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  • Ms Sharma And Mr Grey.✅
    654K 30K 78

    This amazing cover of the book is done by @TrendCazie. Thank you so much!!❤️❤️ Smriti Sharma- She is a 25 year old agent in Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) India. She is assigned a covert operation in New York to neutralise the terrorists attack in India which are being planned there. Not even her parents are aware...

  • His Rogue Luna
    5.7M 201K 76

    Artemis was content living alone. She was practically raised by the forest and was happy with being a rogue. However, an encounter with one of the most ruthless packs and their alpha shakes her and leaves her questioning her identity and purpose in life. ............... "Remember who you're talking to, Mate," he grow...

  • Queen of my heart (on Hold)
    331K 22.7K 73

    ✔️First place in People's choice awards 2020 in general fiction category❤💕💝 ✔️First place in Rainbow awards 2020 in humour category❤💕💝 ✔️Third place in Wattpad selenic lights awards in general fiction category❤💕💝 ✔️ First place in Swan book awards 2020 in humour category❤💕💝 Highest rankings 🏅🏅🏅on 12/8/202...

  • Open Case File
    2.5M 150K 119

    Though the last chapter is read that doesn't mean the story is over. One shots for A Secret Service including Prom, Wedding, Missions and so much much more! Mainly cause you kept asking for them and I have a bad habit of listening. 🙄You control me and it's not even funny 🤦🏽♀️. Enjoy! 😄 *struts about* #35 in Tee...

  • Mate Hater
    212K 7.3K 33

    [Previously titled The One They Call Runt] [This book is currently going through some major edits] Nina is no stranger to the horror stories that circle around her pack. Those stories all have one common element, a mate. She swore to herself that no matter what she was never going to give into the fairy-tale story of...

  • His Lover, My Mate
    1M 43K 49

    "He may have your heart, but love, your soul belongs to me," he whispered in her ear, his voice dangerously low. "And if I hear his name on your lips again, you'll end up screaming mine for the rest of the night." Alpha Rush of the Night Pack is a male of many lovers and endless pleasure. Nothing can tame him, his unr...

  • The Elf and Her Dragon Mate
    285K 14.3K 28

    *CURRENTLY ON HOLD! HEAVY EDITING IN PROGRESS!* Cover made by @deandra_15! Lady Lillyanna- nearly 1300 years old and a skilled magical elf, she is a powerful force to be reckoned with. But when a strange poisoning threatens to kill her, she must find her mate to heal her before time runs out. Jameson Aldregresh- a lon...

  • She Belongs To The King | ✓
    29.7M 962K 48

    "She's hot." "Yeah, I know. I'm kinda jealous..." "I'm gonna ask her out." "Are you crazy? You're asking for a death wish." "What's so wrong with me asking her out?" "Everything! You just can't." "Why!?" "Because she belongs to the king." - Mia White was just an ordinary girl that walked the face of earth. She was who...

  • Resisting My Mate (Book 2 of the Complicated Mates series) Editing
    1.2M 19.6K 19

    Arianna is the daughter of Devin and Samantha Striker. Her parents had a rough mating, and her father cheated on her mother for a good part of it. Though things worked out for them and they're now happily married, it distorted Arianna's view of mates, so much so that she's determined not to have a mate, doesn't want o...

  • Steal my Heart.
    7.2M 236K 90

    [Previously known as Always.] Gracie Hyde is eighteen and hasn't been in a single relationship. She wants a taste of the drug called love and wants to belong to someone without losing herself. Alastair Kerr is tired of being with new girls every other day and wants to find the one special girl who'll be his forever...

  • The King's Claim
    326K 7.3K 33

    The claim of a king overrules everything. Except the heart. . "He's untouchable and there's a reason for that." "Why?" I press on, the lady gives me a scrutinizing look. "You ask too many questions." "And you don't give enough answers." I reply, sick of her word games. She huffs, placing her book down on her desk. "L...

  • Luna
    263K 10.3K 34

    Not thinking twice, I ran to Josh and pulled his head into my lap. Taking the silver, I began to burn the venom from his cuts as I cried. He didn't respond, not a cry or a scream, nothing. My heart ached, he was dying. His heart beat once more and then stopped. Everyone in the clearing froze, waiting for the next beat...

  • Enemy Queen [2]
    830K 40.5K 28

    "Give it up already. Nobody wants you. Go back, then I can go off on my own again." Troy told me without feeling. He looked at me like I was an unwanted stranger. I then realized my true feelings. I would always come back to him. "Do you. . . really not want me here?" My voice was competing with the wind and it sounde...

  • A Luna's Destiny
    361K 12K 35

    Blaze knight has been a rogue for 10 years now. She had a horrid past with her old Pack, the Red-moon pack, she's 18 now and back on her feet. One day she finds something she never knew she would have found.... A mate.... What will she do ? Will she stay a lone wolf for the fear of her past repeating ? Or will she go...

  • Enforcing Boundaries (Book 1)
    9.2M 49K 7

    The wolves were never the most frightening thing in Margo's world. No, the most frightening thing had to be the people under the wolves' fur. Because it wasn't wild wolves who killed her parents, it was the wolf shifters who decided to turn her entire life upside down. And it wasn't wolves that declared war against h...

    112K 3.4K 18

    I can't believe this. I just sat there wide eyed looking at the man in front of me. This can't be. I taught. " we meet again daydria." He said in a husky voice sending shivers down my spin. I was still frozen, why me I taught to myself my heart going crazy. "" I stuttered. I am so not getting this job I gr...

  • Prince with Benefits
    107M 438K 11

    After a bad break up, Emily moves across the world to find herself. Getting involved in a relationship is the last thing she wants, but that changes when she meets a handsome stranger, who's perfect in every way, except one thing: he's the Prince of England. Prince with Benefits is a contemporary fairy tale filled wit...

  • Catch Me
    30.3M 785K 30

    After overcoming a traumatic heartbreak as a teenager, Chloe struggled to grow up and establish her career, but after years of work, her life finally feels like it's back on track. That is, until her ex-boyfriend, Iñigo, shows back up in her life. *...

  • BLSC #8 : Her Black Knight
    2.1M 86.8K 34

    BLSC #8 Marco Hastington Cruel and cold, that's Marco Hastington in public's eyes. He's a straight foward person to begin with. He loves his work and has no time to care about anyone else. Until one day, he bumped into a girl who got a gun in her body. Her blue eyes already targeting someone and that's where he starte...

  • Silence Breaking
    29.8M 1.8M 50

    Family - the most important thing in the world, right? If it's your own, maybe. But if it's the family of the incredibly powerful, incredibly alluring businessman with whom you've been conducting a secret office affair, and they don't yet know about the affair, things are a little bit different. Life is about to get r...

  • The Fall Line
    66.1K 2.8K 42

    Chloe Mercer has the spirits and body of a toddler. Her mate is the complete opposite, soon to be Alpha, Gavin Taylor. They're not perfect, but they fit just right. On the hilarious, sad and bumpy ride they're led through life with happiness, and tragedy. #101 in Werewolf 5.10.17 BEGINNING of the plot inspired by Bobb...

  • Little Miss in Denial
    78.4K 2.3K 34

    "be mine" he spoke softly, I want to give in but I cant risk the hurt. I just mended my heart and screwed every piece back together. I can't afford another heart break. "im sorry Xavier I cant im-im not ready" he lets out a sigh and slowly puts me down. "Savannah you've had over 2 years you are ready and I know you w...

  • The Emancipation of Tune | Volume 1 | [Completed]
    160K 7.7K 125

    [COMPLETED] Two souls caged by their hearts and minds. One key will make them free. It only takes one kiss for someone to feel something. For Caralei? It's a nightmare. Two best friends became strangers as one wanted more between the two of them. As they separated ways in college, they haven't dealt with their inciden...

  • A Werewolf's Heart
    249K 7.7K 40

    Dani is a girl with crazy antics, and who has a problem with authority. She normally avoids players, and girls who sleep around(mainly because she likes to keep her lunch in her stomach, and certain people really make her want to puke).With her sass, she finds trouble wherever she goes, and has to get the last word in...

  • Menacingly✔️
    21.4M 733K 50

    "Your problem is that your heart is too big, it leaves you vulnerable and makes you weak." He spoke in such certainty that it brought tears to my eyes, because it was the truth. I was vulnerable and delicate, I was weak and let my guard down too much. "You put your heart on your sleeve. You are oblivious to evil and p...

  • Blackmailing Aria [Book 1 of the Stavros Series]
    4.7M 101K 14

    After four years and her first heartbreak, Aria never wanted to see the man she remembers as Xander ever again. But after a mix-up in hotel rooms, Aria runs into him, and he's not who she thought he was. Billionaire, Alexander Stavros has only ever been in love once. It was with a young, wild, carefree girl who capt...

    13.6M 450K 51

    When you live in a world where your financial status determines the outcome for your life, fear is all one knows. Scarlett Madison, a young werewolf, faces life in the sectors because of her family's poverty. With no hope at advancing into a high-status pack, Scarlett makes one mistake that takes her down an unc...

  • Going Up | ✓
    507K 14.2K 31

    [Warning: I was 16 and had so much to learn when writing this] A one night stand gone wrong. Poppy Adams never spent more than one night with a man, but Ivan Garth just can't seem to get her out of his head, and she can't quite find it in herself to walk away from him, regardless of what is at stake. But when secrets...

  • Damien
    40.6M 1.4M 89

    Damien Stryker is a ruthless billionaire, but when Serena Mclane is forced to marry him, she hopes to find the mercy behind his cold eyes and strong hands. ***** Damien Stryker, a domineering billionaire, is someone you don't want to get close to. U...

  • Married To Him ✔
    1.4M 56K 70

    It's time to fall for cocky, charming, and handsome Billionaire! Or is it? Anyways, life gives you what you never expected out of it in the mess where you barely exist, not live. It's a paradox that thrills you, shock you and so I got this part perfectly when I crashed into someone who walked past me and didn't give m...