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  • Loveless
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    Lord Diavolo hadn't always ruled the Devildom. It used to belong to his father. But the King of the Devildom soon lost interest in his son and what he wanted to do. So the young demon was left to his own devices. But if we look back in time, way back when he was a baby demon, when he met a young angel, who goes by the...

  • Altruism
    42 11 3

    Adam Nemuri is a kind and caring individual who was employed as a psychiatrist to take care of Katsuki Bakugo, a troubled and unhinged individual. He also takes care of other U.A. students, like Tamaki Amajiki and Shōto Todoroki. He's an amazing father who cares for his children like they were his own, always making s...

  • Karmagisa: No Longer Breathing
    4K 240 13

    No Longer Breathing Karma Akabane, who couldn't have been a normal student with outstanding academics, circle of unique friends, and loving parents. One day he plunges himself into depression, and suicidal thoughts when he learns that he is to blame for his father's sudden death on the day of his high school graduati...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mineta x Endeavor One shots
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  • When Micah Quit 2020
    174 19 5

    Literally the title. I was probably high when I wrote this.

  • The Big Book of Mary Sues (NEW SUES WEEKLY)
    91K 3K 14

    Mary Sue: (noun) an idealized and seemingly perfect fictional character with little to no flaws. "Mary Sues" is a book chock-full of those characters we love to hate. They can be found almost anywhere, from DeviantArt to fanfiction sites, these repulsive creatures have creeped into every corner of our world- and you h...

  • MY Ocs
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    These are mine and owned by meeee! If any credit needed it will be on the page :)

  • Little Rin
    31K 1.1K 23

    This story has age regression in it, so if you are uncomfortable with this sort of stuff the do not read it. It may also mention cutting as well Also please do NOT add this to yaoi or ship and DDLG/DDLB reading lists please Story description: Rin's mind is a dark place, this is not because of his friends at all, sure...

  • Introducing... Fanfiction!
    87 2 1

    What would happen if, by chance, when our favourite pink-haired womaniser gets his hands on Izumo's laptop, he and our very own son of Satan stumble upon the greatness of fanfiction? Well... it's not pretty, and may very well cause poor Yukio to go mad. Or to check his brother's search history. We will never know. Ju...

  • Cure Me (Blue Exorcist)| 🔘
    176 16 3

    Yukio Okumura hates himself. He's disgusted with the fact about him. He's gay. The scorn towards the subject from the monks in his church haunt him, following him to college. He wants to be rid of this sin, this curse, this illness. He wants to be cured. On a quest to fix himself, Yukio meets Renzo. And suddenly, Yuki...

  • Blue Exorcist: Secrets
    198K 5.3K 22

    Mephisto divides a plan to get everyone in Yukio's class to get along with Rin. So he makes everyone, including Yukio and Shura read out each other secrets. What kinda dark secrets will everyone find out about one another. Disclaimer: Blue Exorcist does not belong to me. It belongs to Kazue Kato.

  • Sander Sides Oneshots (Requests Open)
    183K 4.5K 181

    Sander Sides smut, fluff and angst oneshots Requests are open All ships are valid, including RemRom/RomRem, ThomasXside and sideXreader Logan Virgil Patton Roman Remus Deciet Emile Remy Thomas ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  • Things Roleplayers Understand
    1.1K 74 16

    Things that commonly happen in roleplays

  • Mine- Yandere!Logicality, Book 1 (Sanders Sides)
    24K 1.4K 29

    Patton sighed, placing his phone on the lunch table in front of him. He turned to look at his best friend, Logan, who was sitting beside him. "Joe isn't responding to my texts.. and he still isn't at school today. I'm worried about him. What do you think happened?" Logan places a comforting hand on Patton's shoulder...

  • Thomas's instagram
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  • I'll Love YOU Forever ~a remrom love story~
    3.1K 191 10

    Remrom story Please do not read if Incest Rape Sexual assault Abuse Depression Bullying Or anything similar makes you highly uncomfortable. There will be warning in the beginning of each chapter, but still

  • Sanders Sides oneshot book (pt2)(Requests CLOSED)
    74.1K 1.8K 107

    I reached the chapter limit on my last one so I'm continuing it here!

  • remrom (just untill i think of a better title
    235 14 2

    yes i know most people dont ship this I don't bash you for your ships don't bash me for mine triggers ab*se and smut

  • Loving You Was A Losing Game
    815 60 8

    When Roman gets with Deceit, leaving Patton and their abusive and toxic relationship behind, Patton goes to (more than slightly) creepy extremes to get Roman back, putting the side he 'loves' in danger. . . . . . . . . . . . Warnings: sympathetic deceit, sympathetic remus, unsympathetic Patton, abusive Patton, mention...

  • Family ~logicality story~ (Completed)
    18.8K 800 35

    After Logan left his wife, he manages to get custody of his kids. Meanwhile Patton is also dealing with a divorce. After the two meet, they get closer...and closer. Until eventually, Logan asks Patton to marry him. Now, together, they have fun raising 6 insane and adorable kids

  • Morality's Book of Dad Jokes
    20.4K 531 14

    Hey kiddos! I decided to make a book about Morality's best dad jokes, and a few others that are just as good! I hope you all enjoy!! And as always kiddos, go eat a cookie, you deserve it! •patton•

  • Cause: Unknown
    136K 6.1K 44

    (Story written before Janus and Remus) Thomas Sander's gets sick by unknown causes and that makes the sides feel sick as well, but who gets hit with it the worse?

  • Remile Oneshots
    37.5K 1.7K 33

    Enjoy the fluff, angst, joy, heartbreak, and probably tears that there is to come in this book of oneshots!

  • Newsie One-shots
    357K 6.5K 141

    These are newsie one-shots! If you want one then I will make you one! Just comment and vote! **Requests are closed**

  • Crap That Only Broadway Addicts Would Get
    34.1K 1.3K 25

    Literally the title is the description... Anyways have fun reading random stuff about broadway. This is literally for my entertainment, I'm not great at updating but when I do... it turns out better than I thought. Hopefully you enjoy this, it's not the best and never will be. So here is to the crap about Broadway.

  • Newsies: High School AU
    9.8K 355 26

    A modern day Newsies au where everyone is in high school. None of the characters are mine unless I say otherwise. I own nothing. Everything goes to the creators of Newsies except my ocs.

  • Funerals
    99 13 3

    These are funerals for all of the people in the MCU who either didn't get one or we didn't see their funerals :(:

  • All The Hurt Would Go Away
    2K 95 69

    The sequel as told in Jonathan's perspective. Andrew Rannells has paid his time of three years and is back out in the public, and Jonathan remains single. Will he manage to avoid his past lover? Or are their paths too intertwined to escape from?

  • Love Is Love
    13.6K 494 74

    Did fate bring them together? Was it planned? Young Stacy meets Lin-Manuel Miranda for the first time and utterly embarrasses herself, however as she views herself as shy and awkward, for Lin she is love at first sight. However Lin is married to Vanessa. What will happen? Enjoy!