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  • Stuck Up Meets Crazy.
    4.3M 135K 40

    "Wait let me get this straight, you want me to get fat?" I blurted out in shock. "Pregnant so yeah." He nonchalantly said. This is crazy, he is crazy. There is no way I am entertaining this. "You are going cuckoo, I am gone." I stood up and walked towards the door. I opened it, as I was about to walk out. "A million d...

  • Having My BOSS'S Baby
    73.5K 2.2K 23

    When he came to me about having a baby for him and his model girlfriend never did I expect to be in a sticky situation. A situation that put me in a scandal. My first baby was not even mine, how was I supposed to be able to give it up. Through the nights the baby comforted me at night as I lye alone because of a scand...

  • The Accidental Heiress
    2.2K 203 7

    Can two people who are forced on a turbulent journey of lies, and deceit, still overcome and discover true love? Read Book Two of the Heiress Trilogy: "The Accidental Heiress." It can be read as a stand-alone book, but I would encourage everyone to read Book One first: "The Shipping Heiress." _______________________...

  • Hearts on Fire (Book 5: Creek-Harbor)
    17.9K 926 13

    (stated-30/10/19) Amazing & beautiful covers made by the very talented @demonologies Emma Anderson needed a fresh start away from her old life, being a widow single mother to two kids is hard but it's even harder when everyone treats her like glass. So, she packed up her stuff, with her kids and grandmother in tow and...

  • Descendant of Wolves
    296K 10.7K 38

    Party girl Samantha wakes up alone in the middle of the forest one night after a troubling dream. But that is just the beginning when she finds out the stories her mother had been telling her since she was little aren't stories at all. Sam's mother, Andorra, has been running from many things her whole life and now th...

  • The Scent and The Shadow ✔️
    1.2M 60.6K 78

    ❝Never has the idea of pain fascinated me until I was on my knees kneeling before him, naked, unashamed, and totally at his mercy waiting for his command. He said "I Own Your Body, Mind, and Soul", and I said, "Yes, Sir." ❞ As His Highness Riccardo De L'Aquila and Juliet Vivienne Diaz decide to rekindle their scorchin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lakewood: The Next Chapter
    6.7K 512 32

    Malia and her friends think they have finally got things figured out. With the Lakewood serial killer dead, they are hoping to finally have a normal school year. What happens when an old enemy resurfaces? Like they say some secrets are better left buried. Join Malia as she uncovers the town's most deadliest secret y...

  • calamity
    46.9K 1.3K 17

    In the short time we weren't together so much changed. I wasn't sure if we'd ever be the same. We'd both done things we'd regret. And we both thought it was finally time to let out our demons. Bare everything to each other. Put it all on the table to take it or leave it. *Sequel to Mr.Reynolds*

  • The Beta and his mate
    898K 31.9K 48

    COMPLETED - (book 2) "I stood there for a second, stunned at the fact that a pack wolf had gotten in between two fighting rogues, but when I took in my first deep breath after the adrenaline had wore off I realised why. He was my mate. Crap. I stared at him for a second, taking in the huge grey wolf that was my mate...

  • Persuasion in the Pantry [Maid for More #1]
    948K 50.3K 76

    Highest Ranking #3 In a time of poetic conversations, sumptuous ball gowns and aristocratic men... dwelled three maids. And by maids, I don't mean quiet, delicate country girls who donned a bonnet and an apron, I mean working kitchen-hands who wore female garments as if they were men's trousers, who had a powerful ri...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Marriage Contest
    174K 10.5K 27

    ~~ Book 3 of The Marrying You Series. This can be read as a stand alone but I recommened you read the other two books too. ~~ Vanessa Brady is thirty and single. Her brother is happily married to an amazing woman and no one was more shocked by it than her but, while everyone around her seems to be moving on with life...