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  • #ZeRoyalChaos (COMPLETED)
    42.9K 1.1K 50

    Chilled just broke up with Jess. Will he find solace in his best friend, Ze, or something more? Highest ranking: #5 in ZeRoyalChaos (I believe)

  • I Want You ♡ZeRoyalChaos FanFic♡
    8.1K 300 9

    ♡ ZeRoyalChaos FanFiction ♡

  • New Message || ZeRoyalChaos Fanfic [Boyxboy]
    4.8K 208 17

    It all started with one new message. The late night chats, the flirting, the interest in one another, and the craving to meet each other in person. That one message created a new friendship between two males. Though both wished it would lead to something more. Is that even possible over text messages? Falling for some...

  • I'm In Love With A Viking - ZeRoyalChaos (Lemon/Smut)
    3K 54 1

    Chilled knows he's in love with Ze. His best friend. How could he have let this happen? But everything gets taken up a few notches when Ze is due to stay over at his place for a whole week.

    Completed   Mature
  • Start Clapping, Our Act Is Over (Zeroyalchaos FanFic) {Wattys2015}
    15.6K 645 25

    Chilled and Ze have a secret, they're dating. They have been since the first time they met. Some could call it puppy love, but this love is true. And it comes with an act; Ze has been 'single' for the longest time and Chilled 'dated' Kara. Now Chilled is 'dating' Jess, Kara's cousin. Their act has worked for almost tw...

  • Two Killers. One Relationship.
    7.6K 279 32

    Chilled Chaos. Also known as Anthony. Of course, no one knows his real name. Chilled's a skilled serial killer. Better than any team of assassins (at least he thinks he is) known in the city. What makes him the best? He can stop people in their place with a simple gesture. There were never any witnesses. ZeRoyalViking...

  • Ice (RoyalChaos)
    42.5K 1.7K 24

    When Steven, or better known as Ze has to move from to town because of people uncovering his secret... He meets one person who changes his life, one person who makes one mistake. One Who changed his view on love...

  • ZeRoyalChaos||Spider
    537 26 1

    Chilled has just moved in with Ze and they've just about finished setting up when Ze decides to mess with him. Again, a short little thing for fun :)

  • My Little Viking
    29.4K 1.2K 37

    High school is not treating Ze (Steven) well, that is in till chilled (Anthony)decides to move to his school.

  • Long Sleeves (ZeRoyalChaos)
    742 43 3

    There's been one thing one mind mind lately; the boy who always wears long sleeves. Tomorrow, I'm going to properly introduce myself. My name is Steven Zeroy, the kid who stalks the guy in long sleeves. 》ZeRoyalChaos《 》boyxboy《

  • ZeRoyalChaos||Cuddles by Night and Cuddles by Day
    257 9 1

    Just fluff and cuddles!!! And enjoy it!!!

  • Opposites Attract ~ZeRoyalChaos~
    512 20 4

    A boy called Steven moved over to the US all the way from his home in Canada. At the same time, a boy called Anthony moved over to the US all the way from his home in Italy. They say opposites attract, they would be right.

  • Undefined (RoyalChaos Fanfic)
    18.4K 734 16

    "Hey, Anthony?" "Yeah, buddy?" "I was thinking and it been awhile since we seen each other in person. I want to come visit you." "Of course! That would be awesome! When are you gonna be here?" "Well...I already bought the tickets. I just kept forgetting to ask you. I should be there tomorrow." "Cool! I'll pick you up...

  • zeroyalchaos
    21.8K 786 11

    A zeroyalchaos fanfic, based off a prompt I read about a fire alarm going off in an apartment and meeting your hot neighbour in there pjs.... Or what they happen to have been wearing to bed ;) Boyxboy Also italics is thoughts And I do not own these characters, and all events are fictional

  • A Dream Come True (A ZeRoyalChaos Fanfic)
    7.8K 252 14

    Chilled had an awful break up with Jess, and seeks his best friends guidance. They were supposed to be going to PAX in a few weeks. Ze asks Chilled if he wants to come over early to spend time with him. Will Chilled start to develop feelings for his friend? Does their time together bring them closer? *Strong language...

  • Chilled the Royal Chaos
    3.1K 130 17

    This story takes place back in the medieval times when Chilled was the Prince and hated the way his father ruled the kingdom. So he defied his father and was sent to another kingdom, where he meets his one true love. How will things turn out? Will it work? What will happen when something goes wrong? Read and find out!

  • Light Up(zeroyalchaos)
    4K 162 17

    (Cover art by fuck-dump on deviantart) A story about two gay nerds.

    Completed   Mature
  • My Name Is Steven // ZeRoyalChaos
    9.4K 745 21

    "My name is Steven Viking, and I will be running for class president." Steven was a smart kid, had great friends, and was known as a nerd. However, he had recently had an identity change. He wasn't always a he. And this is his story on how he got through high school as a trans student. ((Cover - @WritingAwakening ❤))

  • Loves Temptation
    7.4K 193 13

    Love story between two gamers. ChilledChaos and ZeRoyalViking. Who have feeling for each other and try to get the other to confess by showing slightly how they feel while both not being able to do it themselves. I wish for you guys to like it especially since this is my first FanFic. -Major Props to whoever did the c...

  • Starbucks Hybrid (boyxboy)
    4.2K 110 11

    Anthony(ChilledChaos) is a hybrid. He's had to move because of people finding out. He has an abusive father and loving mother who tries to keep her husband at bay. He moves to the States after moving all over Italy. He's the new kid so he doesn't expect any friends or boyfriends, but he might just get them. (I'm not g...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unspoken
    5.5K 259 14

    All his life, Anthony (a.k.a Chilled) has been an outcast. A depressed boy with no friends and technically no family. But, when Steven (Ze), the new boy at Chilleds school comes, his life is turned upside down. There's only one problem, Ze doesn't talk. Disclaimer- Not my art, once again, Google. Also, TRIGGER-WARNING...

  • little things :: zeroyalchaos au
    21.7K 1.2K 45

    Sometimes, people say it's the little things in life that make life worth living. Anthony never really liked that phrase. It just hasn't ever made sense to him, and he never bothered to think about it. so when somebody with big green eyes and an even bigger heart comes in, Anthony is left wondering how he's supposed...

  • Only Ones Who Know - Derp Crew High School AU
    22.5K 1K 29

    Anthony Mariani is the new student at Granite Hills High School in Sacramento, CA. A shy Italian boy from New York, he loves video games and has a bright personality when he is with his close friends. Within his first few days as Granite Hills, he befriends a group of boys who help him out of his shell. Steven, one ne...