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  • feel my love
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  • Business Marriage- RagLak (✔️)
    70.1K 3.8K 30

    A business marriage of RagLak, reveals secrets around Ragini's family. How the love of a man can change the life of an unfortunate woman

  • Something Something : A beautiful Love Story
    1K 88 4

    Another Raglak love story...... Not serial based Full of my imagination😀😀😀😀 Please read to know more😆😆😆😆

  • Becoming his obsession (raglak)
    54.3K 2.7K 29

    the story starts from the swaragini track where Ragini fakes losing her memory . Here Laksh knows that she is fine and Ragini is trying to help him get back with Swara . ************************* Sneak peak ************************* Ragini always loved the rain, it made her feel calm and serene. She was enjoying the p...

  • Inaayat- A tale of RagLak
    3.4K 346 6

    Peep in

  • raglak:made for me by vm (completed) ✔
    89.5K 7.5K 82

    A unique story of raglak... Don't miss to read... 😉

    Completed   Mature
  • Desire To Make Her Mine
    177 31 1

    This story revolves around a cute beautiful girl named ragini who has a secret life and arrogant ruthless millionaire lakshya maheswari Mature content warning u guy's

  • My Love Is Not To Be Taken For GRANTED!!😢😢
    2.1K 135 1

    This story is again on the after 6 month leap, when laksh accepted that he is laksh and not Abhi when ap got heart attack.

  • My wife, Raglak
    30.7K 2.8K 37

    Story of a normal woman, who proves the proverb "Behind every successful man, there is a woman".

  • SwaRagini Ki Kahani
    21.5K 777 13

    This story is based on the sr track when Swara insulted Ragini badly . Both the couples will get equal importance

  • Love kills slowly (Completed)
    37.2K 1.8K 13

    A girl who lost her happiness for her two bestfriends happiness, but destiny had other plans for three of them, they stuck in a game of love and revenge in which only innocent got hurt..

  • Can't you see my love..!!
    6.6K 484 8

    This is one of my story which I started on tu but left untouched.Now thought to continue with an different concept..!! Little bit emotional..So beware.. Read to know further.. #13 on 8.5.18 #18 on 9.5.18 #30 on 12.5.18#32 on 22.4.18 #35 on 21.4.18 #47 on 19.4.18 #58 on 06.03.18 #48 on 8.3.18 #55 on 9.3.18

  • LOVE U
    886 79 1

    abhigya raglak samaina

  • Rang De
    678 75 1

    Read it

  • RagLak - A Revengeful Love {S2 cancelled}
    38.1K 1.8K 22

    Inspired by the ff I will destroy her requested by RaginiMia

  • My Journey .... towards you💖✔️
    3.9K 315 6

    I am coming... towards you love is going to bring me towards you....

  • His Secret Girlfriend
    5.7K 563 14

    Laksh Maheshwari, an famous singer, has everything he wants. Family, fame, money, girls.... Everything. And everyone knows about it. But he has one thing no one knows about. His girlfriend... Ragini.. Now, Laksh doesn't want anyone to know about Ragini.... You may say.. Aaww he's so possessive. But is it really poss...

  • The day which changed our lives!
    3.9K 234 5

    Not swaragini based.... Raglak main pair... Best friends woke up in such a situation that they can't even think of... Will their life change with that one day...the friends get together..?

  • Mickey's shinchan
    358 46 1

    Read to know further...

    9.8K 798 17

    a dream of a girl to get married... what is waiting for her

  • ❤Raglak:it all started suddenly! 😍💖
    5.8K 340 11

    This story revolves around cute bubbly also studious ragini and laksh who is madly in love with her.. Story starts from 9th std and extends unlimitedly.. But ragini initially don't like this and calls lucky as nonsense and nuisance. Swara and sanskar are their common friends.. So will laksh win or ragini falls fo...

  • Magician Love (RagLak)
    6.6K 622 14

    The story of a magician boy and his girl. How would be their love story? what is his hidden intention..? just have a look..

  • RagLak- You are mine
    11.3K 422 5

    A simple unconditional love story

  • What are you Doing??
    4.1K 465 8

    "What are you doing now??" "what is your future planning?" "Job or studies?" "Don't you have a job, then do her marriage" "Job is for financial independence dear.." I know..!! I know, i have to do a job. But, I didn't get it. I'm trying.. (yawning.. actually, not that seriously) so what?? are you going to banish...

  • Raglak destiny of love
    41.1K 1.7K 18

    The story is related to swaragini serial track of kidnapping Ragini.

  • Laado VS Lucky-RAGLAK SS
    7K 509 10

    Ragini aka Laado a bubbly stylish girl fell in hatred at first sight with the cool Casanova LAKSH aka Lucky She is unaware of the truth she is going meet him again What will she do when she will come to know LAKSH is the person who is going to marry the most special person of Ragini's life, her elder sister Siyali ? W...

  • Raglak ts _ I am married to a stranger..
    4K 270 6

    what a girl goes through when she is married to a person she doesnt even know.. will she cope up. will he understand her ??? let us see.

  • Did I know you ??? - raglak ff
    1.9K 142 3

    A short story about a lovely couple.... who face many problems in their lead a beautiful future Raglak ff Copy rights belong to me....😠😠

  • When Did I Fall For You? - RagLak
    38.5K 3.1K 32

    ❤ RagLak ❤ When I used to wake up, the first name on my mind was Swara. When I dressed, I wore to impress Swara. When I went to sleep, the last thing I thought of was Swara. Funny... Never noticed when that word changed from Swara to Ragini. When I wake up now, the first word in my mind is Ragini. When I go out, t...