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  • WARZONE ▷ Teen Wolf [Book 2]
    420K 10.5K 30

    [Book 2 in the Kelsey McCall series] **Just a heads up, I wrote this a long time ago so there may be a lot of spelling mistakes and typos... you have been warned. And also, at some point I am going to completely edit this once the whole Kelsey McCall series is finished** **COMPLETE** Now a werewolf, Kelsey felt stron...

  • PASSION ▷ Teen Wolf [Book 1]
    1M 24.7K 26

    [Book 1 in the Kelsey McCall series] **Just a heads up, I wrote this a long time ago so there may be a lot of spelling mistakes and typos... you have been warned. And also, at some point I am going to completely edit this once the whole Kelsey McCall series is finished** **COMPLETE** After Kelsey McCall thought the w...

  • Isaac Lahey Imagines
    518K 11K 64

    A collection of reader insert imagines (Smut and Fluff) from my Tumblr blog

  • Broken ➟ Isaac Lahey
    515K 11.4K 55

    Alex is the sister of the funny and sometimes annoying, Stiles Stilinski. Which also means that she's the daughter of the Sheriff of Beacon Hills. She befriends a boy that's quite mysterious. And she wants to get the secrets right out of him. But some things just aren't for everyone to know about. Once you get involv...

  • Primal » Isaac Lahey
    572K 13K 30

    "Jamie I don't want you to get hurt. You need to stay away from me." "Isaac, I don't understand. Please just talk to me!" He turned around, his body shaking, and I swore I heard him growl. When Isaac slowly turned around, I saw something that I couldn't explain. He suddenly roared at me, and I felt a searing pain in...

  • Falling for the Monster (TVD Klaus fanfic)-Completed-
    1.3M 23.2K 39

    Sarafina was a normal high school student, she had great friends and a loving family. But what happens when the monsters in stories come to life? Vampires to be exact... Yep that's right blood sucking monsters. Or so you would think, surprisingly not all vampires are bad but how do you trust one? You cant. But when he...

  • After 3
    771M 8.9M 100

    The passionate story of Tessa and Harry continues as family secrets, deep betrayals, and career opportunities threaten to tear them apart.

    Completed   Mature
  • After 2
    517M 9.6M 103

    This is the sequel (continuation) of After. Harry and Tessa's relationship will be tested in ways she never expected, but he knew of all along.

  • After
    663M 10.3M 102

    Tessa Young is an 18 year old college student with a simple life, excellent grades, and a sweet boyfriend. She always has things planned out ahead of time, until she meets a rude boy named Harry, with too many tattoos and piercings who shatters her plans.

  • Darkend Love (Dark Harry Styles fanfic) xCompletedx
    186K 4.4K 21

    ................ Harry stood with one arm supporting his weight on the door frame. white T-shirt, black jeans, grey blazer with black converse. 'at least we have the same taste in shoes' he smirked "ready to go love?" his voice asked. I nodded hesitantly, stepping out the door. 'here goes nothing'................... M...

  • Half Bad // Harry Styles
    3.6M 122K 40

    He was destined to be evil; it was in his blood. He was destined to kill; it was in his blood. But destiny takes a turn when he does the unexpected, unacceptable, and downright insane thing no other creature of his species has dared to do... He falls in love. [Highest Ranking: #15 in Paranormal] -Please note that thi...

  • Claudia Styles Dirty Little Secret
    422K 3.2K 25

    Claudia's past has finally caught up to her and so have her secrets... Running isn't always the answer but to her it is... The trouble with Ryan, the fighting with Nathan, the secrecy with Louis, fake dating with Aston, the hidden mess with Harry and the arrival of old friends will everything finally become to much...

    Completed   Mature
  • Psychotic (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)
    72.7M 1.1M 54

    "I loved her not for the way she danced with my angels, but for the way the sound of her name could silence my demons." - Christopher Poindexter

    Completed   Mature
  • 1-800-Niall-Horan- One Direction FanFiction
    12.9M 208K 30

    Mia Johnson was just your regular girl, trying to afford college, being bullied by all her class mates, but she never let it get to her. Because she knew that one day she would be/do something amazing. When that day comes, and it doesn’t just change everyone’s perspective of her, but also her entire life. Who knew tha...

  • One Summer. One Plan. One Direction
    44.7K 392 25

    3 best friends go to stay at their families' combined holiday house, where they have gone each year since they were little, but this time, by themselves. They plan to spend the days tanning at the beach and by the pool, and the nights going out dancing and watching an endless amount of movies.........but enter One Dir...

  • 1Dentity (One Direction Affection: Book 1) [Watty Awards 2012]
    1.7M 24K 37

    (Watty Awards 2012) How did I end up in this mess? One moment I'm strolling along the empty streets of Sydney, and the next thing I know I'm waking up next to some Pop Star on the beach. Never did I expect my life to change so drastically in one night; and I owe it all to Harry Styles. That jerk.

  • My Lucky Star (One Direction Affection: Book 2)
    597K 10.8K 31

    Can this day get any worse? The answer to that is simple. Yes, it can and it did. One day. One day is all it takes for my life to change forever. One person. One person is all it takes to make me realize that everything happens for a reason. And that person is Niall Horan.

  • The One That Got Away
    3.4M 20.6K 42

    She was his main priority for years, but when he screws up and forgets where he started, can he make amends with her? Or will she forever be the one that got away? Warning: this story was written when I was around twelve/thirteen so the writing is not very good. Cover by xSnowKiss. All Rights Reserved. ©

  • Life's Direction (Sequel to Daughter Direction)
    1.7M 20.9K 20

    Harry and Katie Styles finally have the life they dreamed about. They're happily married with their first child on the way, and things couldn't be more perfect. The only thing they're worried about is the up and coming tour that's got Harry upset about missing out on his child's life. Meanwhile, the world tour has Kat...

  • Take A Trip To Paris - A One Direction Fanfiction
    6M 63K 34

    Avery's been through heartbreak and unbearable torture, leaving her emotionally scarred. Her rich older brother, Jason, forces her on a solo trip to Paris for a few weeks. she feels like it's a dream come true. But once she gets on that plane her life changes in an instant. Now she's somehow dragged along with the big...

  • Lights, Cameras, & Harry Styles
    9M 134K 75

    "Harry Styles will be playing your love interest." Those were the words Amber dreaded to hear. With a lot of bad history between them, the last thing they want to do is be around each other. But in order to make this movie, they need to at least get along. What will happen when they're forced to share an apartment tog...

  • Scarred- One Direction FanFiction
    3.2M 29.1K 24

    Daniella is Harry Styles sister. She has been away from the band and her brother for four years. Her life without them, was hard. She has spent all her time hiding her scars. She came from a world of abuse and hate, all from her father. But when she finally goes back to living with her brother and the band, will every...

  • Kidnapped
    252K 2K 20

    I was kidnapped. It was an April Fools joke. They thought I was someone else. Now I have to live with them. I can never go home. I bet you're wondering who kidnapped me. One Direction. Harry, Liam, Louis, and Zayn. Niall made the decision that I must stay to save their band. Worst part. For a while I don't even know i...

  • Stuck (Louis Tomlinson Love Story)
    181K 3.4K 23

    Samantha Blackburn and Louis Tomlinson, two people, two lives. It only took one cab ride to fall in love. It took a lot longer for them to realize it.

  • Where it all began- JANOSKIANS
    46.7K 470 26

    Completed   Mature
  • One Direction drove me off the road BOOK 3
    575K 2.8K 50

    Charel lives in Australia. She has an attitude. And that's the thing Louis Tomlinson falls hard for, really hard. When he hits her with his Car-t on the carnival, he knows she has to be the one. Will he succeed, getting her finally as his? And what about Harry? Will he stay all alone, or will he find a girl too? Third...

  • It's these moments that we live for. *Completed*
    62K 373 37

    When Abie, 18, moves in opposite to one direction is it a dream come true or a night mare? She experiences the pranks the feeding, the CONSTANT feeding and obviously the fans, she thought it would be great living opposite them, obviously not. She tries to hate them, but she will always have a soft spot for them! What...

  • One Direction Infection
    206K 1K 24

    When they were younger you could barely tell the Horan twins apart , but as they grew older the more their physical appearances changed, but their mischievous side never left them, now 18 Niall is in a band called One Direction. The boys go on tour leaving Leah behind , what happens when they come back, will romance s...

  • Daughter Direction
    4.8M 47.7K 31

    *First Place in the 1DWattyAwards for the One Direction category!* Sixteen year old Katie Wilson had a pretty average life, minus the fact that she's family friends with Liam Payne from One Direction, even though the two themselves have barely ever talked before. But disaster strikes and Katie is now an orphan - until...