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  • Angels and Demons (Overlord x SAO Alicization Crossover)
    21.6K 310 15

    discontinued «WELCOME TO YGGDRASIL!» ----this is the last thing Kirito hears before he wakes up alone in a mysterious real-life world. Gifted with a powerful status and Game Display ability, he sets out to find others from ALO who have been summoned just like Kirito, all over this 'New World', each and every one of th...

  • Over And Under: An Overlord FanFic
    12.6K 408 30

    Rose knows the end of an era is coming the second she hears about Yggdrasil shutting down. As an ode to the game and everything it had done to shape her life, the stubborn bride-to-be convinces her fiance and 13-year-old sister to log in one last thinking it will give them all the closure they need before the wedding...

  • The Forgotten Lands ( Overlord x Male Reader )
    87.6K 1.2K 32

    A corrupted continent left forgotten by every player of Yggdrasil, now that the game is a reality for a certain lich, what would be his reaction be to it's "event", one that even to that day, haunts all of the players dreams... The World Corruption... ------------------------------------------------------- No image or...

  • Coming to a different world- Story of the [Grim Reaper]
    1.5M 62K 63

    The 17-year-old Toru Kakazu gets bullied every day at school. One day, a magic circle appears in his classroom, teleporting him and the rest of his class to a different world. They are asked to defeat the Demon King, who seemingly terrorizes and threatens the well-faring and prosperity of the adjacent kingdoms. As h...

  • Last Two Players [Overlord Fanfiction]
    108K 1.7K 26

    [Stopped Indefinitely] So, Yggdrasil comes to an end. Momonga stays to cherish its last moments, along with his friend Ryuo. They stay and wait for the timer to tick down. Fifty eight. Fifty nine. Zero. One. Two. Three. Strange. They're still in the game. And the waifus are real. And twister too, apparently. They're...

  • Recreation: Primordial Deities
    148K 5.7K 82

    What would happen if one had the privilege of recreating a world one already knew from scratch? Would you follow your morality and help develop the world for the better? Be apathetic and leave them to their own business? Give in to your desires and play god to fulfill your wishes? Or just screw around because... Why t...

  • Fire team Zulu, Mayday. (Halo x RWBY)
    17K 204 29

    Hey guys, thanks for wanting to read this halo/RWBY Crossover story, Quick Disclaimer; I do not own RWBY I do not Own Halo or it's canon Characters I do not Own any Music listed in this story And I do not own any Media shown here unless listed otherwise. The five spartans, and one ODST, in this story are my...

  • The Titan of Remnant: A Destiny X RWBY Tale
    260K 3.3K 60

    After an unknown portal opens up in the Black Garden, a lone Titan enters a new and unknown territory. With no communication to the Vanguard, he must become the guardian of Vale.

  • No Guardian, I
    7K 330 20

    Jasker Marlyn has finally decided - today he leaves the City, and the life he knew, behind. What will he find out there, in the wild? What is his inheritance?

  • Overwatch: The Next Generation
    1.8K 32 22

    Hi Overwatch fans! Your Destiny Depends on what you will do to the Future so read their story over this past few wars. Hope you like it and enjoy!