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  • Paper Hearts
    1.4M 21.4K 14

    Four weeks. That's all the time Victoria Hemmings has to fall in love. Or, at least, find someone who's willing to play pretend. When a girl on a mission collides with a boy desperate for a date, things seem to be looking up. But when lies and fake kisses reveal the truth that, despite everything, there's an unmistak...

  • The Idiots Guide To Insomnia
    456K 23.6K 36

    One girl. One boy. Two insomniacs. ( rose awards short story winner ) ****DISCLAIMER THIS BOOK IS VERY CLICHE AND IT WAS WRITTEN ENTIRELY ON MY IPHONE 7 SO DON'T COME FOR ME

  • Thrift Store
    4.6K 434 7

    « THRIFT STORE (noun) a store selling second hand clothes and other household goods, typically to raise funds for a charitable institution. « When 20-year-old Sophia Blanch accidentally sends an uncensored rant about her boss to all her contacts, she finds herself without a job in the middle of her sophomore year of...

  • Afire Love #OnceUponNow
    12.6K 1K 1

    He was in pain. I helped him break the curse. A modern twist on Beauty and the Beast.

  • Watermelon Seeds
    669 82 11

    I should have listened to my mother.

  • The Things Our Parents Left Us
    360K 9.6K 25

    Ramona "Mona" Gray only wanted to catch a big fish. Instead she caught a boy the same height as herself. Adam Fink was trying to catch a girl to take home to his grandpa that only wanted him to fall in love... With anyone, he didn't care as long as Adam was happy like his parents had been when they had met. Ramona did...

  • The Girl He Left Behind (BOOK 3 ONGOING) ✓
    29.8M 1.1M 78

    Stacey Williams had always loved Axel Teller. But he had paid her no mind. She wanted more than the meaningless flings they had. She wanted her love to be returned. She wanted to be loved back. She did everything to get his attention. She had one-night stands with countless boys - throwing away...