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  • I Found a Girl in the Water
    608 136 3

    A short story I wrote very late at night. This entire story is dedicated to @-a-no-one- for giving me songs that inspired it. Content Warning - suicide and self-harm Cover by @soundthealarm . Completed 2016 1,900 Words

  • What The Night Hides
    306 49 3

    Mara Abaiya may be a shapeshifter by birth, but she's never learned to trust the dragon living under her skin. Instead, she's spent most of her adult life mastering a dangerous kind of psychic magic, determined to one day erase her own identity and forever destroy the beast that hides in her blood. But just weeks befo...

  • Solomon's Knot
    47 4 4

    What happens after we die? Solomon's Knot is a surreal exploration into the nuances of the afterlife, those who inhabit it, and everything in between.

  • Eladron of Chakram
    38 4 3

    The human body is designed to withstand one lifetime; and so is the mind. In a surreal hellscape where the rules of time and space blur and obscure; the human mind buckles under the burden of living thousands of lifetimes. Is it possible to retain ones sanity here? Or is it only a matter of time before one loses it? ...

  • The Seraph
    73 5 6

    "As we sin without witness, The Lord himself cannot watch over all of us with the same degree of drive and scrutiny that we commit our sins with. Even in his vast powers of divination, the unclean nature of man runs deep; intertwined with our very core of being. It is for this reason that his loyal Seraph watches us m...

  • The Rebirth
    11 2 1

    The information age is over; sharply snuffed out by nuclear warfare. In the distant future, what lessons have our legacy learnt from our mistakes?

  • Beautiful Destruction
    51 5 1

    Everyone has flaws, has imperfections. Nobody can be perfect, after all. It's funny, looking at yourself in the mirror. One day you'll love the little splattering of freckles along your nose, or the way your clothes fit just right, or the way your hair falls into perfect curls. The next day, those freckles could be...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Witch and her Familiars
    37.4K 1.9K 22

    Daphne Elder knows she isn't normal-- and she loves it. It isn't just her deep love of plants that makes her different, or her habit of adopting stray cats off the streets. Daphne is a witch, which means she's far from normal, but she can't imagine a better life. That is, until her mother is called away to fight in t...

  • Into The Woods
    87 8 1

    If you go into the woods today, you're in for a big surprise.

    Completed   Mature
  • Asymptotes
    1.3K 198 10

    Asymptote- a line that continually approaches a given curve but does not meet it at any finite distance. ~ Suddenly, I say, “This is a supernova.” “A what?” “This. Us.” “I’m still not fully comprehending how we relate to a supernova.” “A supernova is a star that suddenly increases greatly in brightness because of a c...

  • The Proteus Trilogy: Book Two: Guardian
    29.7K 2K 11

    In this sequel to Warrior, Proteus wakes up to find himself on an entirely different continent, where he may be safe for the first time. Simultaneously, Corith and Kayla investigate the Research Center to find out what exactly it is there for, and what game the Head Instructor, Gareth, is playing.

  • OMEGA; Book 1 of the Wolf Child Trilogy
    197 17 3

    "Tell me this is some kind of twisted joke." Valerie is nothing but an un-ladylike teenage girl in foster care with no knowledge of where she came from or why she was given up, until one day, she moves in with her new foster parent who she discovers has information about her seemingly impossible heritage.

  • Unlocked: A Druid's Turn
    21.7K 2K 28

    “Who we are, and the purpose that binds us, has been observed and misinterpreted by many over time. These people saw us as exotic, powerful, and dangerous. They weren’t wrong. But that’s because they could never understand where our power comes from or why we have it. So eventually we became feared and then marginaliz...

  • Clover | ✔
    460K 30.4K 18

    Evan was a shameless womanizer. Both handsome and charming, he'd never had a problem getting a girlfriend and never cared about losing one. So when he met Sascha, the simple but pretty florist, he didn't have to try too hard to get a date. Unfortunately for him, Sascha wasn't exactly his type of "girl". He still find...

  • Power Play (Book 2)
    167K 8.2K 31

    Brandon Stamp is abducted, experimented on, and given super powers. He discovers he is a pawn in a power struggle between groups who want to use him and his abilities for their own ends. His wife is missing, his friends may be dead, and he is looking for answers... whether he gets them or not, we will find out togethe...

  • U.N.E. Book Two: Precipice (ON HOLD)
    199K 7.9K 15

    Book two starts five months after the end of the first one; with Alexander struggling to return to his squadron, and Angela fighting to survive on the front lines without his amazing skills or powerful presence. With the affects of the Eden program plaguing his every living moment, a broken and battered Alexander find...

  • The Secret of Zelda
    4.5K 178 16

    While the stories are named after her, she never is the center of them, until the Hero of Time is trapped, and the world left in the hands of Ganondorf. Princess Zelda must be the hero now, while she waits for the return of Link, Hyrule falls into the hands of Ganondorf, and only she can keep him from destroying it.

  • The Proteus Trilogy: Book One: Warrior
    92.3K 6.1K 21

    A teen called 1498 is raised in a place called the Research Center. He's trained to fight, and as time goes on his skills are put through tests, each one more difficult than the last. As he progresses, he begins to wonder, what is all of this for? And why can't he get out?

  • U.N.E.
    600K 17.2K 28

    The year is 2043 and the nations of the world find themselves almost powerless against an unknown enemy known as Unknown Entities, or U.N.E.'s. The Worlds best weapon against these hideous creatures from space are the giant Mech's and their pilots who stand on the front lines and fight a never ending stream of U.N.E...

  • Power Shift (Book 1)
    584K 12.7K 22

    Brandon Stamp is abducted on his way out of a grocery store. He doesn't know who took him or why, and when he finds out what they want him for his confusion turns into terror. Frantically searching for clues to the group behind his abduction, Brandon discovers he can do things no human should be capable of. Will thes...

  • Legend of the Eleventh Slayer
    286K 11.6K 33

    'Absolute power corrupts absolutely' -William Shakespeare It is true that power can change people, mostly for the worse. History is ripe with evidence to this. But what if absolute power was given to someone who didn't want it or couldn't even control it properly? Would he lose himself in the power and change for the...