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  • The Barrier
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  • Moments
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    just a poem I wrote

  • Unspoken Words
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    A collection of poems brought to you by: personal feelings and imaginative mind. ^_____^

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  • In the midst of the graveyard.
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    #Poem The white flower there... Still alive. But he's gone.. Not one to return. Why did he have to leave me here? And here I'am .. In the midst of the graveyard.. Wondering how I'm gonna make it through here from now on. I wish it was easier than this.. I wish I could exchange that white flower for him.. But all I can...

  • I am SORRY
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    Four things never comeback, the word spoken, the time wasted, the past life, and the neglected opportunity. So think twice and act wise.

  • Comme L'habitude
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    A poem of love and longing

  • People's Poems
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    Love, friendship, gratitude, and so on. People feel about it. I convert those feelings into words! Poems that speak your mind and melt your heart... Poems that touches your soul, and even tear you apart... Poems that let you express... Poems that gets you impressed... Poems that knowledge imparts... Poems.. are what...