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  • My Man of the Wild
    950K 26.1K 30

    Highest Ranking- 69 on 6/13/17 (Unedited) Georgia was a 23-year-old librarian, who hadn't had sex in two years. Her nomadic roommate, Dan, brings home a grown man that grew up with monkeys. Immediately several emotions attack her. Fear. Confusion. Lust. Georgia ends up having to teach him, and try to find his relat...

  • Descent ↠ Nick Sorrentino (1)
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    "She's powerful and fierce but she's also impulsive. She makes mistakes and if anyone makes the wrong move - she'll destroy everything and everyone." [SEASON 1] [BOOK ONE OF THREE] [BOOK ONE OF THE ELLIE DANVERS SERIES]

    Completed   Mature