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  • AfterDeath one-shots and mini stories
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    Just a bunch of random stories on the AfterDeath couple. I'll update this whenever I have inspiration for a one shot or story but don't expect some scheduled stories Cringiness 24/7 tho- (Cover art belongs to me)

  • S O U L M A T E S : A Multiple Story Tale
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    (Inspired by @Pepethehuman) Everyone in existence is born with a delicate and light String. There are many different colors to the strings, bringing strange and mysterious effects to the person it is bound to. At the end of each thread is a person, connecting two separate people together. They are considered SOULMATE...

  • •Afterdeath• [SÉ MÍO]
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    ••• Desde que Geno!Sans se quedó en la pantalla de guardado con Frisk, su vida se tornó miserable y sin sentido. ••• Gracias a un estorbo recurrente en su vida, se ha olvidado del dolor, ahora se siente en compañía, incluso un nuevo sentimiento por su parásito ha aparecido... "Algo que creyó perdido". •°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°...

  • You're Still Perfect - Afterdeath
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    (THIS IS A FANFICTION.) Separate beings, separate lives and pasts. No one can break through the inevitable, especially Geno. >>>>>> One hundred RESETS, the point where Geno had finally broke. He couldn't take it anymore, so, he actually did break the inevitable by breaking the code for how his universe was really supp...

  • Dance with a Vampire Prince (Afterdeath) [DISCONTINUED]
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    STATUS: ON HIATUS Geno, an average highschool student was ambushed one day with a pack of vampires thirsty for blood. Somebody saved him from this never ending hell of a war. Though, Geno still doubts his 'new' friend Geno soon finds out that he was a missing piece for world domination. (I have very bad grammar) Inclu...

  • One Touch (AfterDeath)
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    Day after day, Geno was left alone in the void. He often thought about how he was better off dead, that was until he was actually face to face with it. Reaper had one job, yet he couldn't even go through with it... Not when his job was to kill something so... interesting. (by me, and my friend Asher.)

  • Lost Magic (Afterdeath Fanfic) [DISCONTINUED]
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    *«~»* Check In :D Cover Art: Brasy Arts *«~»* " In A land thriving with magic, madness and monsters... Fate has other plans." -Hopeless. *«~»*

  • Tsundere Much? (Afterdeath)
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    After the Christmas party, Geno thought he'd never get to see Death anymore. Boy was he wrong! After a couple of chilling moments and heartfelt scenes, something happens to Geno's old timeline. But that can't be much of an issue because lmao they have the power of love on their side...right? (#1 genosans 1/1/19[How lm...

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    headcanons of my OTP Geno belongs to: LoveOfPiggies/CQ Reaper belongs to: Renrink Art in cover belongs to: @Meepypie Cover: me

  • My Lover (Criminal! Geno X Cop!Reaper)
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    This is my first AfterDeath story, so please don't judge. Geno has been on the run for quite sometime now, what happens when he finally gets caught and thrown into jail by the one he hates most. What will he do in jail? Will he fall for the cop he hates or will he escape? Find now in My Lover.

  • Afterdeath Oneshots
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    My sins are crawling all over me! (Cover art belongs to meeperspeeperslovecandy on tumblr)

  • AfterDeath {One-Shots}
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    A home to Fluff. Just kidding. Welcome to the train of feels, care to take a ride? (I make slow-ass updates, forgive me but I don't have any motivation too all the time.)

  • Afterdeath One-Shots {Requests Closed}
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    These are mainly some small ideas I like to write down when I'm bored and sometimes I take requests, enjoy!

  • You Have Love
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    Reaper was used to victims giving him a hard time for his job, but for some reason, this one mortal got to him. After being told he had no love, Reaper goes home full of sorrow. It's there that he is reminded by Geno and Goth that he has love, true genuine love. (One shot fanfic, Art not mine) Also posted on Tumblr a...

  • Drips of red. Afterdeath [DISCONTINUED]
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    [Hello! Pepe here, just know this story is discontinued due to my lack of interest in this story. I loved the idea but I sadly didn't execute it to the way I wanted it so it discouraged me from finishing this story. I wanna say thanks for everyone who's been reading this story from the start and I'm sorry I ended it l...

  • Reaper is Always Right
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    Geno hated everything about Reaper, but he mostly hated how he was always right.

    Completed   Mature
  • (On hiatus) Philophobia (Geno x reaper sans)
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    'LOVE, an anagram used to trick those who passed by the ruins, used by me to trick the unworthy ones. LOVE was poison, a drug. Once you got some, you needed more and they got exactly that. More LOVE, more determination.'

  • Love Can Heal Wounds
    28.6K 1.2K 20

    Geno hated his life. Oh wait he was dead. But not truly. Geno hated everything and everyone until he meets Death. And death won't stop until geno is his

  • Chief Death and Criminal Geno
    10.2K 296 11

    An au with Death and Geno and of course Life. Chief Death is a player but he lost his friend along time ago. Will Chief Death stay sad or will he find a new person to be with.

  • Afterdeath: Hercules (COMPLETED)
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    *NOT LIKE THE MOVIE OR THE MYTH* Geno is running from his insane brother when Reaper, a high school student, finds him. They both deal with drama, emotions, and glitches. While handling their feelings. All this when a mysterious ??? is near. (I absolutely suck at descriptions)

  • Afterdeath one Shots! [REQUEST OPEN]
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    here you can request short stories or one shots of afterdeath. read the first chapter for more info before you request. I blame @shipeverythingmoves for the sins I've committed XD (Luv ya dude)

  • Lovesick Reaper (Afterdeath)
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    This book makes no sense

  • ~AfterDeath~
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    A loving story between the two skeletons, Geno, and Reaper. One in a Void. Another in a Plain universe. The Two may fall in love, Join me on this adventure, And feel free to read.

  • Prey and Hunters: A Afterdeath Story
    9.4K 612 8

    Scientists always wondered how relationships truly worked. What exactly were the limits? How long would it take and how far would someone go for their true love? Then, the scientists thought, "What if...we did a little experiment?" (This story was inspired by a dramatic and surprising little dream (that I had), which...

  • Reaper x Geno
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    Another afterdeath fanfic .... YEAH!!!

  • Afterdeath (Geno x Reaper)
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    Geno has been trapped in the Save Screen for many years... He couldn't take the way his brother, Papyrus, always dies and the human always get's away with it... Alone... afraid... and worried... Geno has always set a goal for revenge... Till one day... he was free from the save screen mysteriously winding up in a worl...

  • Reaper X Geno
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    ( don't no how to describe this ) When Chara comes after Geno reaper sans comes to protect him

  • After-death one shots
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    1 Fav OTP 2 I'm sooooooooo bored 3 Life Nuff said