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  • stars ♧ min yoongi semi-au [ UNDER EDITING ]
    907 47 33

    ♧ bangtan series #1 ♧ "at least, we're under the same stars," everyone who is a fan of dreamcatchers, a world-famous girl group, knew na may gusto si charlene, one of the members, kay yoongi mendez ng bangtan. but when she officially got over him, fate made it that way na nagkagusto naman si yoongi kay charlene. but...

  • ethereal ♧ kim taehyung au
    721 35 33

    ♧ bangtan series #2 ♧ ethereal /adj/ : something that seems out of this world. she thought he was out of this world, he thought she was out of this world. she likes him, he likes her. pero ni isa sa kanila ay wala man lang magawang pag-amin dahil sa insekyuridad. hindi ko siya deserve, he is too amazing for me. yan...

  • heartstrings ♧ park jimin au
    800 36 34

    ♧ bangtan series #3 ♧ "i used to like only two girls, my mom and charlene. but then you came along and strummed all of my heartstrings," jimin martinez has been known around the world as that princely member ng bangtan. kahit na presensya lang niya, kikiligin ka na. kaso, he has only loved one girl in his life, his be...

  • fake love ♧ kim seokjin au
    1K 16 33

    ♧ bangtan series #4 ♧ "when she told me we should stir up fake love to mess with the reporters, i thought it was fun. until i got sick of this fake love, because the strings started to get attached," hanjin lee is the nation's crown princess, always the perfect girl na gusto ng mga tao. para sa mga tao, she was the ep...

  • euphoria ♧ jeon jungkook au
    848 2 33

    ♧ bangtan series #5 ♧ "you are the cause of my euphoria," chloe chen, maknae of the girlgroup starlight, has been called the golden maknae of the girl group ever since their debut. possessing exceptional talents, it was sure that many members of boygroups would chase after her, but she wouldn't pay attention to anyone...

  • anonymous ♧ kim namjoon au
    1.1K 23 33

    ♧ bangtan series #6 ♧ "i fucking fell in love with an anonymous, yet i don't regret it one bit," chienne kim is a college student, studying law to be exact. despite being at a young age, the girl managed to get into law school, even competing against the wisest students there. pero isang bagay na hindi kilala ng mga t...

  • waste it on me ♧ jung hoseok
    595 30 33

    ♧ bangtan series #7 ♧ "so if love is nothing more than just a waste of your time, waste it on me," sunny park probably is one of the happiest girl out there kung nakikilala mo siya. her smile can brighten up your day, and she doesn't like it when people are sad. going by the name sunny, she sure is a ray of sunshine. ...