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  • Boarding School Secrets: A SuperWhoLock AU
    558K 14K 48

    Set in an alternate universe where all the characters go to a boarding school in Alabama for a year and become friends. Well not all is sunshine and rainbows here at the school and the students need to unravel a web of secrets, lies, and murder before it's too late. Half crack, a bit OOC at some parts but hey, it's an...

  • All Your Fates (Currently editing/updating)
    1.2M 12.2K 77

    They say in life there are no second chances. But what if you had blown it with the girl of your dreams? What would you do knowing that she was out there, in other realities, realities you hadn't screwed up? That kind of thing could really mess you up... and it could make you do "some crazy." Down-on-his-luck David Bl...

  • Red Leather (Book 2)
    2.9M 75.2K 39

    Renee Griffin is gorgeous, loveable, undeniably popular, and has an uncanny ability of getting everything she wants. She is a cunning seductress, a loving daughter, a prima donna, and a cold-blooded murderer. This is not a story for the faint hearted. This is the story of a 21st Century psychopath. "'You've killed,' h...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Ranger's Apprentice for life. (A Ranger's Apprentice FanFic) Book 1 *Redoing*
    29.5K 683 34

    Keira, a girl growing up in the Redmont fief, has always longed to be a Ranger's Apprentice. When she overhears a rumor that the local Ranger is in need of an Apprentice, Keira tells the Baron what she wants. After a long struggle, the Ranger steps in and decides to accept her, more out of pity than want or need . Gr...

  • City of time
    21 3 1

    Cherry and her friends used to live in a peaceful society where all benders lived in harmony and peace until a war broke the elements into various cities. Most cities could not function by themselves and were plunged into complete chaos. Since their parents deaths in the war all the girls struggle to survive in their...