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  • Tales of the Heart- Why we are Muslim
    3.7K 376 7

    "Tales of the Heart" is a collection of interviews, stories and videos of Muslims all answering this one question: Why are you Muslim? In Shaa Allah this book will serve as a motivation and spiritual uplifting for us Muslims, and as a way to give insight to our non-Muslim friends behind the reasons why we are who we a...

  • The Rahma Awards 2018
    19.8K 1.2K 17

    For the first time ever. Brand new genres. Specialised competition. Chosen books. Chosen graphic designers. Chosen journalists. Chosen writers. It's your turn to compete. [COMPLETED. But hey, do check out the interviews at the end!]

  • Shakes N Bites - Muslimahs on rides
    12.2K 1.1K 28

    A book filled with exciting and fun thrilled interviews of the beautiful Muslimahs where you will find every famous authors having their own interview. A book where you have a chance to get to know more about your favorites authors.