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  • Malignant [h.s]
    33.8M 809K 108

    They never told you that the monster under your bed could have a set of beautiful forest green eyes and an angelic smile. -a story in which a girl is taken by a notorious gang member that lives beneath the world's feet. THIS IS A TRILOGY BOOK (1/3) *COMPLETED* HIGHEST RANKINGS #1 in harrystyles #1 in fanfiction #1...

    Completed   Mature
  • W I T H B E N E F I T S ;J G
    497K 11.8K 28

    he was my best friend, my shoulder to cry on my everything. when we took that extra step in our friendship i was so happy, but it killed me to know the shoulder i cried on made me cry

    Completed   Mature
  • My Fake Boyfriend
    59.6M 2M 83

    He was so close, his breath hit my lips. His eyes darted from my eyes to my lips. I stared intently, awaiting his next move. His lips fell near my ear. "Shut up and kiss me" He whispered roughly. A chill shot up my spine. I pulled back, staring at his eyes and leaned in.. ********** What happens when Alexis Dawson- "r...

  • faking it » david dobrik
    934K 18K 32

    A night pretending to be David Dobrik's girlfriend leads to some unforeseen consequences.

  • He Wants Revenge
    28.6M 1M 65

    || Highest Rank - #3 in Teen Fiction || Amanda thought she had found the love of her life. She had everything perfectly planned out; the university she would attend, the car she would drive, the house she would own, the place she would get married and even the money she would earn. Much to her dismay, all her plans...

  • blind date » david dobrik
    447K 9.2K 26

    David's assistant Natalie feels that it's time for him to get up and move on from moping about his ex-girlfriend, right into her new friend Charlotte's arms. Charlotte has never heard of the vlog squad, nor does she care. She moved to LA to take care of her ailing grandfather, and once he died, she was stuck taking ca...

  • How to Survive a Reckless Boy
    12.4M 435K 67

    The spark between Faye and her best friend's hot older brother, Miles, threatens to upend everything in her normal, stable life. ***** Shy and unassuming, 17-year-old Faye never thought she would catch the eye of her best friend's older brother. St...

  • Instagram | A.I
    5.8M 128K 200

    ashtonirwin followed you. ashtonirwin: ur pretty highest rank: #1 in fanfiction

  • choose | luke hemmings
    34.9M 1.1M 91

    It's you, May. You're what I want forever. [COMPLETE] achievements: #1 in fanfiction

    Completed   Mature