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  • Graphic Shop [OPEN]
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    In need of a cover or graphic? Then you've come to the right place! ~(•-•)~ Where an amateur graphic maker makes graphics for fellow Wattpadians.

  • The Price of Popularity (BoyxBoy)
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    [Completed] Asher's life revolves around two things; being popular and his boyfriend, Danny. Unfortunately for Asher, these things don't really coincide, so he leads two completely separate lives. At school he is captain of the football team, he flirts with pretty girls and parties like there is no tomorrow, but...

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    in which noelle creates an abundance of graphic tutorials copyrighted © abbycadabra- productions

  • cover studio (cfcu)
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    In which a cover-maker showcases her graphics and takes requests. PM me with your requests after filling out the form in the first chapter. Enjoy!

  • Book Cover Tips
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    A guide on how to make covers. Note: This is a tutorial on how to make book covers on your PHONE. © graphicshelp 2017

  • Tall Girls | ✓
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    about a girl who lost her confidence because of her height. Copyright © 2016 by Sarah Wells. All Rights Reserved

  • Of Aesthetic Hearts || Cover Shop
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    ✿Cover Shop ✿C L O S E D ❝Where aye shows her ugly covers and you request because you want ugliness in your life. Puke worthy but go for it.❞

  • His Sweets Girl {1} ✓
    299K 15.7K 36

    "This is Sweetly Sweets Candy Store. How can I help you?" "Are you African?" "Excuse me?" "African love you." ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ A story told through dialogue. | COMPLETED | | NOV. 8 - NOV. 25 2016 |

  • [ s k i n n y l o v e ]
    206K 12.2K 9

    skinny love : (n.) when two people love each other, but are too shy to admit it, even though they still show it. Paristella's Contest ~ Round 2 [ Short Story #54 / Romance #240 ]

  • Cover Contests
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    ❝ Welcome to my crazy cover contests. A place where you will be pushed, challenged and encouraged to make the best cover possible! It doesn't matter if you're an amateur or a pro this contest is for everyone. Let the cover making begin! ❞ ❥ Crazy_Awesome ❥ __________________________________ Please read the rules and...

  • Bruised Knuckles
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    [boyxboy] [#143 in teen fiction] [completed] His parents are drug addicts and alcoholics. His brother is in a gang. His sister doesn't talk much. He plays baseball and knows how to stand up for himself. What's one more thing added to the list going to do? A lot. Ori...

  • nathalia [discontinued]
    34.2K 1.5K 55

    "if you're still reading this, i'm sorry but you're too late" © ericka | 2017 [WAS ONCE ENCHANTED]

  • The Art Shop | Closed
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    In which Artis makes you average-ish covers for your beautiful stories. → Requests are currently closed. Any request during this time will be ignored.

  • Life's Tales Of Being A Potato
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    Being a Potato has it's ups and downs. Mainly because, by the end of the day. A Potato becomes A Sexy French Fries Now here is a survival guide on being a Potato. By the must gracious Potato self. I Am A Potato In Puberty ------------------------ COVER BY: @DucksEatBananas Here is pretty much a bl...

  • Paper Hearts
    1.5M 22.3K 14

    Four weeks. That's all the time Victoria Hemmings has to fall in love. Or, at least, find someone who's willing to play pretend. When a girl on a mission collides with a boy desperate for a date, things seem to be looking up. But when lies and fake kisses reveal the truth that, despite everything, there's an unmistak...

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  • Butterfly Kisses | ✓
    953K 57K 33

    Renata Santos doesn't expect her heart to flutter when she catches a boy stealing flowers out of her backyard. But as she unravels his reputation, she realizes puppy-eyed delinquent Isaac Marshall may just be the sunshine she needs to turn her life around. 〚 a wattpad featured story 〛

  • The Heartbreak Club
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    Welcome to The Heartbreak Club. Members include the heartbroken, the heartbreakers, and the ones who just fall in too deep. A set of three ten chapter novellas full of romance, drama, and sailing ships. Cover by @GlueEater Highest rank: #59 teen fiction

  • Whipped ✔
    5.6M 295K 34

    When Sheriff's daughter, Maisie, is about to lose her grandmother's bakery, she enlists the help of four delinquents who are seconds away from prison.

  • #WonderTheMovie Writing Contest (Contest Closed)
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    Your challenge is to create a 500-word story about choosing kindness. Fiction or non-fiction, we want you to tell us about a time that kindness prevails. #Wonderthemovie

    21.7K 942 35

    #01 in z016. 14/04/19 #165 in zaylena 21/03/2019 Smoothly & slowly they became friends and now they are moving towards being something more than just a friends..... ****************************** He always know that his heart belongs to her, when all she did to stay apart. He thought she will love him back when all...

  • Graphics Shop [closed temp]
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    C L O S E D T E M P O R A R I L Y request banners and covers all you want!!! Graphics shop is once again open:)) And premade covers as well!!!! Just some covers for ma fav books!! A/N; if u guys want me to make covers for your books then private message me or just comment!

  • Tubs
    33K 1.7K 22

    A girl runs away to find herself. A boy runs away to find his brother A pair that find their way across a country.

  • The Idiots Guide To Insomnia
    511K 26.4K 36

    One girl. One boy. Two insomniacs. ( rose awards short story winner ) ****DISCLAIMER THIS BOOK IS VERY CLICHE AND IT WAS WRITTEN ENTIRELY ON MY IPHONE 7 SO DON'T COME FOR ME

  • Graphics by Victoria | permanently closed
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    This shop is permanently closed. For information on paid commissions, please check my profile. Looking for a dazzling new cover for that brand new book? Just browsing? Well, click that cute, little read button and look at all the choices! There are premade designs to choose from, but I also take requests for any type...

  • Cover Shop
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    Where I will make absolutely gorgeous covers for you, utterly amazing people ❤️ [ status: OPEN ] #67 on 03.12.16

  • Sweet Dreams, Sadie
    34.6K 1.7K 3

    Sadie never even thought that her best friend, Jameson Blake, would kiss her at a party the night before he went back to school out of state. She also never thought that that kiss would lead into them, alone, in a darkened laundry room. And she definitely never thought that he would get her pregnant the same night. ...

  • Waiter Boy
    150K 6.5K 15

    "You write pretty bad for a New York Times bestselling author." "Thanks. Way to encourage me to write more." "How about I take you on a little adventure?" "And what will I get out of it?" "What love really means." ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Aurora Sitters: A seventeen year old New York Times bes...

  • Homeroom
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    ❝Charlie said I was lucky to be in Homeroom 220 because the teacher was easy-going, but I had other reasons to love that class.❞

  • chats with batboy
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    "It's not like you could do anything about Milo." "Who says I can't? I'm Batman. Give the signal and I'll fucking be there." A boy with a unique Batman obsession converses with a smart mouthed girl who has a thing for superheroes. + #10 in Short Story (dialogue category) *old story*