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  • Texting Joonie. || Text 2 || ✔
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    Kim Namjoon texts you thinking you are someone else.. ©chimchimicorn

  • namjoon's cards ↠ k.nj° [cmp]
    64K 5K 19

    in which namjoon sends cards with letters to his 7,000 miles away ex-girlfriend ❝- all these things are the words i should've said.❞

  • strings | namjoon
    51.1K 2.8K 11

    "how hard is it to find a damn cello player?"

  • notes ; namjoon
    118K 6K 45

    ill preserve you in the tattered pages of this journal. book one of the heartbreak series.

  • through the screen - kim namjoon
    471K 21.3K 51

    pinkboii: hi! (: minni94: who is this?? pinkboii: ur new obsession minni94: im blocking you, white boy. [ started october 18th, 2015 ] [ ended april 2nd, 2016 ]

  • pretty | namjoon
    1.5M 82.3K 20

    "you certainly do make me feel pretty." (TRIGGER WARNING - eating disorder, self-harm.)

  • monster | namjoon
    650K 41.6K 20

    i'm sorry, for hurting you. i love you, even if you don't. forgive me, for being a monster.

  • Psycho Boyfriend 1✔ (RM BTS) [Completed]
    1.7M 83.5K 62

    The last five chapters are private so you have to follow me to read those private chapters Highest ranking - 3 April 2017 - #26 in fanfiction 24 April 2017 - #28 in fanfiction Psycho Boyfriend Trilogy This is the first book. Psycho Boyfriend 1 (RM BTS) Psycho Boyfriend 2 (JHope BTS) Psycho Boyfriend 3 (Suga BTS) ❤❤❤❤...

  • Kakaotalk | Kim Namjoon [BTS]
    1.2M 74K 50

    in which namjoon decides to anonymously message a fangirl. © minoficent 2016 [pretty much a bts crack fic]

  • Mine || Namjoon BTS
    20.2K 838 6

    Every year was like a story. Written with love and care but little did I know the end of this book wasn't what I was expecting. Here's my story.

  • Anon [K.NJ]
    112K 4.9K 58

    In which Kim Namjoon anonymously messages a girl on tumblr (started: May 29th, 2016) (completed: June 25th, 2016) {there's like 3847358 fics like this but IDGAF}