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  • Imagine Your OTP
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    There will be different situations for your otps. Either from tumblr or my brain, here's a way to deal with those ship feels

  • Imagine Your OTP #2
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    The Sequel of Imagine Your OTP #1. Done and finished! The trilogy is done and finished! The tetralogy is coming soon.

  • Imagine Your OTP
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    Reached the end with the first book. Sequel is up and finished! The trilogy is up and finished! The tetralogy is coming soon.

  • OTP prompts/imagines (And Some Random Things)
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    Just random OTP prompts/imagines! Enjoy! ^-^ ~Feel free to use these prompts for ideas for your fanfiction, just give me credit if you do!~

  • Otp Prompts (and AU's)
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    hopefully this can help some of you ☻

  • OTP Prompts
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    hey another shit show of a book my shit evolves from the trashy grammar at the beginning and there's too many chapters to edit them all so yikes cover photo is mine hoes

  • imagine your otp?
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    Im high as shit right now

  • Imagine your OTP
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    Just imagine. Chapters tagged * means it is not mine, mostly from Tumblr. This book is years old so unfortunately I could no longer track where my sources were to give proper credits. However, most Tumblr blogs which prompts I nipped off mention explicitly that their prompts are free to use without credits. Though if...

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    Just a few OTP Prompts for you to fangirl/boy over.

  • Imagine your otp 2
    165K 5.1K 199

    Part two in my Imagine your otp prompts

  • Imagine your otp 3
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    Part 3 to this awkwardness

  • Imagine Your OTP #3
    316K 12.9K 208

    This is a trilogy of "Imagine Your Otp #2." The trilogy is done! The tetralogy is coming soon.