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  • Confused
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    It is complicated when you are in love with two people and don't know who to pick. Sanskaar is married to Ragini who he loves more than his life but at the same time he loves Swara but one day he has to make choice who to pick.

  • Swaragini- Junooniyat
    5.3K 432 4

    One Update in a Month! SR Track story continued from where ragini truth is disclosed infront of everyone. what if sanskar never loved swara and ragini instead? What if he double crossed Ragini to marry her? what if swara falls in love with sanskar and ends up with Laksh? will ragini accept her defeat easily and will m...

  • Living With You Is Enough- RagSan FS
    365 25 1

    Living with you is enough (Neetho unte chaalu) RagSan FS. It's RagSan story. Only five/few shorts. Its from SR starting track. Here Sanskar is not Maheshwari. Plot suggested by @Mounika543

  • Divorce - a start over [Sangini]
    4.2K 355 11

    story of Ragini who married because of her parents at 21 and she devoted herself in her marriage giving up her dreams only to receive a heartache... deception from her husband Sanskar. she left him and started her New journey all alone remembering the phrase of her grandmother "Live Alive with your dreams" can she ach...

  • Campus Nerd = Campus Crush
    12.1K 1.8K 23

    When Campus Nerd is a Campus Crush. story of Ragini, who have a rare obsession on her childhood crush Ranbeer. she joins his college to gets close to him but crosses her roads with Campus Nerd who actually is a Crush of Campus. join the journey of Ragini who have messed up equation. where she would deal with many situ...

    24.1K 1.7K 12

    1# in sangini before kavya drama.... purely ragsan

  • Destiny of two Soulmates !!
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  • Nafrat se pyaar
    2.5K 209 10

    A brand new story it came to my mind all of a sudden so thought to right on this script so hope u all will like it so this story is ragsan story only but the think is it's mainly about ragu and then wht does nafrat se pyaar is becoz ragu doesn't like love so how will sanskar change her and y she hates love whts the re...

  • Campus Crush
    46.5K 4.6K 51

    college love story. Revolving around the Crush! Plot suggested by a friend Cover credit: Silent-writerr

  • CHAHATEIN - Their Compassionate Passion (Saturday Updates)
    720 58 3

    Story of a married couple... Based on love, jealousy, pain, regret, guilt, vulnerability, insecurity....

  • Mr. & Mrs. Dr. Sanskar Maheshwari ✔
    1.1K 118 1

    A OS on Ragini and Sanskar

  • My RagSan Workbook ( Unedited)
    1.7K 135 5

    Short pieces of writings on RagSan, it can be One Shot, Drabble or Mini Shot. ** Highest Ranks: #213 in drabbles/#88 in innocence/#397 in heart/#44 in seperation/#30 in Varun/#45 in RagSan/#23 in sangini

  • Her Love His Revenge
    65.4K 1.7K 21

    A girl, Radhika living in Goa, goes to Maharashtra for her career, working in Bird Song where her friend Samaira works. Neil who is Samaira's idiot ( friend ), loves Samaira but did not express. Other side, Arjun, who is plotting a plan against Samaira to take his sister's revenge from Samaira's father, Samrat. Tiger...

  • Rehnuma...(Manmarziyaan-The Undying Love...)
    8.5K 337 8

    Hello..everyone... this one is a fiction based on a serial manmarziyaan story revolves around 4 people.....Arjun,radhika,Sam & Neil....story is all about their..pain,love ,seperation,,trust,friendship....& much here it comes

    1.4K 72 1

    The feeling of girl... in her life how much she got hurt with the rejection... and how everyone humiliated her...

  • Loving You
    17.7K 620 10

    This book (previously known as 'forbidden desires') was previously published on the account 'Greenwood_spirits' however had to be stopped due to certain reasons. Radhika Mishra is the only daughter of a millionaire. She is a happy go lucky kinda person however one incident turns her life 180°. Arjun Mehra. A standal...

  • Ardhika ss: "LOVE" - Ek Ehsaas!!
    2.2K 106 4

    "LOVE"- Ek Ehsaas!! -------------------------------------- Pyaar!! Ek jaazbaah... Ek adhuri si zindegi k liye kuch ummid se bhaare huye saapne ... Ek musaafir ka ek humsafar-ek humnava... Ek aashiyaan... Ek chaahat.... Ek Junoon... Ek dost... Ek bishwas... Ek aapnapaan... Khuda ki Ek Kudraat,, Ek Baarkat... Kuch p...

  • A Journey of Love
    307 21 4

    Different people with different attitudes and different make them show a path..and be a happy family by overcome all the difficulties in their lives by love,trust and concern.. join in this journey with me.

  • My Tarzan Girl
    268 42 2

    A unique love story of a guy and a forest girl urf Tarzan girl

  • Fairytale Collections (RagSan)
    609 82 2

    Ragsan book. With different fairy tale stories as a Os.

  • Death day
    2.3K 390 14

    Inspired by a Hollywood movie. Read it and tell views

  • Arrange marriage love
    18.1K 1.9K 34

    A story of sanskar and Ragini who get married. Can sanskar b perfect husband for her? Or can Ragini b perfect wife for him? Can she b perfect DIL? Let's see Thier journey after marriage.

  • Love? In This Chaos!?
    22.9K 3.2K 57

    Two boys, one girl. And she has to choose one. This was supposed to be her biggest problem. And yet, here she was. Being the last heir of a rich inheritance that could very well change the world. Not to mention she's got assassins that want to kill her, best friends who are up-to troublesome meddling and two heart...

  • Roses And Thorns
    410 79 2

    Ragini Ratner, Princess of Rewa, came from a royal family but living her life like an ordinary person. Student of a private college. Sanskaar Shekhawat, A 23-years old guy. A tease, a bully, a prankster and the flirty guy. Love to irritate teachers and students around him. "Do you think yourself a Princess or what...

  • It's All About You!
    9.7K 1.1K 22

    Journey of two separated partners. Building their future learning from their past mistakes.. Emotions play a huge role in our lives and it's same with the others. Not everyone is same, not every incidents effect everyone same. Some small past memories could make your present self, and the choices and decisions you ma...

  • My Only Hope OS(1)
    1.1K 82 2

    This OS is of 2 parts. i hope u'll like it.

  • RagSan-Tu Khwaab Sa✔
    4.2K 352 10

    Two people who used to be Childhood besties are separated..Will destiny ever bring them together? Will their lives change?? Will Music bring them closer yet again? Cover Credit @_Hxl1m4_

  • Pyar ki kasauti
    2.4K 161 6

    based on true story

  • Gift of love, Ragsan
    714 70 1

    A ragsan OS, birthday gift for my sweetu, ABGopika

  • Ragsan: heart to heart connection
    1.6K 126 6

    Story of two hearts which beat as one...and their endless Love with lots of family sadness....a happy go story. ...