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  • FS/TS/SS Book= Your Story In My Way! (Open For Requests)
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    In This Book I'll Be Writing FS/TS On All The Couples....

  • The Fiction Awards 2018
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    The Fiction Awards are back for a third year in a row! All writers. All languages. Let the competition begin.

  • Obsession[Completed]
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    #160 in short story #76 in mystery/thriller ********** #obsession is the state of being obsessed with someone or somethings __________________________________ Kiara Mehera,19 years old, 1st year student... one an only daughter of no 1 business man Mr. Ashok stubborn and gets everything she want.. Her...

  • FOREVER [Completed]
    13.2K 1.1K 61

    #37 in general fiction #340 in romance ********* A Rich Play boy Rishi Malhotra and A naive girl Anshikha Khanna.. what's make them together.. let's come to know their destiny makes them together...

  • MY SIMPLE COVER SHOP [ Closed ] ✔
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    Status : closed Since October 14 , 2017 to February 15 , 2018 [Highest Rankings]👏 #49 in Random on 13/2/18 #42 in Random on 11/2/18 #46 in Random on 9/2/18 #66 in Random on 8/2/18 #53 in random on 1/2/18 #55 in random on 22/1/18 #42 in random on 12 jan #51 in random on 9/1/18 #54 in random on 8/1/18 #57 in random on...

  • Close .. Yet So Far
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    Distance between lovers

  • Complicated Love
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    Love can be the perfect potion but it can also be the perfect poison. With love come doubts and many other complications that is stopping us from reaching our destination and that is pure happiness. Love is love ,how you see it and how you react to it differs, it can be the beautiful thing you experienced or rather a...

  • (✅)Poetry To Thoughts
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    Random poems from different thoughts of characters from my stories.

  • Mermaids And The Vampires Who Love Them
    12.7M 523K 38

    Everyone knows mermaids and vampires can't date. But when a mermaid ends up at a boarding school with a smoking hot vampire for a roommate, will love take a bite? ***** Just before her senior year of high school, mermaid Waverly Fishwater learns s...

  • Love is not a Game(DREAME) (COMPLETED) ✔
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    Highest Rank: #1 in chicklit This book was taken down. The new fully edited and revised version is available on "Dreame". You can find the link on my profile. For him, Love is a Game; Marriage is fun. He is a playboy to the world. For her love is something pure which makes two hearts meet and marriage is a bonding...

  • Billionaire's Heart (CIL series Book 1)
    1.3M 50.6K 55

    [COMPLETED] #1 in Romedy hot list. #6 in Romance Hot list "Laksh!! I will not marry you....because now....I don't love you anymore!!" Neetu said to laksh and leaves his office crying. "What?" this was Laksh reaction when his soon to be wife trespassed to his office's board of director's meeting and announced her brea...

  • Not A Damsel in Distress
    1.9M 2K 4

    Previously titled as Arrogant's Smart Wife. ..... Abandoned on the next day of Marriage, Kavya is forced to live a life full of struggles and hardship. Yet she remains determined to survive while securing her family's reputation and sister's future. Many secrets are disclosed in the process and she is left further hea...

  • Yours to revenge
    197K 10.2K 40

    Highest Ranking: #8 in General fiction on 05/06/2017 "When you begin a journey of revenge, start by digging two graves: one for your enemy, and one for yourself." - Jodi Picoult _____________________________ She is not here neither her things .Taking long steps at a time I thoroughly checked, all the rooms in...

  • My untold love (Complete)- Under Re-Edition.
    155K 6.3K 29

    I was a stupid... thinking he loves me... never he did and never he will do it... i thought his friendship, his care, his talks as love... i was stupid... thank god i found it before i would say it... i am leaving him once and for all as i dont want to be a burden or interference in his life... i am leaving him once a...

  • Can't u love your husband?? {Sample Only}
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    Don't I deserve happiness, happiness of seeing my wife welcoming me with a smile when I reach home exhausted from office work happiness of seeing her blush and smile, when I praise her cooking skills happiness of seeing her laugh when i say something funny happiness of having a wife with whom I can share every...

  • Misconceptions ✔
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    Highest ranking: #7 in General Fiction; #7 in politics. •2nd place category winner of The Stellar Awards, 2018. •1st place winner of Wonders Writing Contest, 2017 "People's Choice Awards." •3rd place winner of Wonders Writing Contest, 2017 "My Choice Awards." ~~~~~ Arjun Mehra is a passionate businessman who has an un...

  • Be mine {Completed}✔
    2.4M 106K 32

    Stay in your limits. Don't think that I don't know anything. I cannot forget what you and your mother did to me and with my sister. Be there where you are." He said and I held the wall to stop myself from falling. "One more thing,never again do it. Never touch my things again."He said and a tear escaped from my eyes t...

  • The Unwanted Proposal
    977K 35.9K 53

    (Highest rank #3 in romance on 15/02/2017, #5 in romance on 13/11/16) Note: the story is unedited and you might find many mistakes. Avni is a beautiful independent lady of 25 whose life is almost perfect. But soon that is going to change when under certain circumstances she is bound to marry Aditya, her father's best...