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  • Get a Room {Klance}
    26K 1.1K 8

    Lance has finally moved away from his mothers house and into his own apartment with a roommate. These two will have to learn to get along since they will be living together, but that seems impossible. At least that is until Lance begins getting bruises and other wounds he didn't cause. Though he knew exactly what this...

  • Love (A Klance Fanfic)
    86.8K 2.1K 22

    After a near death experience Lance realizes that he might just have a small crush? A like? Maybe even love? On his so called Rival? Or Friend? (Completed BTW :D) UNDER REVISION Legit nobody asked for this but like this story has h o r r i f i c writing so I've decided to torture myself over freshmen year and fix th...

  • Love At First Klance
    50K 1.7K 6

    Klance? Bring it. (this is super kinky whoops)

  • The Beauty in You
    12.7K 685 6

    Lance is a photographer and takes brilliant photos,but something seemed missing from his photos,they feel empty.

  • Ocean Waves and Sandy Days
    47K 2.9K 42

    Keith furrowed his brows as he looked out across the desert, his foster mom, Angelica, holding one of his small hands. "You see, my love, this use to be an ocean... vast and beautiful..." "What happened to it?" Keith asked, his curiosity sparking as he looked around the sand dunes with confusion. "The ocean felt...

    Completed   Mature
  • Drummer Boy «Klance»
    71K 2.9K 9

    Lance is 100%, without a doubt, straight. He has the perfect girlfriend and has never wanted anything more. But suddenly his world is being turned upside down by the boy playing the drums at his local bar--a boy who happens to be very good looking, very gay, and very very interested in Lance. aka: Good-Boy Lance has a...

    Completed   Mature
  • partners | klance
    194K 9.5K 7

    "You will be working in pairs-" Lance's face lit up. He already turned to Hunk's desk to ask him to work with him. "-who will be chosen alphabetically." Lance froze. He's going to be working with Keith. He raised his hand to protest. A story about being paired for a school project, mutual pining and bed sharing. (thi...

  • [DISCONTINUED] Message Read // Klance
    126K 9.1K 45

    @bi_fry: space is the shit 【@bi_fry you have one new message from @spacegay!】 ❰HR: #319 in fan fiction 09/04/17❱ ©empressrice >> 2016

  • Make Me Your Home
    107K 5.4K 22

    "Oh my god, Keeeith," Lance wheezed. "Keith you're the best drunk space cadet I've ever seen." "Space cadet," Keith mumbled. He repeated the words again although his eyes had zeroed in on Lance's hands and Lance offered no resistance when Keith picked one of them up and pulled it possessively towards his lap. He beg...

    Completed   Mature
  • Welcome to our Planet
    19.4K 867 5

    Lance's and Keith's weird behaviour leaves them both confused... as usual. But the other seem to know exactly were to go and were to push. This is my first story so.... have NO mercy!!! - ABG 26/7/16

  • Nebula - Klance
    4.1K 173 5

    In a society where you can know when you meet your soulmate, Lance McClain goes on as many dates as he possibly can in hope he will find that special person. Even after realizing his date isn't his soulmate, he likes to get to know them better, ask them on a second date. So he does just that. However his second date d...

  • one shots ➫ klance
    17.9K 491 4

    Just some one shot ideas I have

  • Limerence
    27.3K 1.3K 13

    RECENTLY CHANGED COVER IMAGE (i do not own the cover image; credit to rightful owners!!) ~ Inspired by the Galra!Keith x Altean!Lance AU! Thanks for reading!

  • Lost Time
    89.6K 4K 11

    Allura held her brother close for the last time three quintants before her father shoved her into a cryopod. More focused on a poor alien prince finding out he's eons old. Dermatologists hate him.

  • .✧*。☆【Your Stars Are The Same As Mine】☆✧*。.
    2.9K 185 11

    《.✧*。☆~"When violet and blue gazed upon each other." When Keith and Lance locked eyes, the two instantly fell in love that night. But their families had been at war for generations, though now it was only a metaphor. Yes, their families hated each other, but they couldn't help falling in love. It was never meant to be...

  • Different {altean Lance•galra Keith} klance
    82.6K 2.6K 13

    Turing age 16! What a time to be alive!? Or should I say the blue and red paladinas life's change forever... ((The real Shiro is in this story)) -COVER ART CREDIT: Hachi •I don't own any of the characters, they all belong to Dreamworks Voltron• ✨Also sorry if this is bad, I don't write story's but I'm gonna try!✨ ...

  • Klance oneshots
    1.1M 45.2K 140

    Hey. This is a bunch of Klance oneshots because why not? I mean, they're adorable! They're practically canon! So yeah. Yay. Edit: okay so fair warning!!! These are (unsurprisingly) unedited and the first few stories are a little bit cringy, but that is to be expected after all. This was one of my first experiences wit...

  • Shooting Stars - Klance
    82.4K 3.1K 14

    ◄Falling in love, falling for someone► It's just an old, cliché saying. But what if it's meant literally? And nevertheless, you'd end up in an awkward situation, with a public. !!WARNINGS!!; THIS STORY HAS BEEN REWRITTEN AND HUGE ADJUSTMENTS HAVE BEEN MADE, bxb, bad grammar, soulmate au, foul language, fake boyfriend...

  • Dirty Laundry
    649K 17.8K 9

    *this story was written by Gibslythe on ao3* "Two whole months of free laundry in exchange for two weeks of being my fake boyfriend. Deal?" Keith hesitated for a moment. Was this really worth it? Hardly. Lance was an asshole, and he wasn't sure what fake dating would entail. But, free laundry was free laundry, rig...

    Completed   Mature
  • "" dare to fall ""
    330K 16.4K 44

    // Klance >> This is my first official fic and it's really bad. After being dared to fool around with Takashi Shirogane's little brother, Keith Kogane, Lance quickly learns that he has bitten off quite possibly more than he can chew. In the end, will he allow himself to fall in love or will he break the heart of someo...

  • The Bad Bad World [Klance AU] [DISCONTINUED]
    17.2K 957 7

    Keith continues his eventless college life as he goes into his second year. He had already accepted his role as just another student attending just another university, and just another citizen trying to get by in his big and bland city. However, he's about to find out how nice that kind of extreme ignorance could ha...

  • Being Awake (Klance) [Voltron WA 2017]
    194K 9.7K 10

    The Paladins of Voltron are joined by Princess Allura on a mission to retrieve an artifact on a planet that reminds the Paladins of Earth. The planet is full of traps, the biggest one being that the water, if touched, would put you into a sleep-like trance and give you vivid dreams of your truest desires. But Keith d...

  • klance
    89.8K 3.6K 17

    Voltron's Keith and Lance. Klance oneshots & headcanons. requests open! (may not do all)

  • gay // klance
    120K 4K 5

    -- - Keith's a full-fledged gay, obviously Lance is a bisexual flirt, OBViously - © klancefordays

  • Stars // klance AU
    176K 10.7K 16

    There were two things that Keith disliked the most about college: 1. His roommate's taste in music 2. Sanchez Aka. Keith and Lance become texting buddies thinking they have never met but they do in fact know each other and dislike each other with the passion of a thousand stars. This story was originally poste...

  • Young God ➫ klance
    27.8K 1.3K 9

    "So he never comes out of his castle?" "Never, don't ever go near him okay?" --------------- Lance is a king of a small town, he's always in his castle and never goes out. Keith moves into the town and notices that Lance never comes out. He asks why Lance never comes out and everyone says he's a monster and dangerous...

  • Ardor | Klance [COMPLETED]
    202K 11.7K 38

    /'ärdər/ 🔉 [Informal] (n.) A flame, a fire, a burn of heat. Unfortunately, no matter how much Pidge teases them about it, it seems as though Klance will never, ever be canon. Or, maybe it will. It's complicated.