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  • Erotas // Zayn Malik AU
    530 24 1

    Zayn; god of beauty. He has the power to control the balance of beauty in the world. He chooses those who have beauty, and those who do not. Emily Powers is one of those who do not have beauty, and she wants revenge on the praised god, Zayn, for not giving her the beauty she longingly deserves. © Copyright 2014 Ava A...

  • Human [Harry Styles]
    440K 13K 28

    “Not everyone can be a hero. Sometimes, we forget that we're only human." Marley has made mistakes, one mistake in particular that changed the way everyone views her, and more importantly, the way she views herself. She’s now known as a coward, a monster, the scum of the earth, all over the world and she can only watc...

  • Talking to William // l.p [discontinued]
    46.2K 1.7K 12

    ❝The fact is...I'm in love with you, and I have been for some time.❞ What if you had been confined to a hospital bed because you had acute congestive cardiomyopathy? Otherwise known as heart failure. What then?

  • On Thin Ice (Niall Horan)
    71.3K 2K 11

    ❄ Noelle Tucker was always dismissive of 87.3's weather reports. So when the radio station is spot-on for a change, it comes as big news to Elle, especially when she's trapped in her building for the next couple of weeks. Flitting between floors for her job and her home, Elle quickly makes friends with the others trap...

  • Picture Perfect (Lirry)
    208K 7K 28

    Picture perfect Lirry AU Liam James Payne is a photographer, and a good one. He runs a successful magazine and loads of big companies ask him to come shoot for him. But when his best model quits, other companies refuse to cooperate with Liam. What happens when his camera accidentally shots pictures of a curly haired b...

  • Swindle (A One Direction Fan Fiction)
    7K 255 3

    It's a simple job. Find a girl who's mad at her biological parents for giving her up, pretend to be her to get money from her parents, and then split the cash. It's how Lena Wate makes ends meet, and she actually likes her job. Traveling the world for almost no cost. She was good at her job to ... Until she took the i...

  • Stalker Styles (Harry Styles Fanfic)
    11.4M 171K 53

    {C O M P L E T E D} "I like the curly haired one. Harry." Presley Davis had no idea that sentence would change her life. She had gotten famous over a YouTube video she did as a dare. Now shes making many videos and has a lot of fans. But what she doesn't know is that shes got her own stalker. Harry Styles. What will h...

  • Songs In September
    2.6K 79 1

    When Leo’s whole world feels like it’s collapsing in on her, a lighthearted boy named Ed may just show her that all she really needs is someone to lean on. *

  • Let Yourself Fall (Liam Payne)
    8.3M 138K 45

    {completed} ✓ - For Darcy Williams her little sister is everything, and she will always be first. Always. No matter what, no matter who. Her own wishes and desires are in second place, even if it means to say no to Liam Payne because that would break her sweet little sister’s heart. “I’ll never hurt you.” That promi...

  • Andy On My Mind (1D/ Liam Payne)
    670K 17.6K 31

    With a lump in my throat, I looked down to place the sticker with my number on my shirt. When I looked back up, I took in the scene before me and nervously gulped. The waiting area was filled to the brim. There were literally no seats left, and so I backed into a corner, leaned my back against the wall and slumped dow...

  • +
    4K 109 3

    Ed loved her. He promised her that he would never let her down. He helped her through her addiction and unwelcome carrier. They would be together forever, until she overdosed and died. What would he do, when the love of his life was gone? Get Drunk. But what about after that? Would there ever be someone else? Yes. The...

  • Summer Drama (Larry Stylinson) - Coming Soon
    6K 150 2

    Summary: Louis Tomlinson has been asked by his local Theatre to run a summer drama show. Along this journey are stresses and laughs, but how will he cope with the cheeky Harry Styles who just doesn’t seem to be able to act at all. Louis tries to help him improve by the end of the summer and before the play is over. Bu...

  • Presidential Direction (A One Direction Fanfic)
    14.1K 363 3

    The president's daughter is an eighteen year old with an addiction to risk-taking and adventure-finding, a wild child, you could say. Adding One Direction to the equation? Let’s just say that the royal kingdom of the USA is going to have to know who’s the princess.

  • Someone Like Me (Ziall)
    242K 4.9K 30

    Niall has had a tough life, after some family complications in freshman year - he had to leave his home in Mullingar Ireland to move to England. Luckily, he has his two friends Liam & Louis, who have been with him until now, his 4th year in highschool. But, when he meets mysterious badboy Zayn, his life seems to turn...

  • My Roommate Max... A Max Schneider Fan Fiction
    313K 3.7K 48

    Being accepted into Juliard was always one of Blakely Taylor's biggest dreams growing up. She had always wanted this perfect fairytale, that her ballet dancing would take her somewhere beyond her tiny Kentucky hometown. She was determined to make something bigger of herself. So when Juliard sends her an acceptance let...

  • Forever Yours- a Ed Sheeran fanfiction
    13.9K 86 31

    When a 15 year old long red-haired Lyric-Ayne Derbyshire goes for a walk, she gets a interesting surprise. This story is about a new-found love between Lyric & Ed Sheeran. Their strengths and their weaknesses, I hope you will enjoy this story. (: <3

  • Just Good Friends// [h.s]
    904K 19.8K 33

    A boy and a girl can be friends without falling in love...Right?

  • Lions & Tigers & Liam Payne. Oh My!
    683K 9.1K 24

    I tapped my pen onto my desk with anticipation. Why did I deserve to meet One Direction? I stared at my lifeless paper. The question kept skipping through my mind like a broken record player. Why did I, Cher Marie Lovett, deserve to meet One Direction? Lots of ideas swirled my mind, but one caught my attention. Withou...

  • The Tomlinson Case (A Larry Stylinson AU) boyxboy [ON HOLD]
    15.3K 366 5

    Where Harry discovers that dealing with a murder case and love isn't the easiest thing to do. (larry secretagent!) Hello! Anyone who wants to continue this fic email me , I'll give it to you ... I can't finish it unfortunately I'm very sorry.

  • Saving Niall
    1.4M 12.5K 49

    When Aria brings her best friend, Amelia to a One Direction concert, they witness Niall getting bullied by a group of girls telling him he shouldn't be in One Direction. They soon hang out more and more then fall in love. Also, Aria is nervous for Niall... Also, if you like Harry Styles, please do check out my Fan Fic...

  • Mama, I'm in Love with a Criminal
    678K 12.7K 17

    [first book in the criminal series] I'm in love with the Bradford bad boy. He sells drugs and he's a hustler. He carries a knife and has a gun in his apartment. He's been to jail and I don't even care. He says he won't fall in love, he's a bad boy with a tainted heart. He tells me he isn't any good for me, but I don't...

    Completed   Mature
  • Picture This (Niall Horan Trilogy)
    14.3M 95K 84

    [ (BK 1) -COMPLETED -BK 3 IN PROGRESS- (CURRENTLY EDITING) ] Ashley Dawson has spent her life living in the shadow of her pop-star sister Ellie Dawson. Life's dull, it's boring and Ashley's beginning to tire of the same old routine. She's bored of always thinking inside the box and keeping up her usual sensible and co...

  • I Shut the Door - Harry Styles Fanfi
    76.2K 584 39

    Leaving it all behind seemed like the best thing for young Tash when he life is just seems way too out of control. When she finds herself crying and running to her hotel room she bumps into the one and only Harry Styles who wont let her stay the night alone because of her young age. Will a relationship between her an...

  • Getting Down on the Farm... With One Direction?!?!
    1.3K 28 5

    What happens when you find One Direction tresspassing on your property? What would you do? On the night of Hope's sixteenth birthday, her bestfriend Layla and herself are coming back from an unsuccsessful hunting trip when they find one of the boys on their land because they're ATV went out of control and across the f...

  • The Pen-Pal Project (Larry Stylinson + Niam Horayne)
    4M 102K 100

    'Hello class, my name is Miss Flack. I am the substitute teacher... So this term i have a project for you. It is in conjunction with my previous school. it will be a pen-pal project. The aim of this is for you to stop using mobiles computers and simply use a pen and paper' these words changed the lives of three boys...

    Completed   Mature
  • Gotta Be Him (Niam fanfic)
    113K 2.2K 14

    A fan believes the rumour that Liam broke up with Danielle when he found out that she was pregnant, and when she doesn’t give up Louis does the only thing he can think of to get her to stop. He kisses Liam, and suddenly they have to pretend to be in love with each other. According to Niall they’re doing the whole dati...

  • The Girl Code (a 1D story)
    56.5K 812 48

    When a girls day takes a turn for the interesting anything can happen especially when the 1D boys are involled. Ella, Athena, and Izzy live by the girl code well they did till they meet One Direction, but when the code is broken will the three girls come out of this stonger or will the girl code pull them apart foreve...

  • I Wished I Said It (Larry Stylinson)
    514K 11.6K 13

    Larry Stylinson AU: Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles have been arch enemies for the longest they can remember. But now they have to change that because their parents have placed an arranged marriage between for the good of same-sex marriage and so both families could unite to keep the riches they have to good amo...

  • Crash! Boom! Bang!
    10.3K 172 6

    What happens when 5 guys, most of them total strangers to each other, meet? What if that meeting occurs due to a power cut on their train home from work or uni? On a Friday night, when you want nothing more than to get home. A One Direction AU-fanfic, co-written by TheWayYouLookTonight (Harry), Xnoalovesyou (Zayn), Ka...