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  • Kırık (One-Shot)
    297 31 1

    Bir Grell X William hikayesidir.Hikayenin tam olarak bir başlangıcı ve sonu yoktur.

  • Language // Stony Texting
    79.1K 7.3K 25

    "imsteverogers: Edepsiz." "imsteverogers: Diline dikkat et." "kingoftheworld: Farkında mısın tüm konuşmalarımız senin bana terbiye vermenle geçiyor." For u: @herawithmia Başlangıç: 13.05.2016 20.00 Bitiş: 14.05.2016 20.38 BU HİKAYE EN ÇABUK BİTEN HİKAYE OLARAK REKORLAR KİTABINA GİRMİŞTİR! SAATTE 3727378228 BÖLÜM ATILI...

  • Young And Beautiful // Dramione // One Shout
    1.2K 107 1

    "Beni hala seveceğin zaman genç ve güzel olamam, Draco. Beni hala seveceğin zaman acı çeken ruhumdan başka bir şey olmayacak. Her şeye rağmen seveceksin, biliyorum." /One Shout/ For u: @KeepCalumHood

  • Sorular (LGBTI+)
    96.4K 8.9K 200

    LGBTI+ ile ilgili sorular

  • A Little Death
    1.3K 126 2

    "On beştim, genç Tanrı oldum." [one-shot]

  • Direct Message | A.N.F. M.A.M.
    331 56 6

    11/ Translation / @halseniesbabe -Flörtleşiyor musun Melanie? Görüldü

  • pills ✧ tronnor
    386K 19.2K 28

    When Troye is admitted to a psychiatric ward following a suicide attempt, the only thing he wants is to get discharged as soon as possible. The last thing he expects to find is a friend, let alone anything more. If there's one thing he learns, it's to never judge a book by it's cover. And to never take life too seriou...

  • Colors// Melanie Martinez and Halsey
    919 49 1

    Everything is blue; her pills her hands her jeans and now I'm covered in the colors, pulled apart at the seems

  • (Alois x Reader) Safe and Sound, A song Fic
    120K 3.7K 24

    Reader x Alois Trancy Black Butler Kuroshitsuji You and Alois are engaged! Happy! To the song Safe and sound by Taylor swift. PREQUEL TO ONLY JUST A DREAM(ALOISxREADERxCIEL) If you are reading this comment: Insanity The first person to do so will be featured in my story

  • Buterflies and Flowers( An Alois x Reader )
    114K 4.3K 23

    You are a dear freind of Ciel Phantomhive, you dont know about his demon butler, nor of a handsome devil named Alois Trancy! ;P There is a R18 scene, so you have been warned. ^~^ »--€NJ0¥---> ___❤~*Krysta-Vargas*~❤___

    Completed   Mature
  • Ciel X Reader (Black Butler)
    2.4M 73.5K 32

    Why would someone so rich, run away from their perfect home? To get away... To get away from all the stupid people and comments they made. She ran away to get away from all that and came here, bumping into me and surprising me. Who is she and why is she so important to me? -Ciel Phantomhive I do not own Black Butler

  • Zodiac signs as the black butler characters
    40.4K 1.1K 5

    hope u enjoy!!!!! \{^-^}/

  • Happy Halloween! (Cielois [CielxAlois], Black Butler, Yaoi)
    7.1K 339 5

    It's almost Halloween and Ciel Phantomhive and friends are invited to his enemies party. Forced into going, the grumpy bluenette does his best to avoid Alois until after the party, but that might be harder than expected.

    Completed   Mature
  • Ciel x Alouis ( black butler yaoi)
    22.9K 615 15

    Warning boyxboy, if you don't like don't read. Disclaimer I do not own any of the characters.

  • LxLight
    102K 2.1K 7

    Sorry you guys =_=

  • Hold Me Now- Kaneki x Hide (HideKane)
    51.6K 2.3K 7

    Somberly accepting the fact that his love would go unreturned, Kaneki attempted to CONVINCE himself that he was in love with Rize. She has hair that appears to be silky… Just like Hide’s. Her eyes seem to hold a storm of emotion within them… Just like Hide’s. She smiles at the most simple of things…. Just like Hi...

  • Kaneki X Hide (A Smol Collection Of Fluff/Smut)
    37.1K 932 8

    Kaneki and Hide's qyoot lovey-dovey relationship, some gay cuddling, lots of ass, a small amount of a certain rinkaku kagune (tentacles), add some coffee and love, then boom. You have this shit. İtadakimasu. Also I'm always hyped for your ideas.

  • Wonderland (Kaneki x Touka)
    26.5K 540 16

    Touka knew she loved Kaneki. She knew that she was prepared to die for him. She knew he was stronger than her; but strong people needed help too. Touka knew she was in love with Kaneki - but she didn't want to jeopardise his mission with Aogiri. She didn't want to be the reason he failed. He came to her rescue; over...

    Completed   Mature
  • Not a Ghoul [Kaneki Ken x Reader]
    311K 10.6K 19

    [Tokyo Ghoul Fanfic] [Kaneki Ken x Reader] You passed the scene of the crime and followed the man who got injured. His life was saved from your report, but you found out his dark secret that made you love him more. Story cover by @baekhyunn

  • How cute (kaneki X reader) [UNEDITED]
    229K 6.2K 5

    You start hanging out with kaneki a lot,but he always acts different around you Knowing that he's a ghoul (you are too) you two always go together when you go to Agoiri Are you ready for what kaneki prepares to tell you? EDITED: I've finished this book,the first couple chapters are old and terrible! And at some poin...

  • Twisted Sanity (Juuzou Suzuya x Reader)
    461K 18.3K 120

    Twisted. Sanity. You don't remember your past. Your family? It doesn't exist. Feelings? Well what are feelings? Broken. You are broken. Twisted to the point of no return, far from being okay. "Maybe you're not the only one out there who feels this way." - Maybe your soulmate is just an inch away from you. !!Warning...

    Completed   Mature
  • Save Me | Juuzou Suzuya
    105K 5.2K 15

    Miyako Sumisu is a well respected ghoul. Known as the Shadow Eagle, she is highly ranked; but lives a life of solitude. Suddenly an ASC Ghoul Investigator, Juuzou Suzuya, crosses her path. Little do either of them know what happens next. Juuzou Suzuya Fan Fiction