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  • Kidnapped By A Mafia Boss
    530K 14K 27

    Who have ever thought that my lovelife started when a MAFIA BOSS just kidnapped me... he kidnapped me and that's because of his own reasons and options.... of myself becoming his.....FUCKING WIFE! KASO! I dont even have any idea what to say and what to do.... Would I agree to be his wife? Or Tatanggihan ko to dahil...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Angelic Demon (Author On Hiatus)
    3.9K 167 18

    "Hell is my heaven, whoever enters shall face the devil." A galaxy named 'Acroxious'. There live Acroxians, half demon and half human. A famous university underneath Acroxious,which is 'Blood Moon University'. Junior Acroxians read, write, study and KILL in the academy. Until an innocent looking angelic girl came. She...

  • He is a Mafia Boss ✔ (PUBLISHED UNDER DREAME)
    458K 3.3K 8

    You marry me in the middle of my study?! is this kind of shit?! just kidding i marry you because i know that you are just an ordinary but what my parents told about you it was shocking that you are a mafia boss! but still you manage to save me and protect me you love me with a whole hearted and i did same, but what wi...

    Completed   Mature
  • She is a Mafia Boss ✔ (PUBLISHED UNDER DREAME)
    90.2K 541 7

    I'm going to break everything from you and i will break my own rules just to kill you, i will ripped your body into a pieces just like what happen to my mother and father! a bomb to kill them?! seriously then i will use my own hand and my sword to ripped you! just wait and see this girl you know who have a kind hearte...

  • Seducing The Mafia PRINCE (Under Editing)
    682K 12.7K 46

    "My mission is to kill you" -Trinity Dystine Sy "I'm honored to give you your scrumptious death" -Alexander Debvier De Noir

  • MINE: BE MINE OR DIE?! Choose wisely darling..
    35.4K 915 4

    Biglang nag iba ang ikot ng mundo ang dating lalakeng galit na galit at inis na inis sayo ay biglang mag kakagusto sayo.. at ang malala pa.. Pinapili ka nya.. Beetwen Pleasure and Death. Ano ang pipiliin mo.. Ang mamatay nalang kesa sa makasama mo sya.. O .. Maging kanya at malalasap mo ang pinakamasarap na mangyayar...

  • Inside a Gangster's Heart ♥ [COMPLETED]
    746K 9.4K 56

    [COMPLETED] A love story between a perfect daughter and a gangster. Will their love survive? Book 1 of 2. Started : February 16, 2013 Finished: June 28, 2013 Cover By: HiStrangerStranger

  • UNTIL TRILOGY - First Time Reader's Reaction
    130K 627 12

    I don't give a damn. I want Elijah all for myself. I want to be a fictional character! Goddammit! I'm inlove with him.. Please Read Until Trilogy Series. The author is Jonaxx. The awesome Jonaxx, lmao. But somewhat erotic? I love his books but I only read few. Please read before I ruin your excitement.

  • The new students in the campus
    19.7K 260 38

    basahin niyo na lang po.. hehehe.. ^____^

  • The Tears of Faith
    9.6M 23.6K 6

    What if you only have one chance to live... how would you spend it? This isn't a fairytale. This is my story. My tears of faith. Disclaimer: The story is written in Filipino/tagalog. ______________________ AyamiLu © Copyright 2014 All rights reserved.

  • Caught In His Arms (Published Under Pop Fiction)
    53.5M 1.3M 89

    Former title: In the Arms of Five Hot Jerks Ferell Series #1 - Dove She's like a beautiful dove, dressed in white feathers...caught by lies and secrets. Book 1 of Arms Trilogy Covers are not mine, credits to rightful owner.

  • Oh My Ghost (Completed)
    184 5 2

    May isang babaeng naulilang lubos dahil sa isang aksidente. Isang araw ng pumunta siya sa sementeryo ay nakilala niya ang isang lalaking multo. Nagustuhan niya ang multong yon kahit sa maikling panahong nagkakilala sila.

  • One Ruthless Night
    1.7M 33.2K 54

    Highest Rank #1 in pretend #1 in deception #1 in mask #1 in rage #1 in onenight #1 in onenightstand #1 in lie #5 in General Fiction Jeremy Murray hated a woman in mask for causing his brother's accident. He wanted her to suffer from his own hands. But how could he forget her when there was one ruthless night that he...

    Completed   Mature
  • [CEA]Cursed eyed angel
    181K 2.1K 12

    Be careful who you are messing up with.

  • Cold Man's Possession (Completed)
    101K 2.2K 7

    Love Possession. Tyrone Ice Flivier is known for being a very cold and authoritative guy. He's the SC President of their school and he's not afraid to punish anyone who dare break his rules. While on the other hand, Casidee Faith Villamor is known for being one hell of a stubborn girl and someone who loves creating tr...

  • Obssesion
    28.4K 471 3

    I love her more than my life and I will fvking kill them if they lay a finger on my life... So watch out I'm always here watching her from afar my one and only OBSSESION - DEVIN BRYLLE EL GRECO

  • MY PROFESSOR IS MY HUSBAND (Montenegro Series #1)
    28.6M 518K 70

    (COMPLETED) Highest Rank: #1 in Romance Category I'm Akira Sapphire Santos-Montenegro, nineteen years old, currently taking Business Administration. 3rd year na ko. Oh if it isn't obvious. I'm already married. I'm the secret wife of my obnoxious professor Thunder Rein Montenegro. Language: TAGLISH Written by: @KayeEin...

    65.2K 1.2K 17

    (UNDER CONSTRUCTION. RENOVATING. CURRENTLY ON EDITING PROCESS. DO NOT READ! Thanks! ^___^) [TAECZY/HUNZY/MILKY] "I'm a long lost brokenhearted and legendary gangster who only wants to have a simple life and a person who wants to forget everything about her past; but I think kismet is really against my side,,, Is it wr...

  • 7 Muses (COMPLETED)
    4M 19K 8

    Shivani is my name, far from ordinary teenager, my life is a mystery, obey me then you're safe, disrespect me then its WAR.. This story has full of surprises kaya kung naguluhan kayo read until the end para malinawan :) Date Started: May 31, 2014 Date Published: July 29, 2014 Date Finished: November 11...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Boyfriend Is A Half Snake
    5.2M 157K 75

    Yung nababalita noon na kalahating ahas na nakatira sa mall at nangunguha ng tao? Sabi nila isa lang siyang mythical creature na gawa-gawa, hindi totoo at kwentong barbero lang. Pero shet anak ng meant to be e bakit siya nasa harapan ko ngayon? Huhu! #MBIAHS

  • The Weird Girl Meets The Montefalcon (ON GOING )
    23.3K 324 36

    This story is about a shy girl a weird girl That changed everything when he accidentally meet the montefalcon's in their campus And ang mangyayari after niyang makilala ang isa sa montefalcon of the campus is she will be fall in love or she will be hurt Kilalanin naten sila Maureen sawyer, Khalil montefalcon at Ja...

  • My Husband is a Mafia Boss (Season 3)
    52.3M 1.1M 72

    Mikazuki convinces Bullet to meet his birth parents after being taken away by the former leader of the most powerful mafia group, Black Organization, for twenty-five years. But what if she later learns that their real families are in fact mortal enemies? Will Mikazuki dare to fight for their blossoming love--or will s...

  • You're Only Mine
    67.2K 1.6K 36

    If you're mine, you're only mine. I don't share.

  • The Angel and the Devil
    11.1K 267 10

    READ AT YOUR ON RISK. thank you. ____________________ Start: January 1,2017 End: Malayo pa~😂 (wlang Ending) I HOPE YOU WILL READ THIS!❤ THANK YOU!😘

  • My Tag Boyfriend (Season 1)
    41M 674K 63

    Anong gagawin mo kapag may na-tag kang maling tao sa status mo sa Facebook? Ang masaklap pa nito, nabasa ng buong school yung status mo. Wait, nasabi ko na bang sikat at school heartthrob yung na-tag mo? At nasabi ko na rin ba na nag-I love you ka sa kanya with matching kiss smiley pa? ⒸMaevelAnne

  • Ms. Crazy inlove with Mr. Bully (On-going)
    18.2K 1.1K 47

    PAGBABAGO: Minsan ang tao khit gaano pa sya kabait the time will come you'll see what's really on him/her or mas rude pa. Pero, the good thing sa salitang pagbabago ay yung may mga taong kahit na gaano pa kasama, they can appreciate the effort of everyone whose around them and change into a better one. **********...

  • "ImHisMaidSlashSexSlave"
    27.1K 299 10

    ... Ang Kwentong Ito Ay Tungkol Sa AFFAIR Ng Boss, At Ng Kanyang Katulong. FOR OTHER INFO: [Basahin Mo Nalang Ang Story Ko,But Be Careful Dahil This Story Is For Open-Minded Person Only,GOT IT??]

  • Devin's Obsession
    40.1K 824 6

    "You can never escape from me Samantha!!"--Devin Tyller Ferrer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~