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  • High Tide Aftermath (Ellick)
    3.1K 75 2

    This is the story of what happens with Nick Torres and Ellie Bishop after their undercover mission. (Torres x Bishop)

  • NCIS Short Stories
    29.2K 442 12

    A collection of short stories revolving around Nick Torres and Ellie Bishop from CBS' NCIS.

  • Serious Snafu
    3.4K 94 12

    What if Chris LaSalle and Sonja Percy started a romantic relationship after the Second line episode of NCIS:New Orleans (2,20)? It might look a little like this... Disclaimer: I don't own these photos or the rights to these stories. They belong to the producers and CBS and other powers that be.

    Completed   Mature
  • Sonja Go Boom
    3.2K 114 13

    After saving New Orleans from a terrorist's bomb, the NCIS team gets put on administrative leave. Agent Chris LaSalle pulls his partner Sonja Percy into a tender moment, but she needs to process. Events lead them together again, and they finally get away for a quiet ride. But, they soon learn that while they can put...

  • What Am I Here For?
    4.6K 43 6

    Leah is visiting her cousin Christopher LaSalle in New Orleans. She has not seen him since she was 13 and he was 18. He was like a big brother to her. He was also her best friend. What happens when two long lost cousins reunite? Read and find out as the story unfolds. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE PHOTOGRAPHS USED IN...

  • what would it be | quinn and torres [ NCIS ]
    2.2K 79 7

    Quinn and Torres relationship were about to be revealed somehow. It could end well and it could be not. [ COMPLETED ] DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fan fiction using characters from NCIS, which is trademarked by CBS.

  • The next 9 months....
    5K 130 5

    How will Tony deal with Ziva's mood swings and hormones through it her pregnancy.....

  • Nick & Ellie: the baby
    7.4K 78 7

    Ellie ends up pregnant with nicks baby and does not tell him that the baby is his. This is my first story ever so don't hold it against me if it sucks.

  • NCIS sleeps over...
    22.5K 930 16

    Ok this is a one shot which will probably turn into this MASSIVE story but meh oh well lol! Btw a game of truth or dare is just around the corner ;-)

  • I Never Told
    15.9K 486 12

    Abby Has Feelings For A Certain Blue Eyed Marine. When everyone else gives up will she stay strong or wilt away. How will Gibb's react to all of this or will he even be there?

  • Densi Undercovers
    6.2K 141 7

    Kensi and Deeks together in a hotel room pretending to be married whats the biggest thing that can happen, Kensi gets pregnant, Deeks Forgets underwear???

  • NCIS Sleepover
    22.9K 640 8

    Team Gibbs has a slumber party! Abby, McGee, Tony and Ziva all have a slumber party at Abby's house. They play games such as Truth or Dare, Twister, and Cards Against Humanity. They also watch a movie. LOTS of Tiva and some McAbby. Enjoy:-) (warning: this story contains some mature content).

  • All This Time
    38.5K 763 28

    A new case for the NCIS. And someone from Bishop's past

  • Keep Your Friends Close - What If
    33.8K 773 34

    She was in that dark room, while Gibbs was in another side of the house. She had only a few seconds to see in the mirror that someone else was with her. He grabbed her, covering her mouth with an hand, they fought, and this is what she remembered.

  • 9-1-1 Lone Star
    10.3K 118 17

    Mostly Tarlos...hehehe Random one shots and different story plots Sorry I'm bad at descriptions slow updates

  • Our World in NUMB3RS
    4.6K 112 11

    13 Hostages 12 Dead 2 Obsession 1 Simple Math Problem "Please, don't hurt us! You can have whatever you want, just don't hurt us!" Said James Dailiy, his voice full of worry for his friends. It was poker night at his house, when he and his four other friends played poker while his kids and wife went and had dinner...