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  • Merthur - Love in the Time of War
    217K 11.7K 31

    Credit for the amazing cover goes to EdamameBean on Wattpad! Merthur AU (Still set in the same time period) After the Great Purge, led by Uther Pendragon, magic has become outlawed in the Kingdom of Camelot. The kingdom thrives quietly for a few years, none disturbing the silence. Meanwhile, a betrayed Balinor is see...

  • The Indigo wolf
    52.1K 1.6K 13

    When Arthur finds out about Merlins magic during a bandit attack, Arthur banishes him from Camelot. After that, Merlin has no home to go to. For a while, he travels and lives in caves. He barely gets anything to eat. Then he stumbles on an old castle. In the castle there is the recipe for a potion to turn into a wolf...