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    "WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU" I heard vic asking me but i didn't dare to look at him , his voice itself told how incensed he was so I stayed silent "GRACE ANSWER HIS QUESTION " aaron seethed with gritted teeth and I knew he was at the end of his rope , his voice made me gulp audibly , sweat beads were forming on my forehe...

    Completed   Mature
  • Forced Love
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    He followed her as she walked out of the room, with another one of his failed attempts at getting her to forgive him and talk to him, something that he yearns for, has pictured in his mind a thousand times but never actually getting to experience it. He sighed softly and watched her walk to the kitchen as he himself p...

  • Dark Kingdom-A Mafia Romance.
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    "You can't force me! Did you hear me? i won't be FORCED! What you did with Wren is not acceptible. I can't be a part of this sickness" Winter spits angrily and tries to break his hold on her body while sadly knowing she can't even with efforts break his hold on her heart. Adam eyes turns a shade red with anger and he...

  • Obsessed Brother-in-Law
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    Alyssa Weller was a normal girl wanting a normal life, but a normal life didn't want her. ************************************* In this book I am trying my best! Progression will be slow because I don't want this to just escalate and go from 0 to 100 so quick it's over within ten chapters! I hope you enjoy this crazy...

  • Crazy And Possessive
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    Danielle is married to Xavier Knight, what she doesn't know is that he owns a whole Mafia business. When she finds out she doesn't know what to do. Does she stay with him? Or Does she leave him? •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~• " You know your mine, right? " he said. I gulp and turned my head away from him. " HUH...

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    "No, please," I begged, holding tightly on his leg. He didn't even look at me. His dark intimidating eyes were fixed on a man who was terribly bleeding. He can easily die in any second because of me. Because of mine selfishness and careless. I don't want that. I didn't want any of this. But mostly, I don't want this...

  • controlled by him
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    I wanted her so bad it hurts her big full mouth her full beautiful body I wanted her . it took me a while to realize wasn't mad at her I was lusting to touch her to feel her I waited so long my body is aching and I did what I did cause I couldn't control myself anymore I don't care if she forgive me or not all I care...

  • Pharaoh's Concubine
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    Nefetari, 20 goes to Egypt with her father who is an archeologist. She has an interest in following her father's footsteps. One day, they go under the great pyramids with other archeologists, Nefetari gets lost and finds the tomb of a pharaoh, as she touches it, she mysteriously ends up in the fourth dynasty during th...

  • RAWANI (Royal Turban)
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    Imagine growing up with a ruthless man who isn't your dad but your step dad . Imagine finding out your real dad is a king . Imagine chosing between your dad and your mum . Imagine being married to a man who hates you . Imagine facing all sorts of humiliation from your husband . Will you ever...

  • Best After Marriage
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    *NOT EDITED READ AT YOUR OWN RISK* BOOK II (OF THE BEST BEFORE MARRIAGE SERIES) Maryann yousuf was happily married to her rich spouse Othman McKinney but her live took a drastic turn when Othman took in a second wife

  • Jannat
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    " Good morning sweetheart " She got goosebumps as his voice ringed in her ear, he bent down, his face clearly seen under moonlight, a lit cigrate between his fingers, a thick smoke blown from his mouth "That's how far we both have come" He looked at her, shocked, realising how gracefully they both have destroyed t...

  • It's a Love Story
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    "I told you not to talk to him, Dammit!" Danish banged his fist over her head, as Adara rasied her chin and glared at him. "And I would listen to you because?" She spat. "If you haven't forgotten you are still in my nikkah!" "Don't worry that will change soo-" And out of anger he sealed her lips with his. ...

  • Revenge and Guilt
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    She was his according to shari'ah and law. His wife. His to touch, own and do whatever he wanted to. She was helpless and had nowhere to turn to. He wanted to punish her so badly for all that he suffered because of her and her mother. This was not how he thought he would start his married life and particularly his wed...

  • Despairing Love
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    She has ambitions, He has the powers She has dreams, He has resources A story of friendship, betrayl, revenge, remorse

  • The Magnificent Tales❤
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    This story probably contains different short stories with unique ideas.I just tried to put in the information which I've stored for a long period of time. Hope you'll like it

  • Forever & ever
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    A bunch of short stories and excerpt from my non-existing stories.

  • Mohabbat Ka Kissa (Story Of Love)
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    Jaisa kahaniyo mein hota hai Mujhe waisa ishq jeena hai (I want same love like in love stories.) A place for short stories lover❤

  • All Over Again
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    Sequel to Truly Madly Deeply. Five years later, With regained family trust, a heart of stone and an ambitious goal to become one of the top fashion designers in Pakistan, things are finally looking good for a twenty one year old Misha Yousaf. Although there are some scars one can never heal from but Misha has convince...

  • Jinn
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    The estranged depths of the deserts of Arabia was resided by a ravage spirit. The people called it the howling jinn. The nomadic Bedouins craftily avoided that part of the area. But when famine strikes Yasmin's village, her clan is helplessly forced to shift. Fortunately, they received an anonymous invitation to a nei...

  • Tears of Zubaida.
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    "Please, don't tell him." She pleaded. "I have to, it'd be better than for him to find out." "Please, inna, ba dan ni ba." Zubaida pleaded. "Ki yi hakuri, amma gaya masa yazama dole." "Na shiga uku." Zubaida said and walked into her room before she burst into silent sobs. ~~~~~~ Meet Zubaida, a teenage girl whom had...

  • Set Me Free - The Adhaan (Book I in the SMF Series) UNDERGOING MAJOR EDITING
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    Most impressive rankings: #1 in Qur'an out of 530 stories #6 in Peace out of 4.28K stories #51 in Spiritual out of 9.58K stories (22nd August, 2018) Alhamdulillah ❤ *** There are a few particular voices in this vast universe that have the power to give peace and tranquility to our disturbed hearts. To her disturbed he...

  • Her Beast His Beauty
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    "Your a beast and I can never love you!" I yelled tears storming down my face."Just shutup!" He said his voice filled with anger "I wont truth is always bitter your just to coward to hear it" I yelledand I fell down on floor as he slaped me with full force "Now I will tell you what a real beast is" ...

  • Devil (Dark And Evil) [Mafia's Hijabi Sequel]
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    "Please Eric let me go ....I beg of you !" I started begging "Aww baby girl. ....I don't like this Jazz who always cry ..I like that tigress of mine who wants to rip my hands off when we first met! " He said Wiping off my tears. .. I remain silent. .. "Now come down babe .before I do something which will be more pain...

  • Lustful Affairs
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    "Bring the girl to me......" His words had frightened me. Why would anyone in their right mind take me out of all the girls at that party. I was a just one of those girls that tried to follow a group when instead I should lead my own. The guard behind me pushed me in front of his tall frame. "Look at me now." He breat...

  • In His Trap
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    XOX👏👏💋XOX After laying his eyes on her at a nightclub, multi-billionaire, Keith Phillips will do anything to make Juliana 'Jules' Weathers his. He will do anything even as far as getting her pregnant to have the woman submit to him. Just 25 years old and a part-time PRA, Jules is not ready to be a mother, she is de...

  • Sweet Revenge
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    His eyes dark, almost that of a demon. His emotions difficult to read. He seemed as he would devour the blood out of her body. He took slow yet long strides toward Andressa, her back hit the wall, Kael put both his hands to the sides above her head, leaving her no room to escape. "Yes Meu anjo, this demon knows how t...

  • Moving On.
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    This was not supposed to happen, they were not supposed to meet. An angry young Pashtun with his ego problems was not supposed to fall for the Americanized version of a Pakistani Muhajir, hack life was not decided for love, not for him at least. He was hard headed than why his gray orbs sudden soften for the brown one...

  • Roselyn
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    He is ruthless. She is kind. He is darkness. She is his light. He is predator. She is his prey. He is the king and she is his queen. His one and only. ______________________________ Roselyn knight,a girl who is famous not only for her beauty and innocence but also her ice cold behaviour.She is the talk of her father'...

  • Love Of Arab Prince( الحب للأمير العربي)VOL 2✔
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    *UNDER EDIT* #16 on 4-March-2018 He looked right into her deep black eyes.He moved towards her smirking pinning her in between his arms. He was so mesmerized by her beauty. "Mashallah."He whispered near her lips making her shiver in fear. "S-stay away."She warned shaking in fear.Even though it was wrong she felt it wa...

  • My Little Queen
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    "You fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time." He never believed those words until he encountered his love in that unexpected situation....until., that unexpected person made him rediscover his innate qualities... He was Arrogant,Stubborn for his own good.... His love made him to deem...