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  • All genre and sub-genre Book reviews (closed to catch up/ friends only)
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    I will review your books, I also read any genre too. Please remember that I'm only one person so please try to be patience with me. Thank you very much.

  • The Evil Rant And Review Book
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    [CLOSED] Formerly The Evil Reading Request List, this has turned into a showcase of nasty reviews, a place for me to rant. I surprisingly don't rant a lot. The book was discontinued because real life is kicking my butt and I don't have the time and patience to do them properly. Go big or go home. So I went home...

  • RED graphic
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    [ ✓] OPEN for non-committing Commission is always open. In which I put time and effort to make beautiful covers for my lovely Wattpaders. Because who doesn't judge a book by its cover? 10% shop, 20% arts, 70% graphic showcase 《2018 Graphic Wattys Winner @GuildoftheGraphic》 《Top 3 finalists in the Lord of the Graphics...

  • Legacy of the Crown
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    Hazel Reshsa grew up learning to kill those who do wrong. Saved off the cruel street and raised to be an assassin she is feared, respected and hated by those around her. When tricked by those she trust, she faces the choice to save the one she loves or die with him. Hazel finds herself helping the cruel King of Salvi...

  • Repulsive Graphics [Slow]
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    A picture book journey of my designs and artwork that I constantly work on as I develop arthritis. If you want me to make a graphic, come on in and let me know! Beware when reading, I'm unapologetically foul-mouthed sometimes and I like cracking dad jokes. Nearly all of my covers come with cover tutorials. I'm not shy...

  • 12:01
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    PREVIOUSLY A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY: HIDDEN GEMS - The squeal of tires trying to avoid the accident. A crash as the windshield shattered. A scream of horror from the right and back. The thumping of two hearts instead of three. Every night for three months, at 12:01 Addison is held captive by her own mind, hoping f...

  • Brutally Honest Reviews™
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    DISCLAIMER: These review/critique things are based on first impressions. I will NOT be reading the entirety of your book. My purpose is to urge my clients to learn something new about their story. (Though opinions may vary across participants.) Maybe your review from me will be the catalyst that makes you quit writing...

  • Artlink Station || Graphics Shop [CLOSED]
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    Welcome to the Artlink Station, where we help you with any graphics help you may need!

  • Brigade Book Reviews
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    This book is open and accepting submissions for books that need reviewing and writers who want their books reviewed.

  • Stormbringer: King
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    "Family is an eternal treasure--" Xenor Avalon was the firstborn of the king of Argon. Storm Avalon was the second. They were brothers--constantly bickering and fighting, yet they still loved each other. They shared a special bond together, a bond no one else had in their family. But as time passed and the day they b...

  • Murder on Mayhappin Street
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    Top # 2 in woman-sleuth. |Now Featured on the official Wattpad @mystery account under Curiouser & Curiouser| |No part of this book maybe used or reproduced in any manner without express written permission from the author| |Cover illustration is a magazine advertisement by John Gannam (1907-1965) for the Ladies Home Jo...

  • Newly Written Reviews
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    A place where you can get reviews on your book by our Newly Written Books team members.

  • Sunflower Reviews // closed
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    [] open [x] closed indefinitely Welcome to Sunflower Reviews! What I review: - cover - description - plot inconsistencies and progression - characterization - originality - my personal enjoyment - rate at the end out of ten If you need a review, step inside! Most likely day(s) of update: Saturday/Sunday Cove...

  • Rain Art
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    So hey guys! This is my art book filled with my random doodles! Enjoy! :) Please do not expect awesome brilliant pieces from me. I'm still an amateur. (I do not take requests unless you seriously pester me, or I decide to do requests) * * * ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO RAININGSTORMS NO STEALING OR PLAGIARISM * * *

  • Brutally Honest Reviews
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    Because tears are fun, and you're too lazy to edit the story yourself. Just keep in mind: *Some of my points are opinions *If you're confused about any of my points, I'm open for chat or two *Don't expect sugarcoating--compliments are there when compliments are needed Without any further ado, welcome the Yelverton's...

  • LK's Reviews
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    Looking for a good book to read or want to know just how good yours is? You've come to the right place. Using my own patented rating system, based on the unforgiving and brutal grading standards in German law school, I will analyze your story and write a review. If you are looking for someone to stroke your ego, go aw...

  • TailTips: Creature Drawing Commissions [Open]
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    I draw creatures. Also animals? Little furry beasties are cool, too. I specialize in the made-up, the hybridized and the out-of-this-world. I can complete most things between a rough sketch and a full-colour rendering, and I love to give tips on animal anatomy and the shading of fur. For samples, stats and logistical...

  • Serpent's Kiss [Kingdom at the Edge of the World, Book 1]
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    A storm brings Ira Hale to Beaufort Manor, a stately mansion secluded in the forests of a forbidding mountain. Ira joins the Beaufort household under the employ of the Manor's mysterious master, Sir Valeri Beaufort. She soon comes to care for the reclusive noble and his strange home. A series of gruesome murders in a...

  • Light Novie Awards 2019 [CLOSED] | The Light Novel Society
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    Sign Ups [CLOSED] Judging [FINISHED] Contest [CLOSED] Come One, Come ALL! Are you an anime fan? A light novel fan? Do you write such stories? Looking to gain more views and readers for your story? How about an award sticker? Well, you are fortunate to find this book today! o(≧o≦)o The Light Novel Society aka ALBClub...

  • Anime Life Book Club [OPEN] | The Light Novel Society
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    [OPEN] Accepting New Members ✔️ Are you an anime fan? A light novel fan? Do you write such stories? Are you looking for more light novels or anime stories to read? Perhaps more readers for your own? Do you find yourself browsing through a list of fanfictions and not original stories as you had wanted? Looking to co...