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  • 逼婚首席:影后前妻很抢手
    208K 4.9K 53

    [Forced Marriage VIP Front-Seat: My Superstar Ex-wife is very Popular] Three years ago, President Qiao did not hesitate to sign the papers when Xia Ning placed the divorce papers in front of him. Three years later, she is an up-and-coming star in show biz; watched by the public but knee-deep in scandals. He is a resol...

  • Once Upon A Time? (Future Card Buddyfight)
    2.5K 51 7

    "Fairy tales, huh?" Jin said. "Yep!" Gao said proudly. "I think Yuna fits as a princess and Tasuku as a prince! Me? Maybe a wolf!" "Then what about everyone else?" Yuna asked. The boy tapped his head in thought. "How about listing off random stories and characters?" Megumi suggested. "I know what you'd be fit for, Meg...

  • Only A Childhood Friend (Future Card Buddyfight)
    29.7K 568 45

    A shy girl named Suzuki Yuna met Ryuenji Tasuku at age 9 in a shocking situation at Aibo Academy. As the two grow older, they start to develop feelings that are far greater than close friendship for each other. Busy as their jobs as a singer/composer and a buddy police officer can get, the two always stick together in...

  • Please Let Me Live a Lazy Life!
    888K 40.7K 19

    Basic Synopsis: Maki Tanaka is lazy. Really, that's it. Real Synopsis: Maki Tanaka had died after being pushed in front of the speeding truck. Without even a rest in between, he found himself transmigrated to the most innovated Otome Game of the Year called 'The Noblest of Love'. Honestly, Tanaka couldn't care less ab...

  • Mother to the Love Interest
    474K 20.6K 17

    What was worse than being reincarnated as a villain of a story? Being reincarnated as the mother to the main love interest in an otome game. Not only did she became a mother right after she reincarnate, but she was also married to the most powerful man in the country who was famous for his tyrant ways of conquering ot...

  • Little avenger
    145K 5.8K 21

    Perseus Jackson died He died in the war Instead of staying away from Gaia he ran forward and took Leo's place and died The gods felt bad for him So when he chose rebirth he was gifted for his new life Percy Jackson has become Percie Jackson A four year old girl She guards the heroes of earth and protects young demig...

  • There is a reincarnated person close by
    274K 10.6K 22

    Being reborn-- ...I apologise. Being reincarnated as a villainess in the otome game: 'Happiness in the Future' with some memories of my past life intact, especially regarding this otoge, practically ruin my future to lead a happy life. "Hey, don't you think that rhyme somehow?" "It's ironic," "It's still good, right?"...

  • An End And A Beginning
    34K 1.5K 13

    A short story about a villainess girl who had gained knowledge of her fate. She didn't changed anything and had accepted her fate. Her 'henchmen' as a voice called them, are her precious friends. She knew of what their fate was and has warned them again and again for them to avoid it. ♧♤♧♤ "Just what is real Love?" a...

  • The Last Fairy Standing
    85.4K 3.2K 27

    This is about a girl named Cynthia Seren. She is a Fairy Tail Member and she loves her family but, as the saying goes all good things come to an end. When Mavis opens a portal to another world, little Cynthia's life will be taking a new turn. What will be awaiting her in this new life? Read to find out. I don't own...

  • Reincarnated in KnB as Momoi Satsuki?! [discontinued]
    193K 6.1K 23

    [DISCONTINUED] _ Note: This Momoi will look and act differently from the original one. _ I died. Those two words pretty much describe what the hell happened to me. Then why the hell am I in a baby's body when I clearly died?! Sigh. Let me make things easier for you and explain. My name was Neil Collins. Was. I died r...

  • Tenkai Knights
    2.6K 46 16

    What if Guren and Ceylan met another person before they became the tenkai knights? What would happen? Join the knights and my Oc, Eliza, as we see what happens Tenkai Knights does not belong to me only my oc Eliza

  • Fate My Darling
    45.6K 2.2K 8

    I reincarnated into a modern otome game as the villainess, the one destined for no love. For my stepsister is the heroine, the one that everyone adores. Just like how in my past life, my rival had done the same. Coincidentally, my rival with an evil heart has reincarnated also. As the heroine, as I should have expecte...

  • Lost Life (Miraculous Ladybug x Fairy Tail)
    20K 549 20

    Marinette Dupain-Cheng was adopted. She didn't know that. She was found in a forest, all bruised up. She woke up with amnesia. Tom and Sabine Dupain-Cheng, the ones who found her, decided to adopt her. They lied to her saying that she was their child. They told her that because of an accident, she lost her memories. T...

  • The End Student {Target One: Academy Time!}
    5K 150 17

    (an Assassination Classroom and Uta no Prince-sama crossover) Enter Fukazawa Setsuna, one of the former students of Kunugigaoka Junior High's infamous Class 3-E. After managing to save Kuro-sensei and finally graduating, she enters Saotome Academy as a composer, the school where idols and composers are discovered and...

  • Basketball To Idol
    40.2K 1.1K 32

    Kuroko No Basuke x Uta No Prince Sama crossover fanfiction Keiko Kotobuki, a former member of the Generation of Miracles, has decided to abandon basketball in favor of moving in with her brother Reiji. What will the GoM think of it? Will she go back to her beloved sport, or stay with Reiji to become the next hit? I DO...

  • Karma has a what!? (Assassination Classroom Fanfic) (Karma's little sister~)
    198K 5.3K 30

    Karma has been hiding something from his classmates. And no, not even Nagisa knew about it. One day, it appeared. Who is that little girl? How does Karma-kun know her? What...hold up a second.... Are you telling me that....KARMA HAS A WHAT!? Some characters might be a bit OCC. A collection of events that include my OC...