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  • Septiplier Smutty Smuts
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    Just some random Smuts and sterfff (:

  • Mark/Jack (Septiplier) One Shots
    242K 7.3K 47

    Septiplier Trash, including AU, Anti and Dark, Friendship, Angst, Fluff, Smut, anything with Mark and Jack, or any of their personas. You can request stuff now that I feel like writing again. Request either on here or my Tumblr by the same name as my Wattpad.

  • Binge
    867K 35.3K 4

    Pop-culture phenomenon, social rights advocate, and the most prominent LGBTQ+ voice on YouTube, Tyler Oakley brings you his first collection of witty, personal, and hilarious essays. For someone who made a career out of over-sharing on the Internet, Tyler has a shocking number of personal mishaps and shenanigans to...

  • Shoey OneShots
    19.8K 359 6

    A collection of smutty, lovey-dovey, or tragic Shoey one shots. Please Notice: Each Chapter/Part is a completely different story from the previous one. Thanks for Reading «3

  • Kocham Cię [Jamie Pine x Mike Jerry Oneshot]
    3.5K 68 1

    Jamie does not speak Polish. Neither does Mike, really, but he knows enough to cause mischief, and that's all the matters. Fluffy oneshot, awh ^u^

  • Shep689- what will happen in a few years?
    1.3K 13 1

    What will happen with Will and RJ in a few years? This is what I think could happen. Also, I don't know how they will name after their wedding, Willl said he should be taking RJ's last name but he doesn't like the idea, so maybe they could be Shepherd-Aguiars?

  • The New Member of Shep689
    1K 15 2

    This is a story that was just an idea but not it's a story about how the daughter of the shep689 family came to be. Most of it is written has if watching a shep688 video

  • Shep689 (Will and RJ) fanfiction- behind the camera
    3K 23 1

    This is my first ever fanfiction, so sorry if it's not that good.

  • Fan -shoey-
    1.4K 31 1

    Joey is a fan of shane, for 5 years to be exact. When he finally gets to meet Shane, Joeys life takes a turn for the better. GAY SMUT IS YAY SMUT

  • Shep689 fanfic oneshots
    6.2K 93 6

    These are drafts of one shots or even stories about a gay couple that put there lives on YouTube through daily vlogging comment if you would like to finish them because I'm not the best writer.

  • Shep689
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  • Youtubers One-Shots
    124K 1.5K 33

    As you can tell from the title, this book is all about differnt youtuber One-shots. I love lots of youtubers and have a lot of shipping that I love such as Shane Dawson and Joey Graceffa (Shoey), Tyler Oakley and Troye Sivan (Troyler), Dan Howell and Phil Lester (Phan), Matthew Lush and Nick Laws (Lushlaws), Shane Daw...

  • Sad Songs for Miserable Crazies- A Shoey Fanfiction
    2.5K 122 7

    cray cray feelin so mentally ill

  • This is How We Loved and Stuff {A Kalanthony One Shot}
    1.5K 43 1

    Kalel's about to make a important speech. She's going to read about how much she loves Anthony.. But, this isn't just another love note that she left on his desk at work....

  • Fifty Shades of Shoey
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  • Shoey smuts.
    17.4K 215 8

  • Shoey Smut
    36K 283 2

    Just where I'll put some sexy Shane Dawson and Joey Graceffa goodie goodie gumdrop stuff that come to mind. ;)

  • Sexual Shoey
    41.6K 323 8

    Shane and Joey would be hot together... So now there's this.

  • Cheater, Cheater. (Shoey)
    26.7K 991 23

    Lisa Loves Shane... But so does Joey. And Shane loves them both. So.. Which one is the most likely candidate to win over Shane? Or is Shane happy having them both?

    Completed   Mature
  • Give Up (Shoey)
    12.3K 546 14

    Joey and Shane have been together for awhile now and Joey is ready to propose. But before he does they get in a fight. Shane storms out of the house and gets into a car accident. He ex and best friend Lisa finds him. Now Joey is told that Shane has long term memory loss and doesn't remember their relationship at all...

  • Protection (Shoey)
    32.7K 996 23

    Lisa abuses Shane because she suspects he's gay and doesn't want him to leave her. Joey becomes concerned. Shane convinces him that he fine. But one day Lisa goes too far. Joey won't keep quiet anymore. He saves Shane from Lisa. But when they get together they realize they have more threats to face... Cover made by: T...

  • The Boy Who Cried Wolf
    1.6K 60 4

    Sawyer Hartman is the most notorious bad boy on earth. He is a conceited, popular, good looking guy that every girl dreams of. But he hides secrets that no one knows. He's a werewolf. And he thinks that he's gay. Now Joey Graceffa is the opposite of Sawyer. Joey is a kind, good looking, sweet, classy, gentleman. He's...

  • Lushlaws (Boyxboy, smut)
    226K 2.4K 13

    Matthew Lush and Nick Laws are both madly in love with one another...or are they? What or who will come between them? Read to find out.

  • You're the Only One That I Lush. [A LushLaws Fanfiction]
    36.2K 261 1

    this is just a one-shot of Matt and Nick