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  • ROSEMARY - spencer reid
    435K 10.9K 26

    [book one] While rescuing a victim from the home of a serial killer, the team is surprised to find a mysterious woman who has no idea about her last or how she got there. As the team begins to help her recall her life, they may uncover more than they hoped to and she just might capture the affection of a certain young...

    Completed   Mature
  • Thinking outside the box
    1.7K 347 36

    'The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, its imagination' - Albert Einstein. ** Chelsea Summers loves her safe little box. She gets perfect grades, has perfect friends and is planning the perfect prom. But then it all crashes, when she plays the dreaded game 'truth or dare'. Now any hope of a perfect prom has...

  • In The Shadows
    3.8K 951 31

    "I'd spent my entire life in hiding, in the shadows. Until one day he saw me, and I wasn't so hidden anymore." Amber is good at what she knows, staying hidden. Until one day, he sees her. She's taken, forced out of everything she knows, to fight for a cause she doesn't support. But little by little, Amber discovers a...

  • The Million Dollar Senior Year | ✓
    4.4K 423 80

    When Charlotte 'Charlie' Avery and her friends discover Robert Mifflin's diary, they didn't think much of it. That is, until they realize that he had hidden one million dollars for someone to claim. Now as they embark on this scavenger hunt during their senior year, they face love, competition, and a secret of a lifet...

  • Run
    25K 2.9K 40

    Highest Ranks - #76 SF | 31/8/17 #146 ADV | 1/1/18 10K Reads | June 19th, 2018 *BOOK ONE OF THE OPERATION EVOLUTIANS TRILOGY* She woke up knowing nothing. Not where she was or why she was there. She didn't know the reason behind the injuries and sca...

  • The Brothers of the Sword, The Waking Destiny.
    4.8K 619 60

    Two Brothers destined as avatars of fate. One brother bound by honor and duty to an ancient holy empire that seeks to regain lost glory in a time of Total World War. He is tasked to bring about the brutal birth pains of a New World Order, as many nations drown in fire and blood, all for the holy relic of a dead god in...

  • Mascara Stains
    111 45 3

    and as the last tear rolled down her mascara-stained cheek, she decided to write.

  • Wings to Die
    15.8K 751 9

    He’s an angel left behind, who’s fallen for a human, and the human falls to save him. Made #34 in the Short Stories.

  • Our Fading Stars
    3.6K 738 26

    "Always," The word she is the most afraid of. The sayings of the man that haunts her in her dreams. Tiana Kings cannot get out of her trauma. Every single day, she is tortured by nightmares and memories that flood into her on the day of the accident. Not being able to escape, she is stuck in a loop not expecting anyth...

  • What Mama Used To Say
    1.3K 387 20

    Before she left #socialclubmisfits

  • When Worlds Collide ~ Alpha Olive
    1.3K 158 22

    * WARNING MATURE CONTENT * • 🐺 BOOK ONE 🐺 • Then she looked straight at me. Our eyes locked and everything else around me faded away. The look of shock on her face, mirroring my own expression. At that moment I knew what she was to me and she knew it too. She was my mate... about to be mated to another. • 🦊 • Ki...

  • Rotten to the Core
    451 64 6

    17 year old Quinn Avarice Archuleta has never been able to resist the urge to steal. It was even in her name. Which is why the perfect way to spend her gap year is getting rich quick. No, she doesn't need the money. She just needs to stock up on the adrenaline rush before going to college at Stanford. So Quinn picks...

  • With a Meaning
    1.1K 182 21

    In which an over thinker shares the poems she's written about the little things that have much meaning to her.

  • Love and Loss.
    95 7 3

    Sometimes Love leads to happiness and bliss. But most of the time, Love just leads to loss and pain.

  • Morning Birds
    138 22 10

    In which two people come together over a cup of coffee at a time people really shouldn't be up at. 2017 ©singingly- all rights reserved completed: xx/xx/xx

  • i'm sorry. ✔
    902 124 30

    in which the school bully writes letters to the girl that did her absolute best to help him become a better person. // this is kinda cliche in a way but if you still wanna read, nobody's stopping you

  • Fragments of The Past
    393 13 8

    Susanne considered herself a normal teenage girl until she got entangled in a somewhat mysterious and thrilling adventure. She does not deny the fact that her curiosity had a main role in this. On the other hand, Adrian never felt normal, he always sensed that he had a special propose in life, and he aimed to achieve...

  • Gifted
    171 16 6

    Meet Zeandra, she recently moved in with her aunt after her parents death, oh but call her Zea, she hates Zeandra. All is right in the world until she is chased by some old hag, then her world is turned upside down as she dangles on a thin line between reality and fantasy. Is magic real?

  • Cliquè Of The Prison
    3.9K 201 15

    Hate grows strong when fellow inmates Tyler and Josh meet. Little do they know what they have in common. Prison AU based on the song heathens, contains Brendon Urie, suicide squad characters, prison life, for the heck of it.

  • Die Now or Live Forever
    402 69 9

    At the age of 18, each member of society must choose their fate: Die now, or live forever? Dying at the moment you choose seems pretty rough, so most would choose to live forever. Aaron Williams is a completely normal teen, but he is uncertain about the Ceremony of Fate. Will he choose to die at the moment he says "Di...

  • ☾♥ I Love You To The Moon And Back☾♥ #Wattys2017 | ✓
    5.4K 855 28

    ☾♥ COMPLETED ☾♥ 17-year-old Claire Cooper expected Junior Year to be like any other. Little did she know how her life was going to change one March morning. Her life went from 0-100 drama way too quickly. The universe has many secrets. Unveiling real-life fantasy will be the one shared. Hanging out at late-night parti...

  • Silently Spoken
    55 11 1

    *I do not own the picture that I made for the cover!* **This is my very first writing so I have a lot of editing to do everywhere.** ______________________ Adina has a problem. It's not the constant bullying at school. Or the constant abuse of pills. No. She has a problem with herself. On top of that, her mother moved...