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  • Beastly | ✓
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    "Get ready to scream Ms. Quinn." The words rolled out of his tongue as his soft lips grazed my neck. "You can't make me scream." I said firmly, trying to control my hand from touching him. He growled, his hand tightening around me, sending tingles all over my body. "I can make you scream without even touching you." H...

  • Property Of Joker | ✓
    548K 27.9K 53

    ❝Some people bring out the best in you, others brings out the worst, then there are those remarkably rare, addictive ones who bring out the most. Of everything. They make you feel so alive that'd follow them straight into hell, just to keep getting your fix.❞ Meet Harleen Quinzel; A shy psychiatrist who starts her car...

  • Skwad Chatroom | ✓
    12.4K 762 8

    A text fanficion of the entire suicide squad. Cover by: @-averagesky

  • Property Of Mistah J | ✓
    459K 21.3K 56

    ❝If you have never lost your sanity, then you have never been in love.❞ Meet Harley Quinn; She is not the Harleen she was anymore. She has changed for the better. Joker has finally accepted her and life is perfect for once. Maybe ...not. Will she be able to handle this brand new lifestyle that she had always wanted? A...

  • Billionaire In Love | ✓
    5.1M 180K 51

    | #9 In Romance | Billionaire Auden Milson gets everything he wants. Except her heart. What happens when a badass woman, whose eyes remind you of a secretive cunning cat, in nothing but a wedding gown, munching on a kitkat, walks down the street barefoot, on a windy day without a care in the world, with her high-heel...

    Completed   Mature