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  • Manna Dark FF: U are only "Marked" by me
    155K 5.8K 26

    These is a dark story...And different from any other...Manik Malhorta is a the Army officer..and Nandini is cute and bubbly girl..Here Manik character is a dark...So let's go... I hope apko pasand ayein Manik in Rude Army officer Avatar...

  • One 'Hidden Secret' in the Palace
    562K 37.6K 119

    It's a Dark story. The famous Rockstar and one commoner. He is belongs to the Royal family aka Rajgharana. And one is just a servant in his Palace. The story is about there relationship and his possesiveness for her. Royal secrets hunts this Palace, A story of love,secrets and pasts-Filled with the twist and turns ar...

  • Finding You Again( Sequel To IFY)
    161K 16.1K 28

    She was shattered, she was alone, she was naive, she was pure. One day he came back and took her in his dream world. They were happy, they were complete. Forgot their miseries, they forgot one devil. Then one day she lost him. Every thing changed in their lives. When he forgot her. She made his memories only ca...

  • Justice or Destiny
    210K 19K 42

    "Let go of me...!" she said struggling in his painful grip at her wrists, he pinned at her back. "Then stay away from me...!" he said through his greeted teeth. "I don't want to even breath in the same air where you breathing Mr self obsessed malhotra...!" she spat back with boiling words. "You are a murderer...!"...

  • School Love ❤️ (completed)
    10.6K 701 6

    Manan life in school with lots of fun pranks n mastii

    55.2K 4.5K 25

    manik is a professor as usual andnanini fall for him to know how read the story

  • When Nerdy meets Naughty
    62.7K 8.7K 24

    a teenage love story now who is nerdy n who is naughty read n find out teenage a time where we go through infatuation n through true love too what they both will experience peep in beheno

  • Manan FF Didn't I Say He was Mine...✔
    312K 22.5K 59

    Ranked #1# in Nandini #1# in Manan #3# in Fab5 hey sweeties..... i am back....... here's my new story... it's about our very own manan again.... it's gonna be a tad bit possessive and controlling... please support me... _____________ Manik Malhotra can be described as a man with a broken heart, but his life turns upsi...

  • Forever Yours Dark FF✅
    256K 15.9K 55

    Manik Malhotra and Nandini Singhaniaa..... theirs parents were best friends. Manik Nandini were Tom and Jerry. Will love bloom between them?

    Completed   Mature
  • No boundaries ✅
    16.6K 1.2K 5

    Does love depend on society?? Will the society accept it if you love someone elder than you?

  • Manan ff:- love ,Sacrifice or support
    70.1K 4.4K 13

    This is another manan ff story This story starts After soha's Incident Nandini tells that she don't know Manik is culprit or not as she was unconscious....? Manik is shattered as Nandini didn't trust him... Manik breakups with Nandini saying that he hate... whole fab5 blames her including Navya... Nandini has reason...

  • One Shots (On Requests)
    9.1K 91 1

    Request the concept on which you want a shot to be written

  • Manan-My So Called Husband!!
    125K 9.2K 14

    Just wanna say read yourself, maybe u will fall in love with it.. Cold Husband Straight & Stern Wife Two poles apart, at one commitment for life..while they able to pull if off??

    832K 49.1K 71

    MaNan ff: Abt a common girl NANDINI MURTHY who is die hard fan of MANIK MALHOTRA the lead singer of FAB 5 lyk any another girl ! But lyf takes a special turn for her !! DESTINY AWAITS...

  • MaNan - One Sided ✓
    165K 13.3K 27

    What happens when a girl falls in love with the hottest guy of group but can't express for the sake of Friendship???

  • Manan
    59K 4.3K 10

    Short love story

  • Manan : Manik Ki Angel
    294K 17.3K 36

    Manan secret life # 35 in fanfiction on 24-09-2017 # 29 in fanfiction on 25-09-2017 # 24 in fanfiction on 28-09-2017 # 19 in fanfiction on 11-10-2017

  • Only U
    1.7K 188 4

    Two lovers.. still strangrs.. peep in to know more.

  • •Badboy loves me• Manan TS
    33.6K 2.7K 3

    Does fairy tale love stories exist in real life? Well have a look to know.

    211K 25.7K 111

    Two strangers.... Unknow to their destiny.... Met at a usual place.... Both mere strangers used to meet daily... Will fall in love???? Or will remain strangers for life??? To know peep in the story....

  • MaNan SS: Something Wonderful
    18.5K 1.5K 6

    "A powerful story that will make you hope for and believe in love"

    Completed   Mature
  • Arrange + love Marriage
    2.4K 189 3

    We can see that A Big Mansion Is decorated with light n flowers.. Like their is going A big Celebration.. We can see people entring the party with their family's.. Some with their partner's Thn a host came tell everybody to join stage n began the fun as this party is getting bore.. Soon We can see all of them dancing...

  • Manan Os - A sweet love story
    13.5K 547 8

    Cover by - @monu2525 Guys this sweet love story of manan they are best friends who secretly love each other

  • Best Laid Plans (Complete)
    336K 4.8K 9

    Mumbai. The city of dreams. With shimmering Arabian Sea, glittering skyscrapers, glamorous Bollywood; everywhere sun hits here, this city dazzles. But beneath this warm dazzle, there is another Mumbai. The cold Mumbai. The dark Mumbai. The stronghold of mafia. Where narrow alleys are splattered with gun-powder and blo...

  • An arranged tale.
    128K 12K 15

    IPS officer, Manik Malhotra who is married to his duty and his civil services. Who has kept himself away from everything apart from work. Nandani Arora, the girl from banaras. Who loves her freedom and food and father. But the only thing common between them is, is a wedding. Their wedding. What will happen when th...

  • Manan - At first glance
    8.4K 459 2


  • Life with a stranger: thread 2 ✔️
    137K 15K 62

    Here is the continuation to my story LIFE WITH A STRANGER... A story of life of manan with their kids.... Wanna know how it goes??? Stay tuned....

    Completed   Mature