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  • When Life Gives You Lemons...[SpideyPool] (BoyxBoy)
    691K 13.2K 19

    [DISCONTINUED] When life gives you lemons, you make Spideypool. [Spideypool Lemon One-Shots]

  • I'll Never Be Ready
    506 38 1

    Peter looks back at his regretful memories that he'll never be able to get passed. He'll never forgive himself for what he'd done and wishes that he's done something sooner. Anything to lessen the pain. Something he knows that either way would be impossible. You're never ready.... Remember that. You'll never be ready...

  • Not Forever
    11.3K 399 2

    Wade. Deadpool. He knows that no one will ever love him or even look at him because of his scars. No one but his Peter. He knows this and only loves Peter back even more .... But does his love count? When only one of them are there?

  • I watched
    4.2K 236 1

    Wade wouldn't let himself miss a single second of watching his love. ( One shot/short )

  • Two Teachers One Classroom (Boy x Boy)
    51.7K 1.4K 9

    Two teachers teaching one classroom. What could possibly go wrong? Spideypool AU. Can be read with little knowledge of Spiderman and Deadpool.

  • Spideypool one shots
    150K 3.4K 5

    This is just a bunch of Spideypool one shots. Enjoy ;)

  • SpideyPool It's a Deep Type of Love
    127K 5.8K 27

    SpiderMan and Deadpool have been friends for awhile. But, something between them just clicked instantly. They find out that they both like each other but will things stay the same or will things get in between there relationship? Find out on "Its a deep type of love"

  • I Did This For You [Spideypool]
    20.6K 1.2K 9

    Peter never had a problem with his powers until recently. He started to feel a sense of possessiveness. Anyone who dared to look at Deadpool sparked an weird evil within Peter. Peter would do anything for him. Anything Deadpool wanted Peter gave. Even if that meant he had to throw away his title as a hero. It was all...

  • Mercy [Spideypool]
    440K 21.5K 19

    Mercy is not in Deadpool's vocabulary. Well, that was before he met Peter Parker. A 17 year old photographer who knew a little too much. Deadpool was hired to kill a 17 year old student. This student happen to dig his nose into trouble and find out things that will kill him. Peter Parker knew he didn't want to die, s...

    Completed   Mature