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  • I Remember
    496 17 6

    Chris LaSalle was caught in between a rock and a hard place. His team mate Tammy Gregorio was really worried about him and reached out to two people that she knew who loved him - Duane Pride and Sonja Percy. Who knows where this story will end.

  • She's Gone (NCIS New Orleans)
    132 5 1

    So many fans wanted Christopher LaSalle and Sonja Percy to become a couple. With our hopes dashed, one can only dream how their last interaction would happen.

    Completed   Mature
  • Destiny Drew Us Together
    1.7K 34 9

    This is a continuation of the persalle love story, 'My Heart is Singing', of NCIS New Orleans Agents Sonja Percy and Christopher LaSalle. Several of the characters and historic information from NCIS New Orleans are woven into this story for continuity to which CBS owns the rights. CBS does not buy stories from anyon...

  • My Heart is Singing
    1.5K 20 4

    A PerSalle Story telling how Christopher LaSalle and Sonja Percy got together after stopping Mayor Hamilton from flooding Clearwater. (End of Season 3).

  • New Orleans Nights: N.C.I.S. Edition
    738 19 4

    LaSalle and Percy go undercover as an engaged couple in order to fish out a rogue Navy Seal who turned on his Country.

  • PerSalle Story: Persalle Love
    809 7 3

    Me and @PersalleForever01 are writing this together and I hope y'all enjoy it and some chapters may be listed some songs

  • PerSalle Story:Fly On The Wall
    505 8 4

    Fly on the Wall: Percy and Brody and Tammy we are taking at the bar about girl stuff, PS. Each Part will be a name of a song, (Gotta to read the story to figure out what going to happened)

  • Serious Snafu
    3.4K 94 12

    What if Chris LaSalle and Sonja Percy started a romantic relationship after the Second line episode of NCIS:New Orleans (2,20)? It might look a little like this... Disclaimer: I don't own these photos or the rights to these stories. They belong to the producers and CBS and other powers that be.

    Completed   Mature
  • PerSalle Story
    2.2K 16 6

    Lasalle Go to ATF to get Percy to join NCIS

  • PerSalle
    349 3 1

  • PerSalle Story: On The Way To The Alter
    1.3K 9 7

    PerSalle getting married 👰