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  • Make A Wish | Chris Evans (UNDER EDITING)
    466K 8K 55

    Before "The Avengers" came out in 2012, Marvel Studious wasn't that well known. Chris Evans has completed the first Captain America movie and is now working on "The Avengers", the very first of it's kind. Aurora Delgado is hand-picked for a roll in the soon-to-be block buster, and when the two meet, sparks will fly.

  • Chris Evans: The Guy Next Door
    169K 3.7K 23

    When Bella moves into the house next to Chris, what seems like nothing but a friendship turns out to be more than either of them ever expected. Keep reading to find out the rest :)

  • Escape with Chris Evans
    144K 2.5K 39

    Who would ever guess that winning a contest could change a life forever? When 34 year old Nicole Frasier won the Omaze contest, "Escape With Chris Evans," she expected to have a day she'd always remember. What she didn't expect was the spark between she and Chris. A connection so strong that by night's end, saying g...

  • The Professor (A Chris Evans Fanfiction)
    131K 3.3K 17

    A Chris Evans x Reader fanfiction where in this AU our lovable dork is a history professor! Enjoy :)

    Completed   Mature
  • Kiss the Girl: A Chris Evans Fanfiction
    70K 1.5K 38

    Chris Evans and Emily Stephens are getting married. As much as she's looking forward to being the future Mrs Chris Evans, Emily does not make a good bride. They can't agree on anything. To add to the stress Emily contract is running up at UCLA. Chris is plunged into the spotlight as Captain America comes out...

    Completed   Mature
  • Part of Your World:A Chris Evans FanFiction
    169K 3.3K 47

    Doctor Emily Stephens has just moved to LA to start a new job when she meets a man who ignites something within her. Something she didn't know existed. But as she and Chris develop their relationship and explore their sex life together, Chris leaves to film a series of movies, and Emily has to navigate a new life an...

    Completed   Mature