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  • The Boyfriend Sitter ✓
    196K 17.9K 29

    Joselyn needs a job. Penelope needs someone to keep an eye on her boyfriend while she's gone. It's the perfect match. But, add in said boyfriend's charismatic side-kick and a troubled past desperate to resurface, and Josie's surveillance may be impossible to conceal. *COMPLETED* cover by @letsjam8 © Ann Valett 2019

  • Till I Fall Asleep ✓
    1.3M 61.3K 29

    Sawyer Lee wants to leave behind her hellhole of a town. But when the unexpected holds her back, she realizes that everything is about to change. cover by @hepburnettes

  • To Be With Mr. Popular (PUBLISHED)
    2.1M 60.3K 43

    Okay, siapa sih yang ga kenal dia? Dari seluruh penjuru kampus, ato mungkin bahkan dari kampus lain pun juga pasti kenal dia. Tapi justru itu masalahnya. Status dia, temen-temen dia, kepopulerannya, kok dia mengabaikan itu semua dan memilih untuk tetap bareng gue? Bukannya gue ga suka, tapi yah, siapa gue? - Tiffany ...

  • Bulletproof ✓
    46.6M 1.3M 50

    [Audiobook version, published by Hachette, is available for purchase on Amazon, Audible and iTunes] Tyler Madden used to have everything. He was captain of the football team, popular, high achiever and was set to have a successful career. But one secret made all that disappear. Now he's reclusive, sarcastic, mor...

  • Not all Blondes do Backflips
    16.5M 332K 28

    Stereotypes. I hate them. On my first day at my new school, a girl in a blue and white cheerleader's uniform told me I 'looked like a cheerleader' and asked me to come to tryouts. I almost decked her. Blonde hair and blue eyes do not a cheerleader make. Cheerleaders can be bitchy and mean but they can also act all hap...

  • The Perfect Duet by Kay Godley (PUBLISHED)
    17.6M 8.4K 3

    Use this link to see my website and learn more about this book! Mackenzie Heart has been the goody-two shoes, perfect grades girl her whole life. She always takes orders from her demanding parents, peers, and teachers without talking back. Despite her docile nature, she has a strong hidden t...

  • The Bro Code
    20.6M 429K 22

    Rule number 4: If a girl falls into the following criteria, she is off limits forever until the end of time: A) Was a bro's ex-girlfriend. B) Your bro specifically told you he wanted her. C) Is your bro's sister. Nick Maguire is the King player of East High. He knows better than anyone that when it comes to Eliza O'...