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  • Earth's Revival
    1.9K 652 30

    Years after Earth's desolation, humanity finds itself on Acrora -- a planet that might just be their new home. The Terraformation is well underway, and in five years, they will be able to start living above the ground again. Enter Rory, an assistant to the mind who brought their race to Acrora -- Doctor Arion Ross. Af...

  • The Art of Light and Dark: The Opening (prev; Lost Souls and Broken Worlds)
    6.2K 649 38

    A gateway is opened. Driven by greed, and a lust for power, the Avvarian Empire opens a portal to a new world. A world said to be free and full of hope. But in the new world's night come bloodthirsty creatures, white and twice the size of a man, they revel in death. Monster, they call him. Savage. Barbarian. Words Are...

  • Aeterna
    160 23 8

    The sky is black and grim. Blood is smeared all over the streets like graffiti. There - a demon's shadow. It hollers as it snaps a peasant's body into two. But nineteen-year-old Kahri Sahar was dealt with the worst cards; the demons have cursed beloved brother into nothing more than a decaying ragdoll. Now, equipped...

  • Curio
    526 118 8

    In the year XXXX, the Earth was born anew. The ethereal being, Gaia, descended upon the planet, and gave mankind a gift- a gift of unimaginable power. Thus, the Adepts were born- individuals who held mysterious and unique abilities, called Curios. These powers threw the Earth into chaos, with many unable to control th...