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  • tyrus oneshots
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    "You're not moving," he breathed out, not even bothering to hide his glances down at TJ's lips. The other boy noticed this, smiling slightly and bringing a hand up to cup the side of Cyrus' face. "Neither are you," he murmured back. ~ A collection of tyrus oneshots, mostly fluff with some mild angst. {All with happy e...

  • Where to Find Me | Tyrus
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    (Completed) A heartwarming love/coming-out story. "All I've done is push you away. You'd have to be pretty amazing to like me after that." "So you think I'm amazing?" Cyrus and TJ have been really good friends for a while, but now those feelings are starting to grow. When Andi invites the group to her great Aunt's lod...

  • chalk ; tyrus {completed}
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    "He squeezed his eyes shut for a moment, very convinced that he was just seeing things, but when he opened them again the scene hadn't changed. He was still in his bedroom, looking at his neighbour's house, and 𝘛𝘑 𝘒𝘪𝘱𝘱𝘦𝘯 was still sitting cross-legged on the driveway, holding chalk in his hand and admiring th...

  • Andi Mack One Shots
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    Just a bunch of one-shots about the show Andi Mack. Probably gonna be mostly Tyrus and Muffy. 🔥 Means smut

  • Tyrus Single Shots
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    A book of Tyrus one shots! Some are lengthy, some are short. Some reference movies some don't. Read in any order you wish :) I DO NOT OWN ANDI MACK but I created the story and art that is used (unless otherwise stated).

  • What Are The Odds? [Sequel To Unlikely]
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    No one said high school would be easy but the Good Hair Crew made it through middle school together. But with new friends, old enemies, and lots of baby taters, they're ready for anything. Right?

  • TJ's Playlist | Tyrus
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    When Cyrus finds a playlist on TJ's desktop full of old love songs, he realizes that TJ has never been a scary basketball guy but rather a huge sap. TJ just wished Cyrus could realize that all of those songs remind him of a certain boy who likes chocolate chocolate chip muffins without telling him directly. With insec...

  • love letters ; tyrus
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    dear cyrus, you make me the happiest person alive. thank you for being you :) love, nobody special warning: there are errors in this book. when it's completed, i will go back and fix them. sorry in advance.

  • Forever in my arms ~ Tyrus
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    Tj is madly in love with Cyrus. He doesn't know if Cyrus feels the same. But when Cyrus gets texts from a secret admirer everything changes. Little does he know, his secret admirer isn't what he seems. There is a huge plot twist. Don't hate please!

  • amour • tyrus
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    sometimes life gives you a new opportunity; a chance to start over. sometimes you'll take it, and sometimes you won't. make no mistake, though; you'll always end up exactly where you should be, even if you have to keep it a secret for awhile.

  • Opposites Attract {Tyrus} °Discontinued° ✔
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    "Actually, it's TJ." "I know. Cyrus." °Discontinued°

  • Underdog
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    Cyrus is the guy nobody knows. TJ is the guy everybody fears. Together, they're the secret anybody would love to get their hands on. Credit to @MariDefecates on Twitter for giving me the Muffin idea.

  • the absent mind
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    "do you believe in love at first sight?" "i think it's possible." "is that so underdog?" "it is so, not-so-scary basketball guy!" we share a look that was long, different, and most of all strange. "i love you cyrus goodman." all lowercase is intentional. tyrus? endgame? of course.

  • Trust Me (Tyrus)
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    [ ON HOLD ] It's High School now, and Cyrus Goodman is nothing but the sidekick friend of Buffy and Andi. Tj Kippen is still the best basketball player on their school's team. Little did they both know, their whole lives were about to change. What will happen when the two opposites finally meet? [ This is a fanfictio...