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  • Human - phan
    1.6M 74.8K 38

    Dan is a dancer, but it's his best kept secret. Moving to a new college results in new friends, new hobbies and a new outlook in life; but what does it really mean to be human? A series of strange and seemingly unconnected events unfold that all seem to link back to Dan's mysterious new boyfriend. etcetc phan with ki...

  • Piano Boy
    50 7 2

    This story is a Dan Howell x reader fanfic. It's not finished yet but if you like this maybe check out another one of my stories or you can go and read my friend Mia's stories mimi_x_ Her story's are SOO good!!! So yeah I hope you like it! Bye ^_^

  • elevators//phan
    369K 26.8K 16

    [completed] two strangers are stuck on an elevator on a rainy monday morning. confessions ensue. ; copyright © 2016

  • • Heart eyes Howell » d.h •
    44.4K 1.1K 27

    You look up from the laptop to see a pair of round chocolate brown eyes staring at you. "Heart eyes much Howell." You tease leaning back in your chair When friendship becomes something more, it's hard to ignore. Copyright © 2017 Sarcastic-Phan Cover by: drizzy-kat Started: 10 • 8 • 2016

  • Sticks and Stones {A Pastel!Dan & Punk!Phil Phanfiction}
    52.9K 1.1K 16

    "Queer, Daddy's Boy, Prick." Dan Howell is your average crybaby. His father is a priest, so he grew up loving the church and everything around him. Wore crosses and an array of pink sweaters. Skipped a few grades and was in the most advanced classes in secondary school. Hung out with the girls rather than the boys. He...

  • Hazel & Bright Green Eyes | a KickthePj Fanfiction
    40K 1.4K 27

    When Kat Savannah, a youtuber, gets a tweet from Charlie McDonnell inviting her to London she has to go. Who wouldn't? But what she finds is much more than expected. Pj Liguori, the creative story teller is the boy who Kat can't help but falling for. But when he appears on her door step covered in blood, this changes...

  • Read My Mind (PJ Liguori)
    59.7K 1.4K 33

    read to find out

  • Speak up already - Phan
    3.7M 162K 79

    Phil doesn't talks. Well, not anymore. The last time he said something, was when he didn't hate himself. And that was a long time ago. But now, everything is different. He must struggle with depression, whilst new boy Dan Howell desperately attempts to win him over. [Warning: this could be triggering at some points]

  • Awkward// Daniel Howell x reader [unedited]
    232K 6.9K 204

    {completed} You're an awkward and shy girl, who's done with school. You don't have many friends. Your parents are not supportive of you, even though they say it's for the best. You decide to move to London. To escape of the bullies from your school, to escape from your parents. But mostly, to live closer to your two f...

    Completed   Mature
  • Exposed
    65.2K 2.6K 33

    -Kickthepj x reader- First off, you're a girl. You're 25 years old. You have a lot of secrets. First secret, you're ArrowTheGeek. A successful YouTuber, specifically vlogger, who keeps her identity a secret. Second secret, you have social anxiety. Third secret, you like Pj Liguori. When you finally move to England, y...

  • Loving, Senior, Howell. (Dan Howell X Reader) //Book Two of JSH\\
    117K 5.3K 45

    HIGHEST RANKING IN Fanfiction #55, danielhowell #45, philiplester #1 Two years ago, Dan Howell was nothing but a jerk to you. A little less than two years ago, Dan Howell was your crush; known to your best friend, Phil Lester. Even lesser than two years ago, Dan Howell was your boyfriend who loved you dearly; no secre...

  • Jerk, Sophomore, Howell. (Dan Howell X Reader)
    310K 15K 62

    HIGHEST #5 IN TAG danhowell #3 IN TAG philiplester #7 IN TAG danisnotonfire #100 IN TAG danielhowell #8 IN sophomore A/N: I do not own anyone in this story unless said otherwise! this story is so AU that the line separating an American and British lifestyle doesn't exist. I'm American myself so if you have any type...

  • brand new | kickthepj
    25.9K 1K 28

    adventure is out there. you just have to find the right person & the right place. ©peachycheeks - 2017

  • Two Dorks in a Tree // KickThePj
    5.8K 310 20

    Layla is just like almost every other girl, well if every other girl was obsessed with YouTube and YouTubers like she is. She started her own channel in 2010 and has finally claimed the title of 'Featured Creator' Which offers her tons of new opportunities, like going to YouTube parties and literally running into her...

  • Internet Forever
    41.6K 1.3K 11

    Sequel to Internet Love: After that text from Dan and the events of that night, everything changed. Will this blossom into something more, or crash and burn?

  • Internet Love
    444K 16.3K 50

    You are a YouTuber, and a famous one at that. How much trouble can one stay with your best friends Dan and Phil be? I mean, they barely leave the house anyway... Final Editing: May 29, 2017. :-)

  • mentality {phan} *on hold*
    339 56 11

    Dan is in a mental institute with nothing wrong with him. Phil is Dan's new helper. Dan falls in love with Phil as Phil falls in love with Dan. ~ ;There shouldn't be any bad triggers. Please warn me if you think there is. There will be no death or harm done to very important characters; -Warning: Does contain strong l...

  • moods / phan
    2.2M 126K 39

    in a world where your moods are visible above your head, displayed through pictures and icons, it's impossible to hide your true feelings. however dan howell seems to be lacking this. labelled as an emotionless freak, dan is outcasted because his moods are never visible. that is, until an endlessly happy boy named phi...

  • Up All Night // phan
    786K 41.9K 21

    Dan Howell is an insomniac....who's scared of the dark. Only a little bit. One late night (or early morning), he decides to venture out and explore London at its quietest. He meets Phil Lester at an all-night coffee shop, and the two quickly become friends. As the friendship continues to grow, Dan has to begin facing...

  • In My Dreams // phan
    279K 16.2K 14

    Sequel to Up All Night! Dan has finally found Phil, the boy he dreamed of, and maybe fallen in love with. But Phil doesn't know he exists. He's been trying to get his attention for so long, but Phil doesn't notice. Dan will do anything to get Phil to notice him, but that may just get him into major trouble.

    Completed   Mature