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  • Maid in Lace (PUBLISHED)
    23.9M 771K 112

    Milania Fox is a young woman who's been working as a maid since she was sixteen. She has had terrible past experience's with abusive owners. She believes her life has taken a turn for the best when instead of being sold to another abusive man, a family decide to hire her. That is until Xander Hawke, Milania's childho...

  • Bill Cipher's Son
    747K 21.4K 42

    Bill wanted someone to care for and share his knowledge with, just between the two of them. But Bill never wanted a lover, being a demon was an advantage because they were a mix of both genders. Then when it's almost time for the baby to come, Stanford enters and banishes Bill into a deep place into the mindscape. Aft...

  • Welcome to the Deep End [An AU BillDip]
    313K 7.7K 43

    Known all over the lands for his infamous piracy, and vast riches, he and his crew venture into the deep ends of the ocean with high hopes, and heavy burdens. "Heave 'er up!" the raspy voice shouted, a single gold tooth flashing among the crew mates pearly whites. The pulley strained at the sudden weight, slowly wheel...

  • Twisted
    164K 2.5K 21

    Haley Anderson isn't just a normal girl. And she knows it, too. She's always wearing dark shades. Rumors pop up, people staring at her in the halls, being pointed it. She's got a gift, along with her boyfriend who can make himself catch on fire. But she's got these markings, all over her body. And her eyes turn beauti...

  • My Fat Ugly Mate
    16.9K 654 25

    Xaira found her mate at a young age, and will do anything to protect him. Even go against the Alpha's Son. Xaira came across her mate when his family were trying to get permission to stay from the Alpha, but rouges were not allowed. For the safety of the pack. Xaira wasn't going to let her Mate leave her. So she clai...

  • 101 Psychos
    911K 22.9K 39

    HORROR / SHORT STORIES - (Currently Undergoing Heavy Revisions) The following stories will feature 101 psychopathic individuals as they leave their gory mark on the world around them. In these stories, the villain always wins. There are no happy endings here. Everyone dies. These stories are purely HORROR, and reflect...