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  • The Art of Light and Dark: The Opening (prev; Lost Souls and Broken Worlds)
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    A gateway is opened. Driven by greed, and a lust for power, the Avvarian Empire opens a portal to a new world. A world said to be free and full of hope. But in the new world's night come bloodthirsty creatures, white and twice the size of a man, they revel in death. Monster, they call him. Savage. Barbarian. Words Are...

  • Aeterna
    160 23 8

    The sky is black and grim. Blood is smeared all over the streets like graffiti. There - a demon's shadow. It hollers as it snaps a peasant's body into two. But nineteen-year-old Kahri Sahar was dealt with the worst cards; the demons have cursed beloved brother into nothing more than a decaying ragdoll. Now, equipped...

  • Curio
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    In the year XXXX, the Earth was born anew. The ethereal being, Gaia, descended upon the planet, and gave mankind a gift- a gift of unimaginable power. Thus, the Adepts were born- individuals who held mysterious and unique abilities, called Curios. These powers threw the Earth into chaos, with many unable to control th...