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    2.3M 54.5K 62

    Revenge. The only word that's into her mind. All the way from New York, Vera Jean Moore came back to do her revenge for those who killed her Mother. Together with her grandfather, he conducted a mission for her to find all those person involved. What will awaits on her mission? What are the secrets will reveal? Will s...

  • G University {COMPLETED}
    984K 25.7K 56

    Meet Luna Nicole Swansea, a happy-go-lucky girl who loves to make trouble in short she's a trouble maker, a boyish type of girl who ALMOST have a normal life but what if her Dad enrolled her to a gangster school known as G University Well in G univesity they're will be no mercy trends, there will always be a gang fig...

  • Mafia Empire: Her Lost Twin [Revising]
    337K 7.1K 36

    "It was you all along, you are the reason of this chaos and now you wanted to be the reason of your own death." Angela Ciamco, isang babaeng walang ibang hinangad sa buhay kundi ang makalaya sa kamay ng ama at ang mahanap nito ang nawawalang kakambal. Sa kanyang gagawing paglalakbay, magtatagumpay kaya siya? Kaya niya...

  • Samurai Princess
    302K 9.9K 44

    She's Clever She's Gorgeous She's Calm With her sharp sword she kills as fast as a blink of an eye Because she is.... The Samurai Princess

  • From Nerd to a GANGSTER QUEEN
    179K 3.8K 66

    From nerd to a GANGSTER QUEEN Yan ang mangyayari sa buhay ni Ezci na isang simple lng May magmamahal ba sakanya? Date Started:April 25, 2017 Date End:June 1,2017 Facebook page:nerd_queen1120 just search youll see it

  • Steel Academy : School of CruEntsters [COMPLETED]
    262K 7K 67

    Vein Nicky Colt is a one heck pain in the ass back then in the America. "Bad Ass" ang tinaguriang tawag sakanya roon. Because of her one heck bad ass deeds she was kicked out of her school and was force to enter Steel Academy. A school where she can be who she is without kicking her self out. Upon entering the school...

    628K 14.3K 60

    Former : She is the Heartless Queen (The legendary gangster) I'm HEARTLESS, it doesn't mean that I always kill people in a heartless way physically but also emotionally. I'm RUTHLESS, it's the same as Heartless. I don't care if you beg and cry. I HAVE NO PITY! I'm COLD-BLOOD-ED, yes cooler than ice. I have no...

  • Suzuhara Academy-Gangster's Haven(#Wattys2017)
    244K 2.2K 12

    "only those who are ready to kill and be killed is allowed to enter" Date Started:Nov 2015 Ended:on going ©typicaljeon

  • Lee University: Gangster's Love (SLOW UPDATE/ UN EDITED)
    329K 9K 48

    She is Celestine Emphrain Lee the one and only heiress of LEE and EMPHRAIN GROUP OF COMPANIES. Her family is the most richest, famous, influential and powerful family in the world. She's a super model, a gangster but not just ordinary gangster because she is BLUE EYED QUEEN also known as DEVIL QUEEN, The leader of the...

  • Reignford University: The Mafia Organization
    518K 14.8K 65

    I'm a sinner and I'm no angel. I'm a princess without a prince. I became a Queen without a crown. Date started : October 29, 2015 Date finished : June 12, 2017

  • The School Nerd Is the Gangster Leader
    2.1M 46.6K 57

    Anong nangyari sa mundo at ang LEADER NG ISANG MALAKAS NA GANGSTER GROUP ay nagdesisyon mag disguise bilang isang NERD? "The School Nerd Is A Gangster Leader" Highest Rank: #1 in Action WARNING: LOTS OF ERROR. PLOT HOLES. Written during JEJEMON ERA. NOONG PANAHON PA NG KABADUYAN. JEJEMON ERA. AGAIN. JEJEMON ERA. JEJEM...

  • CoLd Vs. Hot
    407K 10.8K 65

    Highest rank achieved: #16 in Action ________ There's a happy go lucky girl that change her self because of what her been through. She choose to be strong, cold and fearless to hide her true feeling. Even she change a lot, the only thing that she can't change is to be worried about her love ones. She will do everythin...

  • Hell University (wattys2017) Participant
    48.5K 551 6

    Hell University, A Bloody, and shitty school. Everything is mysterious... Blood is everywhere.... Mysterious students hide... Where Lies and Secrets lie... Must shut your're mouth to everyone... Where demons and monsters hide thereselves...

  • His Gangster Queen
    1.1M 26.9K 50


  • Venomous
    891K 14.9K 72

    completed. reugal I Zchyneil Leviste, enter the Venomous High as she gathers her emperors to a group for the upcoming battle royal. As she build it, untold stories unfolds. The chambers of the deepest secrets opened. Kill or be killed. Shot or get shot. Ride or Die? Date Released: April 24, 2020 Date Completed: May 1...

  • The Bitchy Gangster Queen
    3.4M 81.3K 67

    [ BOOK 1 ] [ UNEDITED ] "I'm not your typical bad ass gangster. If you think I should look up to you, oh hell no, darling, I pity you, 'cause compared to you, I'm certainly better." - Scarlett Blue Fox |Book2: His Gangster Queen| ♔ [ HIGHEST RANK ACHIEVE: ] #1 in ACTION #6 in RANDOM

  • The Underworld Goddess
    4.9M 124K 68

    "This is the story of how I started the Second Great War. The story of how I die. And the story before I was long forgotten." -Luciana Shiranui A hidden society beneath the busy streets of Metropolis remained secret under the scorching land of regular citizens. There a capital city stood. A city for the p...

  • She's the Mafia Boss [UNDER REVISION]
    4.6M 84.3K 119

    [HIGHEST RANK: #1 in Action] Book 1 & 2 Meet Kryssa Lavelle Vaughan. She is dangerous, fearless, a genius brainiac, a sharp shooter and an underboss of their mafia. The daughter of the Kaishi Mafia's king and queen. She will be the successor and heiress of Kaishi Mafia. SHE'S THE MAFIA BOSS. NOTE: Expect the unexpecte...

  • His Gangster Queen
    5.7M 174K 39

    Completed [Book 2 of HGP] || Tyler was not Adrienne's star but her whole sky. Everything was flawless for the both of them but what if "Tragedy" will interfere in there almost perfect story? READ "HIS GANGSTER PRINCESS" FIRST BEFORE CONTINUING. Book cover by: -94princehun

  • Unluckily In Love With The Gangster
    9K 327 22

    Tunghayan ang buhay niya kasama ang mga gangsters in babago sa buhay niya. Love? Mamahalin mo pa ba siya kahit alam mo delikado siyang tao? Ipaglalaban niyo ba pagmamahalan niyo O Isusuko mo nalang?

  • Gangster Meets Badboy
    82.3K 2.6K 37

    Badboys? Tss, walang kwenta, sakit sa ulo, pasikat, pabida, siga at mga naghahari harian sa school? Sawa na ako. This time It's my Turn Inspired by: The Four Badboys and Me By:Harunna_Mellow