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  • Mystery Kids
    10.4K 426 15

    Four years after they first came to Gravity Falls, Mabel and Dipper Pines have returned, as they have every year. But this time, they meet some special people they've never seen before. Book one in the Mystery Kids series

  • The Gateway That Led To You
    85.9K 3.8K 57

    A mysterious gateway appears in Arendelle, Burgess, Scotland, Berk and Corona. Some say the gateway leads to paradise. Some say the gateway leads to heaven or hell. Some say it leads to outer space. Some say it leads to another world. But one thing's for sure, the people that go into the gateway never come back. ...

  • Freezing fire: Jarida and Hiccunzel Fanfiction
    19.1K 492 18

    The big four have been through a lot together, but as people, challenges and more fight into their lives, can they keep their incredible friendship? I DO NOT OWN ANY CHARACTERS,THEY BELONG TO DREAMWORKS AND DISNEY RESPECTIVELY. I wrote this for fun. If you don't ship Jarida or are dissatisfied, I'm sorry and you are...