to find out "So...." "So what?"Lila looked at her. "Where are we going?"I said slightly chuckling. "Oh!That's a surprise young lady!"She said as she wiggled her eyebrows.I laughed at her. This...Is going to...

  • wall breach
    656 47 1

    this is my Cupid's Match contest entry: wall breach! what kind of havoc would be caused if the 4th wall was broken? [one of 3 winners :) ]

  • Matched Again [Cupid's Match Oneshot Entry]
    257 9 1

    A Cupid's Match contest entry --- Catherine is a good friend of Lila's, and has been trusted with the knowledge of the Matchmaking service, having been sworn to secrecy. But when Cat's match is revealed, it's a bit complicated... --- this somehow reached number 3 in the #cupidsmatch tag? wattpad's ranking system doesn...

  • Frost
    156 10 1

    This is a contest entry for Cupid's match. And the story is how I imagine the prologue of the sequel to Bad Santa. Hope you enjoy! ^^ _________ Welcome to Kingdom Frost ❄

  • Dance With Me (Cupid's Match One Shot)
    327 27 1

    It's a cold winter day when Cal happens to stumble into a cafe where Lila is drinking a warm cup of coffee. The lights are dim, the music is playing, and the atmosphere is romantic. And let's not forget, there can always be more than one match.

  • I'm Crystal and he's Cal
    228 9 1

    This is a one-shot story off of The Cupid's Match-Making Service book! Crystal has too fix a problem a fellow cupid made, but bumping into Cal makes a detour arise #Cupid'smatch Warning: If you haven't read the frist two books in The Cupid's Match-Making service Books I suggest you read those frist.

  • Arrows To The Heart
    251 4 1

    FanFiction for the third Cupid's Match book "Psyche Heart". The story begins with Lila finding out some shocking news that send her into a deep dark place.

  • Torn From Love
    97 8 1

    PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE GOING ON TO STORY!!! FOR THE CUPID ONE SHOT CONTEST!!! Made during Cupid's Match A blind man and a woman who cannot be seen by the eyes, unless they ask for a death wish? What a great match! After being cursed by Athena, Medusa has felt nothing but rage. Rage, rage, rage. Rage and lonel...

  • Just A Dream | Cupid's Match One-shot | √
    998 33 3

    ❝ wish we could turn back time ❞ ════════════════════════════ in which a boy sees the dawn during the dusk. ════════════════════════════ ➹ a cupid's match one-shot by neo ➹

  • Valentine's Day 『Cupid's Match Entry』
    659 22 1

    ♥︎~•~♡~•~♥︎~•~♡~•~♥︎~•~♡~•~♥︎~•~♡~•~♥︎~•~♡~•~♥︎ It's Valentine Day in LA and Lila spent it with her match! A sweet and simple one-shot! This is my entry for the Cupid's Match Contest by @LEPalphreyman I hope you like it! I absolutely LOVE your books and the characte...

  • Our New Life
    276 5 1

    #teamcupid When all trouble is finally over, what do you think will happen with Lila & Cupid? Let's find out ➛ 2019 edit: This was an entry for the 'Cupid's Match Contest' ♡

  • Izzy
    137 12 1

    Cupid's Match contest entry. When Cupid drags Cal clubbing it might just be the perfect place to find a match...

  • Counting Stars
    289 20 1

    This is an entry for the Cupid's Match one-shot competition, so all character does not belong to me. Lila wakes up in the middle of the night to find Cupid at...? (A BIG BIG thank you @tsukaite to help me do all the editing!)

  • Love Attracts (Cupids Match Contest) #CupidsMatch
    534 21 2

    Charlie and Klaus are back, but something isn't right... As they walk around the beautiful city of Paris, Charlie has been told to keep a lookout. The Arrows have been spotted in France, according to Cal. But would Cal lie? From whats been happening, it isn't surprising that he would do anything of that sort. Charact...

  • Cupid's Match Contest
    147 5 1

    This is an entry for Cupid's Match Contest. I hope you like it!

  • The Perils of Match-Making
    124 10 1

    Cal and Charlie arrange a match. It doesn't go as planned. Cupid's Match Contest Entry

  • Cupids Match - Breaking In
    3.5K 73 3

    Hi, This is an entry into the Cupids Match Contest by LEPalphreyman. Cupid and Lila have snuck into the Cupids Matchmaking Service to try see if Cal has a match.

  • Cals perfect match
    118 9 1

    For one shot contest! Cupid wants to everyone to have the happiness that he gets from being i a great relationship. He's going to help his brother by finding his match at all costs...

  • Cupid's Match: One Shot
    704 23 1

    This is written in Cupids POV to be clear and is a one shot entry into the Cupid's match one shot contest. Read and enjoy peeps.

  • Insufferable Idiot
    134 6 1

    This is my contest entry for LEPalphreyman's Cupid's Match One Shot Contest!

  • Cupid's Match✔️
    1.8K 25 3

    One-shot Contest ___ Hey, it's me again! Imma back with another new book. More info on this one shot book inside. ___ Warning⚠️: Mature content within Enter at your own risk Cupid's Match. Copyright © 2017. All rights reserved. -Nat 👻

  • Cal's match: cupids matchmaking one shot contest
    287 17 1

    When Cupid and Lila finally got their happily ever after, what happened to Cal? What if he found out he too had a match. How would he react? Written as per of the cupids match contest.

  • Calmena
    154 17 1

    'Cupid's Matchmaking Service' is written in elegant calligraphy above the glass shop front and a sign reading 'We are not taking in any new clients at the time' hangs from the door handle. ________________________________________ Cupid sets up a meeting for Cal and Amena without letting them know and their might be a...

  • Cupid's Match Contest Entry
    211 8 1

    HEY GUYS! This is my entry for a contest by @LEPalphreyman. She wrote an amazing story called Cupid's Match, WHICH IS BEING TURNED INTO AN AUDIOBOOK (I freaked out when I heard about it). There are some rules which I will list in the first and only chapter. ENJOY!!

  • Cupid's Proposal
    236 18 1

    Lila Black has been dating Cupid for two years ever since their matching. She couldn't be happier with her life. But when they go on their anniversary date things get a little crazy and Lila has to make a lifetime decision. •••••••••••• This is a one shot for the Cupid's Match contest. Congrats on the audiobook Laure...

  • A Birthday for a Grumpy Old Man
    110 4 1

    A Cupids Match Oneshot Contest entry About Cals birthday

  • The Spark Of Hope
    142 8 1

    A contest entry for Cupid's Match. Hope you enjoy reading it! ^-^